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How Long Does THC Stay in Your System Before a Drug Test

How Long Does THC Stay in Your System Before a Drug Test

Hopefully, curiosity brings you here to find out how long weed stays in your system. However, we’d wager you may have a drug test on the horizon and need help planning your next move. Any situation involving a drug test can be stressful. Maye a job is on the line, or you are looking for a new one. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help you gauge your option for how to pass a drug. 

There are two critical factors that you should find out as soon as possible. What type of drug test are you getting, and how long do you have to prepare? With this information, you can build a solid plan to detox from THC. But first, let’s talk about how long THC sticks around and what factors affect detection time. 

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

The first thing to know is that every type of drug test is different. They each detect the presence of drug metabolites for varying amounts of time. Some tests are more common because they are quick and affordable, while others are less common because they’re more invasive. Let’s take a look at the details for each of the four main types of drug tests.

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your Urine?

Urinalysis is the most popular type of drug used by employers. It’s affordable, fast, and fairly easy to administer. Employers tend to choose these options as a part of the pre-employment drug screening because of its lengthy detection window. Heavy, daily cannabis users can take a month or even longer to pee clean. 

Light or infrequent users can detox in a few days to a week. For example, someone who smokes weed once or twice a week needs less than seven days to detox. A 5-day detox kit would be perfect in this scenario. 

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your Blood?

The moment you inhale a hit of weed, it hits your bloodstream. Then, it travels to the brain and soft tissues, providing its effects throughout the body. Once metabolized, the THC resides in the body’s fat cells until they are burned. At this point, the THC metabolites are recirculated back into the bloodstream before making their way out of the body via urine and feces. 

Blood tests are quite invasive, so most employers do not request this kind of sample for a drug test. However, in some instances, law enforcement may request a blood draw. Typically this would be to catch someone who has recently consumed cannabis since it would still be circulating. 

For light or casual users, blood tests will only detect THC for a few days. Yet, chronic users have tested positive on a blood test for as long as 45-60 days. However, that is someone who uses it daily and in large quantities. In most scenarios, a blood test is not standard practice. 

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your Saliva?

Mouth swab testing is growing in popularity because it is easy to administer, affordable, and boasts up to 97% accurate results. Anyone can administer the test by swabbing the inside of both cheeks with a large cotton swab and mixing the tip into a solution. The reaction prompts a color change on a test strip that indicates whether or not the saliva contains THC. 

Employers might use saliva testing in the event of a workplace accident or injury to “catch” someone in the act. Law enforcement has ramped up mouth swab testing as a roadside solution to preventing intoxicated driving. 

Generally speaking, a saliva test will detect THC use for the last days for the light to moderate user. Heavy users may fail a saliva test for up to a week. 

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your Hair?

Hair follicle testing is the most invasive of the bunch. You have to submit a one-and-a-half-inch chunk of hair about the thickness of a ballpoint pen. These tests are incredibly difficult to cheat, and if you think shaving your head will get you out of it, think again. Any body hair works as a sufficient sample. 

Natural detox methods are rarely the solution for passing a hair follicle test because they will detect THC metabolites up to 90 days after the last use for most cannabis consumers. The chronic, long-term user may take up to 120 days or longer to pass. The only real solution for passing a hair follicle test is to use a reliable detox shampoo. 

Factors Determining Detection Time of THC

Now that you understand a little more about drug testing let’s review some of the factors that play a role in detection time. Unfortunately, the type of test is only the first step. Now, you need to examine multiple lifestyle and health factors that contribute to your body’s ability to detox quickly on its own. 


As much as we all hate to admit it, getting older comes with some negative side effects. Especially when talking about the performance of our detox organs. The truth is that our body’s become less efficient as we get older, and this can interfere with how quickly we flush toxins from our system. So, as a general rule, older people will have a harder time detoxing from THC than younger people. 

Body Mass Index

We talked a bit about how THC lives in the body’s fat cells until it returns to the bloodstream to be purged from our system. Research tells us that people with a higher body mass index (BMI) tend to retain larger quantities of THC for longer periods. Burning fat encourages THC to make its way out of the body, but when there is more body fat to house these metabolites, it just takes longer. 

Hydration & Health

THC exits the body through human waste and urine. Neither of those things works well when we are dehydrated. A good target for staying hydrated is drinking half of your body weight in pure water daily. You can increase this amount when detoxing or add in beverages like herbal tea, pure cranberry juice, or fruit-infused water. While these methods won’t flush THC independently, they support a healthy system. Those who are generally healthy will be able to detox faster. 

Consumption & Dosage

We touched on this while reviewing the various types of drug tests, so you’ve probably surmised by now that how much you’re smoking plays a significant role in detection windows. Not only that but the form factor matters. Smoking joints that contain 15-25% THC is much different than puffing on a vape pen with 85% or higher THC content. Keep in mind that edibles are usually infused with hash as well, so even if you only eat a little bit at a time, it can add up quickly. 

How to Quickly Detox From THC Before a Drug Test

The best way to detox from THC before a drug test is with a detox product from PassYourTest. This company has been helping people pass their tests for over 20 years and knows a thing or two about drug detox. A good way to shop for their products is by test type and timeline.

10 Days to Detox

When you have time on your side, the 10-Day Ultra Detox program is your best bet. It’s suitable for blood and urine tests and is best suited for heavy, daily users with high toxicity. The kit contains herbal supplements to ramp up your body’s detox efforts and comes with a guided detox and meal plan to help you stay on track. Plus, you get at-home test kits so you can track your progress before your test. 

5 Days to Detox

Their 5-Day Extreme Detox program doubles down on the above formula, kicking your metabolism into high gear. This kit comes with the same detailed guide, including customer service support and home test kits. Both the 5 and 10-day detox programs permanently cleanse your system of toxins so that you will continue to be free of THC as long as you don’t start using cannabis again. 

Less Than 5 Days

Drug test in two days? No problem. The Fail Safe Kit contains a high-power detox drink and capsules you take a couple of hours before your urine drug test. It starts working within an hour and offers you a 24-hour time slot to pee clean. This is not a permanent solution, so you must take your test in this window, or you will likely fail. After 24 hours, THC will circulate back through your system again. 

Start Detoxing Today

If you’re unsure where to start, take their online quiz and answer questions about how much you consume, what you weigh, and when you need to take your test. They’ll guide you to the perfect product to ensure you pass, no matter what kind of test you’re taking. Don’t stress, just go with the best in detox, and you’ll be passing in no time.