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The Best Electric Dab Rig for Vaping Herbs in 2021

The Best Electric Dab Rig for Vaping Herbs in 2021

Hello, dear stoners? It’s time to take that hit during the evening or when the rain is pouring. You want the best electric dab rig to accompany you and spend some quality time with it. The problem is that not every electric dab rig will give you the comfort and experience you need.

What will work for you may not be good for your friend, but there is always a common ground for all. That is why we have a guide on finding the best electric dab rigs for vaping herbs. Waxmaid has a leading electric dab rig that we are going to use as an example.

By the end, you will learn what it takes to get the best hits out of the electric rig options.

What Makes a Good Electric Dab Rig?

We took a look at the best electric dab rigs 2021 has to offer. They offer different experiences, but the following points were the same. The Waxmaid Ares also possesses them, as we will see, and that is why we were able to deduce the following:

The Making Material

An excellent electric dab rig should have safe materials building it. You will be using the dab rig daily, and that means what makes it should be user-friendly. Before getting your chosen smoking tool, ensure that the materials are food-safe.

An approval from the FDA is fine among other government institutes that give the green light to use. Aside from safety, it should also be durable. You don’t want to replace the electric dab rig after a few months of use, especially when considering the pricing.


Where do you want to take the hits from with your dab rig? The best-case scenario is anywhere as long as it’s safe, and that is where the portability aspect comes into play. A portable dab rig will enable you to take it with you no matter where you are going.

Whether you are traveling or just visiting a friend, the electric dab rig should be portable enough to be less of a bother. If it has a better means to carry it, the better. That is why the Waxmaid Ares comes with a small PU bag.

Whether the unit is assembled or not, carrying it will never be part of a problem.

Ease of Use

Electric dab rigs make use of batteries to heat the herbs, and that’s a good option compared to the torches. While they carry the ‘fire’ in their basements, you need the best construction to ensure that the heating is instant.

On the heating position, there is the use of titanium, ceramic, or quartz. The first two are okay, but you get the best heating experience and flavor from quartz. That is what makes the electric dab rigs using it possess the instant heating ability.

Do you want to wait for the heating, not to mention there is possible heat loss? Since the answer is no, consider the quartz when heating the dab.

Cleaning and Maintenance

This is another area that will make you choose a dab rig or not. The electric ones may not need much maintenance, but you don’t want to deal with hard cleaning procedures. Therefore, the easier it is to clean the rig parts, the better it is during maintenance.

If you can clean, dry, and use it again, that is one of the best electric dab rigs 2021 presents.

The Waxmaid Ares Dab Rig – The 2021 Vaping Definer

You can get all of the above qualities and more when you purchase the Ares Dab Rig. It’s a vaping tool with instant heating capability and allows you to take it anywhere. We can attribute that to the size and the carrying mechanism.

The Waxmaid Ares Features

You get a small PU bag when the package arrives. That is what contains everything you need for your herb sessions. The electric unit, container, honeycomb percolator, mouthpiece, atomizer, carb cap, and octopus container will all be in the main compartment.

The side part with a mesh pocket will host the dab and cleaning tools, a manual, USB cable, and cap belt. During arrival, the Waxmaid Ares already presents you with a way to carry everything. The electric part is made of Zinc alloy, while the percolator and container are all glass. For the mouthpiece, it’s all platinum-cured silicone which is a material considered food safe. For the best heating experience, the atomizer has quartz on it, and that is why there is 30 seconds delay.

Usage and Maintenance

To start using it, all you need is to assemble the parts. Start with filling the container with some water and then fix the percolator on the electric unit. After that, close the container with the electric part and then insert the mouthpiece. The atomizer, together with the bottom part, goes at the top of the electric unit. That is where your load goes before closing down using the wax carb cap. It has a belt that you can use to hold the cap while opened. There are two loops where one goes to the cap while the other goes below the atomizer area.

Once it’s all assembled and loaded, you will be using the power button to put it on and adjust the temperature settings. There is an indicator below the power button to show the set temperature. Green means that it’s at 475F, while the yellow color indicates the 575F level. If it’s out of charge, you can use the USB cable to juice it up for about 2.5 hours. After that, you will be able to enjoy sixty uninterrupted sessions. It’s only 6.5 inches tall, and it has a small bag to carry the parts safely. Moving with it will therefore not be a problem.

When it comes to cleaning, the atomizer has the cleaning brush and the Q-tips that come with the package. The mouthpiece is silicone made, and that makes it dishwasher safe. The container and percolator can use soap and water. For the best results, use concentrated alcohol mixed with salt to clean out the resin. The best time to do the cleaning is while the electric dab rig is still warm and greasy.


The best electric dab rigs 2021 delivers to customers can teach us the best ways to find one. We hope the above points and Waxmaid’s example will open your eyes to what you need to consider. If you still don’t have a choice, then try the Ares dab rig. We guarantee you the best herb hits with no to minimal regrets.


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