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What Is a Grav Bong and How Does It Work?

What Is a Grav Bong and How Does It Work

The gravity bong also referred to as a grav, is an approach to smoking substances such as cannabis. The term describes a bucket and the waterfall bong since both use water and air pressure to produce smoke. A lung also uses similar equipment; instead of water, it draws smoke by removing an uncompacted plastic bag or something similar.

A bucket bong is constructed from two containers with a larger, wide lid full of water. The smaller container has an attached bowl as well as an open bottom. The smaller one is placed into, the larger one. After the bowl has been lit, the person using it has to move the smaller container upwards, creating the pressure to change.

Smoke trickles slowly out of the bowl into the user's mouth until he or she takes a cleaner and inhales the content. A waterfall pipe is made from only one container. The container should have an opening for a bowl and a hole at the bottom so that the water drains quickly. When the water drains from the vessel, the air is drawn through the bowl, heating up the material and collecting smoke in the bong.

How to Make a Grav Bong?

Creating grav bongs can be an enjoyable and straightforward project with the benefit of understanding water pressure and gravity. Here are the steps to make a Grav bong.

Cut the Water Bottle:

Take off the lower bottle, which is 2 liters, with your box cutter or knife; however, not too much—usually, only the bottom portion. The larger you cut off the bottle, the more significant the smoke it can hold.

Prepare Your Bowl:

If you can use a socket, simplify the process. Use a knife and poker to cut the cap of the bottle's top that is large enough for an end that is narrow enough for the socket to fit. The socket must fit as snugly and tight as possible to draw air through and away from it.

Cover the cap's top with foil when using aluminum foil. Then, using the poker, make a few holes into the lid and foil to let air into the bottle. Make sure to shape the foil into a bowl to keep the cannabis in a straight line and secure. Be aware that the cap has to be removed to allow this to work. You could also use a bowl from a traditional bong or smoking pipe if you have one.

Light Up and Fill the Bottle:

Once the bowl is filled with water, immerse the bottle until submerged to the point where the cap is. Use the lighter to place an open flame in the bowl of cannabis and slowly lift the bottle upwards. The pull will be felt caused by the vacuum in the water, and you will be able to see the two-liter bottle brimming with intense smoke. Pull up and light until the cannabis has been consumed in the bottle or is out of water. If you've done it right, it usually happens simultaneously.

Let 'er Rip:

You're about to hit the road. The only thing you need to do is twist the cap off of the bottle with care. Be careful not to pull your bottle from the water or to push the bottle back into the water at this point, or you'll be unable to smoke. Place your mouth on the mouthpiece and draw the smoke into your lungs. The bottle will be immersed in the water while you inhale the smoke. Allow this to happen, and then shift your head towards the bottle as you breathe, stopping when the water gets up to the top to keep water out of your mouth.

How to Use a Grav Bong?

The grav bongs you make at home are as simple to use as they are to build. The idea is to utilize the vacuum pull from water to draw an enormous, robust smoke. The bong bowl is filled with cannabis, and the top of the container or bottle is submerged until the top of the bowl is completely submerged. Once the grav bong bowl gets lit, the user pulls slowly upwards on the bottle, which generates the suction needed to draw as much smoke out of the cannabis as it is possible.

The bottle shouldn't be entirely pulled out of the water, as this could create a vacuum, and the smoke would disappear. The bottle should be pulled until a small part is left submerged. While ensuring the bottle remains in the water, the bowl and bottle are gently removed to ensure users can take a blast. If the person pulls the smoke out of the container's mouthpiece, the vacuum draws the smoke into his lungs. Thereafter, it pulls the container back into the water. Be cautious not to pull the smoke too hard and quickly to ensure you don't take an enormous gulp of water.

Strangely, they're called grav bongs because gravity doesn't play an essential part in their operation. It's easy to feel an upward pull when you lift the bottle out of the water, and then it is lifted back after you've taken the hit. Perhaps that's where the name"gravity" and the feeling are derived.

Benefits of a Grav Bong

As with all smoking tools, there are advantages and disadvantages to using grav bongs. A few of them are the following.

Water Pressure:

The most crucial benefit is using water pressure to simplify a massive rip. If you are comfortable, this can be an enjoyable experience.


Smokers who want a swift and potent high should consider the grav bong. Instead of taking multiple shots like you would from traditional bongs, the grav bong lets you eat an entire bowl in one rip. It's a fast and robust high that's certain to please.


The feeling you get from the grav bong is strong and can be a refreshing shift for anyone needing fresh ideas and a new approach to their daily routine. The ability to have a good time is another reason to use a grav bong. It's a unique item that is suitable for special occasions.

DIY grav bongs, although useful, could put the user at risk of exposure to chemical byproducts. In addition, homemade grav bongs do not provide the security seal that a premium glass grav bong will provide. We strongly recommend buying a premium glass piece if you want the best value for your buck. Ultimately, grav bongs are an enjoyable and unique method to enjoy cannabis.

Grav Bong vs. Regular Bong: Which is Better?

Although they're called grav bongs, they don't work as conventional bongs do. Though both create extremely intense puffs of smoke, the traditional bong makes the smoke go through the water, which helps filter the smoke and cool it down. In contrast, grav bongs use water to create suction which means that the smoke does not pass through the water in any way.