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How Long Does It Take For Liquid Weed To Work?

How Long Does It Take For Liquid Weed To Work?

As marijuana increasingly becomes legalized in various countries across the world, cannabis lovers continually come up with new consumption methods. There’s so much ingenuity in the industry! Liquid weed is among the new consumption techniques, which may be an effective alternative to dabbing and smoking. This can be a subtle way of receiving the weed effects you desire without all the large equipment and the obvious signs that burning leaves behind. 

Like several other weed products, liquid weed has several names. There’s the more popular liquid THC or marijuana THC, and then there is the hyper-technical marijuana tincture or tincture of cannabis. There are also slang terms such as mayzack, green dragon, and tink. So, if you hear these names, don’t be confused. They are also referring to liquid weed.

While liquid weed has grown in popularity, much confusion and mystery still surround it. What is liquid weed? How is it used? What are the effects? How long does it take to start feeling the effects? In this article, we will help you answer some of these questions. 

What exactly is liquid weed?

As indicated earlier, liquid THC simply refers to weed tincture, which is a cannabis liquid extract. The extract is made by soaking cannabis in alcohol to release THC. To attain this, you should use strains with high levels of THC. Remember there are also CBD tinctures made using low-THC/high-CBD strains. 

What are the effects of liquid weed?

Given that liquid THC is the concentrated version of THC, the effects you get are the same as the ones you will experience from smoking high THC strains. In particular, THC is popular for causing enhanced receptivity to stimuli, distortion of time, euphoria, and drowsiness.  

It is important to note that when you utilize liquid THC, the other active ingredients in marijuana are missing. Cannabidiol, cannabigerol, cannabinol, and other compounds are lacking in liquid weed. These have different psychological and physical effects than THC. 

How long does it take for liquid weed to work?

Among the most common questions that we receive regarding this product is, "After how long should I start to feel the effects of liquid weed.” This question is valid because you don’t want to overdose on liquid THC, thinking that the one you have taken is not giving the desired results.

One thing you should also know is that the onset of effects won’t be instant. It may take a few minutes before you begin feeling the effect of THC on your body. However, the time it takes for the effects to manifest depends on how you consume it. If you take it sublingually (placing a few drops under the tongue for some seconds), you will start experiencing effects in about 15 to 54 minutes. You will then peak at approximately 90 minutes. 

However, when it is taken with food, it will take longer before the effects are felt. The effects can last between 2 and 4 hours. 

Given that it takes a while to feel the effects of liquid weed, it is essential to stick to a single dose amount until you find out how everything goes. Beginning with one dropper every 12 hours is safe. Depending on how you tolerate this, you may maintain or increase the dosage. Be careful to avoid overdosing. Increase slowly as you monitor the effects until you get to the optimal dose. 

Final Thought

Give liquid weed a try today and see if you like it. You can try other products if this isn’t for you. Just be sure to purchase your product from a reputable source