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Home Drug Testing: 4 Tips for Accurate Results

Home Drug Testing: 4 Tips for Accurate Results

Home drug testing is a complicated topic because there are a lot of things to uncover here. If you need to take a test for a job, and you know you are clean, no problem, nothing to be had here. However, if you are a parent in a complicated situation or an employer, things start to get tricky. You need to know if your child is sticking to therapy and not giving in to the cravings addiction can cause.

As an employer, you want to make sure your employees are safe and up to your company’s standards. In both cases, you need fast, noninvasive, and accurate results no matter the substance you are testing. Luckily, there are a lot of home drug test kits that are pretty reliable, but you need to use them correctly to get accurate results.

1. Quality testing kit

The first thing you need to make sure is right is the test kit itself, it needs to be good. Usually, it is better to buy bulk 12 panel drug tests or any other kinds of test in bulk due to them coming from the same production batch. This way, you know you are getting reproducible results because the tests are all the same. Sometimes, there can be alterations between different production batches.

These alterations are minimal, they need to be for something as important as drug test kits. Good-quality test kits are made to be error-free with no false negatives or false positives. These results do happen sometimes, but good-quality test kits are much less likely to give such results. It is very important you choose test kits with good validity, which are not even that expensive, especially if you buy them in bulk.

 2. The right sample

Once you know you have the right test, it is important that the sample is right. This means that you or the person in question needs to follow the instructions carefully before using the test. If the test calls for fresh morning urine, this means that you only use this type of urine. If the test requires a blood sample after fasting, this means no eating beforehand.

It is very important to follow these guidelines in order to get accurate results, otherwise, there is no point in them. It is better to retry the test than run the test with a poor sample, you will not get good results. In order to make sure that the sample is right, you can run the test in a duplicate and use another sample as a control.

3. Supervision

Supervising the test is not an easy task to do, but sometimes it is very important. As a parent, it is a very tough question whether you trust your child enough to let them give the sample themselves. It is not rare that kids ask their friends for a urine sample, so they do not need to use them. 

In the same way, it can be complex to keep track of your employees and whether they are tampering with the sample or not. These complex situations require solutions on a more unique level.

4. Complex cases

Sometimes, determining whether a person is positive for a substance can be quite complex. The results from home drug tests can give only so much information, they are not a lab on a piece of paper. You can make the results more accurate if you use different tests and compare them for more substances. However, if the tests are still inconclusive, you will need to do a more thorough test.

These 4 tips were selected because they are most likely to increase the accuracy rate of these tests. By applying these principles to any kind of home drug test kit, you are bound to achieve greater results. It is very important to stick to these tips, even though it may be hard sometimes, you and the people around you will thank you in the future.

These results are quite precious, and you want the data from them for many reasons. Thus, it is better to read more and make sure you are thorough in order to attain the data you need. It may look like an extra job now, but in the long term, it is very important to be accurate with this. This technology is always evolving and moving forward, thus, it will be interesting to see what these tests will look like in the future.