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Myth or Fact: Side-stream smoke is more toxic than mainstream smoke

Myth or Fact: Side-stream smoke is more toxic than mainstream smoke

Secondhand smoke is frequently mentioned when talking about environmental tobacco smoke or weed smoke. However, recent words like mainstream smoke or side-stream smoke can make this complicated matter even more perplexing. There is still a lot of misinformation around the side-stream and mainstream smoke. For example, which one is more toxic? Read on to find out if side-stream smoke is more toxic than mainstream smoke.

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What is side-stream smoke?
The smoking habit affects individuals around smokers as well as the smokers themselves in a variety of ways. Side-stream smoke is one of these. It refers to the smoke produced by a cigar when it is lighted. The burning end emits smoke that's been determined to be as harmful, if not more so than conventional smoke, i.e. smoke breathed by the smoker.

Therefore, there is a possibility that side-stream smoke from weed is more toxic than mainstream weed smoke. This may mean it’s necessary to use alternative methods, such as using dab accessories, including dab sticks to consume weed. 

Mainstream smoke vs side-stream smoke – Which is worse?

There have been many discussions on whether side-stream smoke is more hazardous than mainstream smoke.

Some studies have found side-stream smoke to be even more harmful than mainstream smoking. Some of the compounds found in the side-stream smoke are not found in regular smoke. This is due to the fact that some particles and chemicals are inhibited by filters found within cigarettes. However, no such filter exists to keep these poisons out of the smoke emitted straight from the burning end of cigarette. This puts individuals who live near smokers at a heightened risk.

One review, based on unpublished Philip Morris Company studies, showed that:

  • Side-stream smoke was four times more harmful in total particle matter
  • Side-stream smoke was thrice more toxic per gram
  • Side-stream smoke was two to six times more cancer-causing than direct smoke.

Additionally, the American Lung Association indicates that side-stream smoke is potentially more harmful for two reasons: the concentration of chemicals is higher (because of the lower combustion temperature), and it creates smaller particles that can more easily enter and permeate our body's tissues.

When the side-smoke clears

Is the risk gone after the side-stream smoke vanishes visibly and evaporates into the environment? Is there any danger, for example, if you walk into a room where someone has been smoking for days or weeks? Nobody knows how serious the situation is, but what is now known as "third-hand smoking" has many academics concerned.

Several of the harmful particles found in side-stream smoke, including cyanide and arsenic, settle as particles in the smoking area and persist on surfaces for a lengthy period of time. This can be problematic in a number of ways. For example, toxins can be absorbed via the skin such as when a child crawls about, or particles can be released back to the atmosphere as gases through a process known as off-gassing.

Third-hand smoke is probably less hazardous than side-stream smoke. However, until we learn more, avoiding both third-hand and side-stream smoke may be a good idea.

Weed smoke

When it comes to weed, side-stream smoke is yet to be studied. However, we should be cautious, especially if living with kids. Instead of smoking weed, you may consider other consumption methods including dabbing, which produces limited or no smoke. Dab tools, such as dab sticks help you to enjoy the health benefits of weed without exposing others around you to probably harmful material. 

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