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What Are the Side Effects of Vaping?

Side Effects of Vaping

Sales of vaping products have increased exponentially worldwide. According to a report published by The Sun in 2019, an average vaper spends around £400 on vaping each year. This number shows that a hefty amount is spent on vaping products. 

Vapers think that vaping can help them enjoy their life. However, the side effects of vaping show that it's quite the contrary. Your vaping habits can help you make up in the hospital. Keep reading this blog to find seven health disadvantages of vaping regularly. 

1. Promotes lung diseases

Lung diseases are one of the major vaping side effects reported by vapers worldwide. Good lung health is necessary to help you maintain oxygen levels in the body. Research done worldwide has concluded that vaping negatively affects your lungs and can lead to lung cancer. 

Besides nicotine and THC in vape oils, several other metals like nickel are found in vape smoke. These harmful chemicals can easily interrupt the normal activity of your lungs. Constantly inhaling nicotine through vape smoke can stop you from inhaling and exhaling properly. 

2. Damages brain health

Proper brain health is essential for living a fulfilling life. No matter how much fun you have with your friends and how you live a happy life, if your brain doesn't function properly, you won't be able to live longer. 

It has been noted that vaping can decrease your brain health in no time. The main reason why vape smoke is harmful to your brain is the presence of nicotine in vape smoke. Nicotine disturbs the coordination between neurons and can produce problems like:

  • Mood swings
  • Short attention spans
  • Decreased impulse control 

2. Produces oral health problems

Having good oral health is a direct indicator of a healthy life. You won't be able to stay safe from deadly health problems if your gums and teeth aren't safe. One of the recorded side-effects produced by vaping products is oral health problems. 

The presence of nicotine in vaping products makes vape smoke harmful to gums. Research reveals that nicotine can limit blood flow toward gums. Lack of blood results in reduced flow of nutrients to gums, which causes different gum health problems over time. 

4. Causes cardiac health issues

It's well established that smoking directly impacts cardiac health. Many people vape, hoping it doesn't damage their cardiac health, but research has revealed that e-cigarettes aren't good for the heart. 

Higher levels of nicotine in vape smoke stop your health from performing properly. Nicotine increases your blood pressure by increasing the production of adrenaline in the body. Higher blood pressure increases your chances of getting a heart attack. 

Doctors have also observed that higher blood pressure caused by vape smoke can trigger blood circulation problems. 

5. Leads to addiction

Many people know that tobacco products and drugs like Heroin are highly addictive. However, it's a common misconception that vaping isn't addictive. Scientists have now revealed that e-cigarettes are as addictive as their traditional counterparts. 

Nicotine, the major component of vape smoke, is highly addictive. Nicotine addiction is hard to control, and it can easily interfere with the life of an addict. A highly alarming thing about e-cigarettes is that some vaping brands put more nicotine in their products than traditional cigarettes. 

Vapers can easily increase vaping product voltage or buy extra-strength vaping cartridges to inhale more nicotine. Therefore, vapers must be extra cautious about their vaping habits to live a healthy life. 

6. Disturbs sleep cycle 

Experts recommend that sleeping 6-7 hours daily is essential for a healthy life. Sleeping for less or more hours can directly disturb your health. Vaping is one of the things that can lower the quality of your sleep. 

Nicotine alters your natural sleep cycle. You might stay "alert" after vaping for longer hours as a vaper, but it will eventually disturb your sleeping routine. 

7. Triggers fatigue 

Traditionally, many people who had tough jobs smoked tobacco to stay alert. People nowadays who "party hard" or work long shifts have switched to vaping products because of lower prices. Contrary to popular belief, the "alertness" from inhaling nicotine can make you fatigued. 

Some experts suggest that a nicotine crash is similar to a caffeine crash. Make sure you contact your doctor if you have been feeling fatigued lately after vaping.