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What is a Straight Tube Bong

What is a Straight Tube Bong

A straight tube bong is a water pipe that is used for smoking weed, cannabis, and tobacco. It has a straight tube with a bowl to hold the mouthpiece at one end and the herb at the other hand. The traditional straight bong tube is made from glass but you can also use various materials like metal or plastic.

We need to fill the tube of a bong with water that filters and cools the smoke as it moves through the water. The smoker inhales the smoke using a mouthpiece which we can fit with a built-in bowl and stem or a removable one.

These bongs are particularly popular among smokers due to their simple design and ease-to-clean. The water filtration system present in them provides a cool and smooth smoking experience. It also removes the impurities present in smoke.

How does a Straight Bong Work?

The Straight Tube Bong is commonly known as the Beaker bong. It is a water pipe for smoking weed. It has a straight vertical tube made of glass with a wide base for stability.

Straight Tube Bong has a simple working principle. The burning of weed or cannabis in a bowl produces smoke. The bowl is located at the tube top. The smoke then travels in the water chamber present at the tube’s base. Passing of smoke through the water, filters and cools it resulting in a cleaner and smoother puff.

The water present in the bong also filters the toxic chemicals in the water making the smoker less harmful to inhale. After passing through the water smoke moves up through the tube to the mouthpiece from where it is inhaled by the user.

For using a straight tube bong, we need to fill enough water in the water chamber so that the downstem bottom is entirely covered. Downstem is a narrow tube extending from the bowl into the water. After this place the weed in the slide or bowl, light it using a lighter or match, and take a puff using a mouthpiece, moving the smoke into the water through the tube.

The Different Types of Percolators for Straight Tube Bongs:

Percolators are the bong’s accessories that are designed to alleviate your smoking experience by cooling and filtering the smoke. You can use various percolators with your straight tube bong. Every percolator has its benefits and design. Let me discuss some common types of percolators for straight tube bongs.

Tree Percolators:

These types of percolators have branches coming out of the main stem, just like the tree. The smoke is moved through these tubes to provide you with cooler and filtered smoke forming a smoother hit. They are often used in high-end and mid-range bongs.

Honeycomb Percolators:

These percolators have a flat disc with various holes resembling the structure of a honeycomb. The smoke in this bong moves through these holes helping to diffuse and cool the smoke. These percolators are famous due to their high-level filtration. They are found in high-end bongs.

Inline Percolators:

These percolators are straight; long tubes are present horizontally in the bong. In these percolators, the smoke is forced through various holes helping to filter the impurities and break up the smoke. They are commonly used in high-end and mid-range bongs.

Showerhead Percolators:

They have a vertical tube with various holes allowing the smoke to get filtered and diffused as it passes through the percolators. Its design is similar to the head of the shower, that’s how it got its name. They are found in high-end bongs.

Spiral Percolators:

These percolators have coiled long tube that forces the smoke through various filtration layers. When the smoke passes through spirals, it gets diffused and cooled providing you with a smoother hit. They are found in high-end bongs.

The type of percolator you want to use in your Straight Tube Bong entirely depends upon your smoking preferences and budget. Choose the one according to your budget and smoking preference as each percolator has its benefits. Choose the best that suits your taste to enhance your smoking experience.

How to maintain your Straight Tube Bong?

To enjoy smoking using a Straight Tube Bong for a longer time, you need to properly clean and maintain your bong. Let me provide you with some tips and tricks to maintain your bong.

  • Rinse your bong after use using warm water. It will remove all the residue accumulated in the bong during smoking.
  • Clean your bong regularly to prevent the build-up of resin that can clog your bong. For this, you can use the specialized cleaning solution available in the market. You can also use coarse salt and isopropyl alcohol to clean your bong.
  • You can use a brush to clean unreachable areas of your bong like the bowl and downstem.
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals for cleaning the bong as they can damage your bong. Avoid their usage for cleaning the bong.
  • Use your bong carefully as a slight bump can drop it which can break the bong.
  • Place your bong carefully in a safe place away from direct sunlight.

The above–mentioned tricks will help you to maintain your bong in good condition so that you can enjoy clean and smoother smoking for a long time.

Straight Tube Bongs vs. Beaker Bongs: Which is Better?

Using a bong entirely depends upon one personal smoking choices and preferences. Both beaker bongs and straight tube bongs have their pros and cons. Let me compare both of these bongs to make the process of choosing a bong easier for you.

Stability and Size of Bong:

Beaker bongs have a stable design with a wider base, hence are very less likely to drop down. Straight Tube Bongs are thinner and taller making them less stable. The Straight tube bongs are easier to store in comparison to beaker bongs.

Smoothness and Smoke Volume:

Beaker bongs having a large chamber, has more capacity to hold smoke providing you with bigger hits. Straight Tube Bongs provide you with smoother hits since the smoke has to travel less distance.

Easy to Clean:

Both these bongs are cleaned using similar methods but Straight Tube Bongs are much easier to clean as they have few angles and curves in comparison to Beaker Bongs.

Design and Aesthetics:

Both bongs are available in various sizes, designs, and styles. You can choose them according to your smoking preferences.

Beaker Bongs and Straight Tube bongs both have advantages and disadvantages you can choose the one that fits your smoking preferences.