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How to Choose the Right Tree Percolator Bong for Your Smoking Needs?

Tree Percolators

The Tree Percolator is a diffuser used in bongs, water pipes, and dab rigs for smoking weed. It has various tubes or arms extending from the central stem just like the branches of trees. These arms further have holes helping the smoke to break into small bubbles increasing the surface area of vapors that is in contact with water. It filters and cools the smoke providing you with a smoother hit and reducing the harshness of the hit.

They are available in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Their design enhances the filtration of smoke. Mostly they are made of glass or silicone. They are popular among aesthetic smokers due to their appealing aesthetics and functionality.

You need to consider various factors that will affect your smoking experience before buying a Tree Percolator for your bong. Keep the following factors in mind while purchasing a Tree Percolator:


Consider the size of the Tree Percolator as it determines the amount of smoke it can cool and filter. Large percolator provides a smoother hit due to their size but the large ones are difficult to clean and maintain.


More the arms of tree percolators, the more diffusion it provides. The arms number decides the amount of diffusion a tree percolator can provide. More arms, more diffusion hence a smoother hit.


They are available in various materials like silicone, glass, and ceramic. The most famous ones are made of glass as they are pretty easy to clean and provide the best diffusion.

Size of the Joint:

You need to buy the tree percolator whose joint size matches that of your water pipe. Several joint sizes of percolators like 14mm and 16mm are available in the market along with other sizes.

Reputation and Brand:

You should choose a percolator with positive reviews from the customer that will ensure you are buying a quality percolator worth your money.


The cost of every percolator is different according to the material, size, and brand. Prices can vary according to the size of the bong, its intricate design, and the quality of the material. Buy a percolator that suits your smoking preferences.


The design greatly impacts the richness, smoothness, and flavor of the smoke you are inhaling. Choose the percolator that is in sync with your smoking habits.

The process of choosing the best Tree Percolator depends on your smoking habits and preferences. Hence consider the above-mentioned factors before buying the percolator for yourself.

Benefits of Using a Tree Percolator Bong:

Tree Percolator Bongs are used for smoking weeds, concentrates, or dry herbs. The following are some benefits of using a Tree Percolator Bong:

  • Due to the multiple chambers, these bongs thoroughly diffuse and filter the smoke by drawing it through water providing the smoker with a smoother and cooler hit. This helps you to enjoy smoke that is not harsh on your throat and lungs.
  • Its multiple chambers enhance the filtration of smoke, by removing the toxic chemicals and residues from smoke. It provides the smoker with a healthier and cooler smoking experience.
  • It allows the smoker a better flavor retention as the smoke is thoroughly diffused and filtered using multiple chambers. It alleviates the natural flavor of weed or cannabis.
  • Its intricate design is aesthetically very pleasing. You can customize your Tree Percolator Bong in various designs and colors according to your smoking preferences and choices.
  • These percolators provide you with an intense hit with minimal effort. They can extract flavors and terpenes which other bongs are unable to do hence conserving your herbs.
  • These bongs look a lot cooler than other bongs. Their intricate and delicate style makes them cool and dope. The bubbling produced during smoking provides an aesthetic smoking experience.
  • These bongs are made from high-quality and durable glass that can withstand frequent use making them a long-lasting choice for smokers.

Glass vs Silicone Tree Percolator Bongs: Which is Better?

The question of whether Glass or Silicone Tree Percolator is a better choice poops frequently in smokers’ minds. This choice depends on the specific needs and smoking preferences of smokers.

Glass Tree Percolator Bings are particularly popular among smokers who are looking for the durability and aesthetic appeal of a bong. They are made of glass which is a non-porous material; hence does not affect the taste of weed. It does not release any toxic chemicals when the weed is heated. They are well-known for smoother and more flavorful hits.

Silicon Bongs are known for their affordability and durability. They are made of high-grade silicone making them practically unbreakable. They are the perfect choice for adventurous smoking. They are relatively easy to maintain and clean in comparison to glass bongs as we can disassemble and clean them using the dishwasher.

Glass Tree Percolators are more fragile than silicone ones but they offer a flavor-full smoking experience. Glass Tree Perc Bongs provide better quality and intense hits due to the diffusion of smoke.

You can choose any of them according to your smoking preferences and choices.

Cleaning of Tree Percolators:

Cleaning the percolator is crucial to its better working. They might be a bit hard to clean than bongs as they have various curves particularly hard to reach which can build up resin and residue in them. You need to clean your bong on regular basis to enjoy the best smoking experience.

You need to use a cleaning solution that will make the cleaning process hassle-free and quick. Firstly, empty your bong and rinse it with warm water. Cover the holes with a plug and shake them vigorously for 5 to 10 minutes to make sure the cleaning solution and water reach every nook of the percolator.

After shaking, use a brush to give the percolator a quick scrub. Rinse the percolator again with warm water to remove all the residues. Dry the percolator and it is ready for the next smoking session.


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