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How does a Bubbler work and the perks of using Bubbler?

How does a Bubbler work and the perks of using Bubbler

We need to understand bongs and pipes to get a clear idea of bubblers and how we use them for smoking weed. Pipes are the traditional smoking devices with a bowl, mouthpiece, and stem. Some pipes additionally have a carb for making the smoking process easier while a bong filters the cannabis smoke using water similar to a hookah.

What does a bubbler do for weed?

A bubbler is a small water pipe that is used for smoking weed. It filters and purifies the smoke utilizing a water chamber like a bong. Unlike a bong, it clears the smoke using a carb rather than a removable bowl. Bubbler provides the functionality of a bong in a compact size. Like a bong, it has a stem, mouthpiece, water chamber, and bowl but does not have a removable bowl. Bubbler provides a smoother and cooler hit, while smoking using a pipe usually gives a harsh hit.

Bubblers are somewhere in between bongs and pipes. A variety of bubblers are available in the market. Knowing their difference will help you to choose the perfect Bubbler for you according to your smoking preferences.

Types of Bubbler Pipes:

Different types of bubbler pipes that are available in the market are discussed below:


This is similar to the pipe used by the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. It resembles a hammer bubbler but has an "S" shaped body.


It is smaller than other types of Bubbler Pipes. It has a little hole to be attached to a chain.


It resembles a hammer in its structure. Due to their stability and design, we can place them on the ground without worrying about their rolling.


It is designed for smoking oil and concentrates rather than dried flowers. It is compact and works similarly to a dab rig.


They have a mouthpiece and stem attached to the water chamber's side. They are designed to solve water splashing problems.

Double Bubblers:

They have two chambers, that's why they are also known as dual percolators. They provide a cool and extra clean hit by filtering the smoke twice.

Using a Bubbler for Smoking Weed:

First, fill the Bubbler with water and place the weed in the bowl. Ignite the weed and, cover the carb, inhale using a mouthpiece. Remove the thumb from the carb to clear the chamber. Enjoy a smoother and cooler smoking experience. Bubbler is a perfect and portable water pipe due to its smaller bowl.

Cleaning a Bubbler:

Bubblers do not have any removable pieces, so they are challenging to clean. To clean a bubbler, fill it with isopropyl alcohol and salt and leave it for an hour. Shake the Bubbler repeatedly; it will dissolve the dust and resin. This process will provide you with a clean bubbler that you can use for subsequent smoking sessions.

Does a bubbler get you higher?

Bubblers can get you high depending on the size of their bowl and the duration of smoking. The effects you feel after smoking weed depend upon your body's chemistry and the quality of the weed you are consuming. Bongs with bigger bowls than bubblers and pipes give you stronger hits. If you are using a Bubbler with a bigger bowl and smoking for a relatively long time, you might experience more potent hits due to more weed used for smoking which can get you high.

Is smoking out of a bubbler better?

Smoking using Bubbler is better in many ways. Using a bubbler provides you with various advantages. Bubblers have percolators that provide a smoother smoking experience. It gives you the natural taste of weed, and you don't have to deal with the bitter, dirty taste you usually experience after smoking from a device that does not have a water filter.

They provide you the convenience of standard pipe and enhanced filtration of a bong and are discrete, so you can easily carry them everywhere. They are durable, small, and easily fit into your pocket or purse. They are very easy to use and are great options for new weed users. Some of the benefits of using Bubbler are mentioned below:

Better Taste:

They provide you with a better weed taste due to their filtration process. Most smoking devices that do not use water (dry pieces) give a bitter taste. While using Bubbler gives you a better hitting taste.

Medium Level Piece:

It is the best option for smokers who want to avoid using a bong but also prefer smoother and stronger hits not provided by a pipe.

Smoother Hit:

While using Bubblers, you experience smoother hits as they use water for filtration, thus avoiding the chances of coughing that are usually associated with dry pieces.

Easy to Use:

The shapes of Bubblers make them easy to use. You are much less likely to drop it due to its shape.


They are more durable than the bong. They are less likely to break when dropped because they are thicker glass and have less surface area than bongs.

No need for other accessories:

Bubblers do not need any other accessories for smoking weed. They contain all the necessary pieces required for smoking.

What's the difference between a bong and Bubbler?

Bongs and Bubblers, despite being quite similar, have the striking difference between them. Some of the significant differences are mentioned below:

  • Another significant difference is the cleaning method. Due to their multiple removable pieces, bongs can be more precisely cleaned than bubblers.
  • Bubblers are more discreet and portable when compared to Bongs.
  • They also differ in the size of the bowl. The bowls of bongs are usually larger than the bowl of bubblers.
  • Bongs provide slower weed burning; hence they are ideal for smoking in a group, while bubblers provide fast weed burning, enabling you to enjoy quick and smooth smoking.
  • They also differ in customizability and designs. Bubblers are usually simple devices and can't be customized, while bongs can be customized with multiple tall and small bowls.
  • Both of them use a water filtration system, but their mechanism is different.

Bubblers are ideal for smokers who want easy-to-use portable devices with a water filtration system.