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What can I use as a makeshift Nectar Collector

Frequently Asked: What can I use as a makeshift Nectar collector?

Dab accessories, including dab sticks and homemade nectar collectors, provide us with a simple way to vaporize and enjoy wee concentrates, such as wax and shatter. The convenience they offer helps us enjoy the best vaping experience. Additionally, you get to enjoy the best experience because dab tools, such as nectar collectors and dab sticks, vaporize weed instead of burning it. This ensures that you retain the flavors of the weed products you dab. 

For some reason, people want to have a makeshift nectar collector weed. These homemade devices are excellent for emergency dabs. You may want to make makeshift dab sticks or nectar collectors if you lose the one you have, or if your dab stick or dab straw gets broken. As you wait for yours to be replaced, you may wish to make one at home and continue enjoying your vaping experience.

So, the most frequent question we receive from our customers is, “what can I use as a makeshift collector?” As such, we are here to answer your question in this blog. 

What can I use as a makeshift Nectar Collector

What to use as a makeshift nectar collector

You can easily make dab sticks or nectar collectors at home using readily available materials. The materials you need how to make a nectar collector are: 

  • A recyclable stainless steel straw (6mm)
  • A hard vegetable (a potato or carrot)
  • A plastic medicine bottle (Either a refillable dropper or a straight cylindrical bottle)
  • A 3-edged file
  • Sandpaper
  • Knife/cutter
  • Food grade sealant (optional) 

Steps for making a makeshift Nectar collector

  1. Use your vegetable to make a 12mm-diameter cylinder approximately 2 inches long
  2. Push your metal straw (sharp edge first) until it reaches the opposite side, allowing about half an inch of it to peek through.
  3.  Then measure about 4 inches of straw from the vegetable’s surface and mark it. 
  4. Take the straw out of the vegetable and cut it at the marked point. 
  5. Use sandpaper to smoothen the cut edges.
  6. Push out the vegetable stuck in the straw. This is what will function as your dab nail. 
  7. Cut the stopper of the medicine bottle to allow your cut vegetable to fit through. If the lid has holes, use the sealant to seal them.
  8. Cut a tiny hole at the center of the bottle’s bottom. This will be used for the mouthpiece.
  9. Use the remaining part of the metal straw as the mouthpiece. Push the smooth part halfway through the medicine bottle.
  10. Measure about 4 inches of the metal straw from the bottle surface and mark it.
  11. Cut at the marked spot and take it out of the bottle. Smooth the straw’s edges and insert it into the bottle, with the cut side first. 

There you have it! Your makeshift nectar collector is ready for use. Instead of the vegetable, you may use a socket. However, you should be cautious about heat transfer. These straws are thin and can heat and conduct heat very fast. If it heats and conducts heat very fast, it can cause the plastic material to melt. Using a vegetable helps prevent this from happening by serving as an insulator and/or coolant. 

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