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Smoke Buddy: Everything You Need To Know

Smoke Buddy: Everything You Need To Know

The ingenuity in the cannabis world is remarkable! A Smoke Buddy is among the incredible innovations, capable of creating a difference between an excellent smoking or wax vaping session and a poor one. However, some weed enthusiasts are apprehensive about using it. For this reason, we decided to tell you about this handy accessory.

Read below to find out more about a Smoke Buddy.  

What is a Smoke Buddy?

A Smoke Buddy refers to a portable and commercially available sploof used to eliminate the smell of smoke as you exhale it from a joint, cigar, bong, cigarette, wax vaporizer, or bowl. It is generally used when around other people to decrease their exposure to the secondhand smell. 

How Does it Work? 

The Smoke Buddy is made using a plastic tubing that contains a series of filters and meshes that aid in separating smoke particles from one another. Ultimately, this helps dissipate the smoke while reducing the strength of the smell as you use your wax vaporizer or any other related device. 

The Smoke Buddy has a larger end and a smaller end to allow you to smoke your cigar or use your wax vaporizer as you normally would. 

When you are ready to exhale the smoke, you simply blow it through the smaller end, and the smoke travels through a sequence of filters and meshes before it comes out through the larger end of the Smoke Buddy. 

Does the Smoke Buddy Work Effectively?

Yes, the Smoke Buddy works well to eliminate dense clouds of smoke as well as overwhelming scents as you use your wax vaporizer.  

However, it is important to understand that no matter how hard you try, it is practically impossible to do away with all the smoke. Some smoke will still come out from the top of your bowl or your joint's tip. You will not be able to inhale and push all the smoke from your wax vaporizer through the Smoke Buddy. Unfortunately, the smoke is completely unfiltered. It will produce a smell just like normal smoke. However, given that the amount of smoke is not much, the strength of smell will also be reduced. 

Does the Device Work for Wax Vaporizers?

A wax vaporizer can be used with a Smoke Buddy. The accessory will filter the vape that you blow into it. In fact, you can also use it to dissipate smoke from dry herb vaporizers to remove irritants and smells that may be contained in the smoke. In essence, a Smoke Buddy works when vaporizing any kind of material. 

How do you Utilize a Smoke Buddy?

Sploofs, in general, and a Smoke Buddy, in particular, are incredibly simple to use. All you need to do is to inhale from vaping or smoking device, then hold as long as you would normally. Next, position the Smoke Buddy around the lips. 

Compress firmly to ensure there is a strong closure between the input to the Smoke Buddy and your lips. Then exhale at approximately a medium pace. The vapor and particles from the lungs will be trapped in the filter, eliminating the majority of the smell and smoke. Rinse your Smoke Buddy and repeat until you are done smoking or vaporizing on your wax vaporizer. That is it!

Closing Thought

If you are concerned about leaving the least evidence behind following cannabis use, we highly recommend buying a Smoke Buddy and using it with a weed or wax vaporizer. Whatever little weed smoke or smell remains, it won’t be as conspicuous as when you don’t use the device. Consequently, getting one is worth your money, especially if privacy is an issue.


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