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What Is CBD Coffee?

CBD coffee

There are lots of different supplements on the market, but at the moment, CBD is one of the most popular. It’s available in so many different formats that it’s no wonder it’s taken the health world by storm. One new craze that’s quickly gaining momentum is CBD coffee. CBD coffee in the UK is actually becoming commonplace in a lot of coffee shops as more people discover the wonderful benefits of CBD. However, if you’ve seen a CBD cappuccino on the menu and wondered what on earth that means, keep reading and find out exactly what CBD coffee is. 

What Is CBD?

CBD is a non-toxic chemical that’s extracted from the hemp plant. It’s non-psychoactive as well, making it safe to take even if you’re driving as, it doesn’t produce any sort of high. You can find CBD in all sorts of products now as it’s claimed to have many benefits. From helping you sleep to calming anxiety, CBD is said to do it all. CBD is still a relatively new compound, so its scientific research is still ongoing. This means that although there are some positive case studies, more tests are needed to see if the results are always repeatable. But this doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for people. Some people will swear that it helped alleviate their chronic pain or can stop an anxiety attack in its tracks. So, just because you may know one person who didn’t feel any benefit, it doesn’t mean you won’t. 

Ground/Whole Bean

Lots of CBD retailers are now stocking ground or whole bean CBD coffee. This is where CBD has been infused with the coffee once it’s been roasted, allowing it to really soak in. You can find different strengths of CBD coffee as well. This is because not everyone will require the same dose. If you’re wanting to alleviate chronic pain, then you’ll need a stronger CBD coffee than someone who’s trying to stay calm before a big meeting. The taste of CBD coffee isn’t too overpowering either. If you’ve tried CBD oil, then you’ll know exactly how strong that earthy taste that it has is. However, the terpenes in CBD are slightly tangy and can pair amazingly well with the bitter flavour of the coffee. You can use CBD coffee beans, ground or whole, just like you would any other coffee. They’re safe to put into your grinder and can be used with any type of coffee maker.   


If you can’t find any CBD coffee beans near you or you don’t have the means to make speciality coffee, then you can actually make a CBD coffee at home. You can simply make your instant coffee of choice and add a few drops of CBD oil to it. Be careful not to add it directly into the boiled water as the heat can degrade the potency of the CBD slightly. Let your coffee cool slightly and then add your dose. You may want to take note that the CBD oil won’t dissolve in your coffee though. As water and oil don’t mix, it can sit on top of the coffee so it may need stirring now and then while drinking. So, even if you don’t have a grinder and espresso machine, you can still enjoy a lovely cup of CBD coffee. 

What Can It Do?

CBD coffee is said to have lots of benefits. A great one is that it’s said to stop post-coffee jitters, so if you feel like the caffeine can sometimes leave you feeling a little shaky, you could try adding some CBD into it. Some people like to have a coffee each morning in order to focus their minds and get them ready for the day. Adding a few drops of CBD into your morning cup could actually enhance your focus and improve your general mood. This can get you off to a great start as you won’t just feel awake from the caffeine, but you’ll also feel happier. A lot of people like to take CBD to ease any pain that they have, so treating yourself to a warm cup of coffee infused with CBD can be a tasty, calming way to alleviate any aches that you have.  CBD is also used by people wanting to lower their anxiety symptoms, but you may think that coffee could make it worse. However, with the added CBD it can actually lower any feelings of anxiety that you have, making it a brilliant option for those with lots of worries. 

CBD coffee is a delicious way to get your daily dose of CBD without having to try and deal with its strong taste. CBD coffee beans are a great way to dose as well as they’re pre-dosed meaning you won’t need to measure out the CBD. All you’ll need to do is weigh out your coffee like you normally would. The added CBD to your coffee can work wonders for your health, so why not pop a few drops into your cuppa joe today.