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How long does weed stay in your breast milk after smoking?

How long does weed stay in your breast milk after smoking?

One of the most frequently asked questions by women with toddlers is, “ how long does weed stay in your breast milk after smoking?” 

Many experts have studied the problems of the breastfeeding weed effect that causes many complications during pregnancy and also during the breastfeeding stage of the infants. 

According to scientific studies, tetrahydrocannabinol, the main component of weed, is fat-soluble and can be easily accumulated in breast milk. A low level of weed is usually found in breast milk, lasting up to 6 days or 6 months. 

Breast-feeding weed effects on infants can cause some problems to their neurotransmitters, development of the nervous system, and some functions related to endocannabinoids. 

A study also revealed that weed smoked by the mother daily or almost daily may retard the motor development of the infant who was fed the milk. It may cause the baby to have a poor ability to suck the breast milk, and it may even slow the growth of the baby down. 

Since THC in your breast milk is at its peak for about one hour, it is not recommended to feed your baby during that hour. 

But since the THC usually stays in the milk for 6 days, that means that you can’t “pump and dump” so that the baby is not revealed to the THC, which results in having no breastfeeding weed effects on the baby. 

It is not recommended even if it is smoked by means of a smoking pipe

Breastfeeding weed effects on the baby 

It is not recommended that the baby should be exposed to THC, even if it is breast milk. Due to this, most infants do not get to have the mother’s breast milk which contains all the nutrients which are essential for the baby at that stage for proper development and proper growth. 

This also can cause problems in babies as they can be weaker than other kids who have received breast milk. It is one of the breast feed weed effects on the baby. 

CBD effects on the mother and the baby

After giving birth to a baby, most parents, especially mothers, suffer from postpartum depression. This is understandable as the mother goes through a lot of changes. She may feel fatigued, anxious, and experience insomnia. 

To have some peace of mind, they resort to consuming weed, which ends up causing problems for their children, like breastfeeding weed effects on the infant's nervous system. 

Doctors do not recommend consuming CBD during the breastfeeding stage of an infant. The infant needs to be breastfed for about 12 months, but if the breastfeeding period is longer, then nothing more is better for the infant. 

But the longer the breastfeeding period is, the more postpartum depression affects the mother. In this case, mothers often feel detached from the child, leading them to consume THC and CBD, which is not good for the baby's health as it may lead to psychological problems afterward. 

Breastfeeding weed affects the maternal relationship

If the mother is unable to breastfeed the baby, it unknowingly creates a certain distance between the mother and the baby. Breastfeeding may be challenging, but it also creates a bond between the mother and the child. 

The relationship is affected due to the breastfeeding weed effects as the mother does not provide her milk which contains all the nutrients, and there is no suckling done by the baby, which may stimulate more breast milk production in the mother. 


Breastfeeding after smoking weed is not recommended as weed stays in your system anywhere between 6 days up to 6 months. Breastfeeding while consuming weed can cause complications for your child such as a slower development. Breastfeeding weed also affects the bond between a mother and their baby.