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What you Need To Know Before Buying a Vaporizer

What you Need To Know Before Buying a Vaporizer

It is inevitable for lots of questions to pop up when buying your first vaporizer. Though there may be several reasons to try vaping, switching your routine to avoid or reduce harmful chemicals and carcinogens from smoking tops the list. Instead of smoking, vaping can give you the same effect and sensation by heating the herbs or concentrates without combustion.

Whether you're picking up vaping as a hobby or quitting smoking, the information and options can get a little overwhelming. Having the basic knowledge of different vaporizers, the ease of usage, maintenance, and maximizing satisfaction eases the process of buying a vaporizer that is ideally suited for you. This guide helps you get into vaping with all the basics and essential information to make your new routine enjoyable.

Maintenance of The Vaporizers

Even when vaping, cleaning is next to godliness. Keeping your vaping device clean prolongs its lifespan while maintaining an excellent vaping experience. Slowing down the depreciation of your vaporizer by cleaning and maintenance gives almost perfect hits every time yet does not require much hard work. Keeping your device clean requires understanding its anatomy and how to clean each component. A pen-style vaporizer suited for beginners has three parts: the tank, the coil, and the battery. A vape box is constructed the same except for the bigger housing and more battery capacity. 

When it is time to clean your vaporizer, detach the combustion chamber or tank. Wash with warm soapy water or non-flavored vodka to remove any deposit. Rinse with clean water and dry with a paper towel. Then, air for 15 minutes before reassembling. As for the vape coils, changing them as soon as the vaporizer gives a burnt taste or reduced vapor is a better maintenance tip than cleaning. 

Heating Methods: Conduction and Convection? 

Refreshing your elementary science can help with your choice of a vaporizer. Two terms that often pop up regarding how herbs or oils are heated are conduction and convection. A vaporizer that works with the conduction model heats and transfers the heat through the herbs to produce the vapor you inhale. On the other hand, the convection first produces steam of hot air, which then heats the herbs indirectly to produce vapor. 

Convention devices offer vaping sessions with better vapor quality, flavor, and efficiency compared to the two models. Convention vaporizers drain the battery faster and take more time to heat up than conduction devices. The efficiency comes with the price of more energy. Also, be prepared to shell out more cash for this vaporizer. The choice of the type of vaporizer to buy depends on personal preferences. On a tight budget, vaporizers working with combustion heating methods are much cheaper and produce vapor faster. But the herbs are unevenly heated and the vapor harsher. Compare the pros and cons to make the best decision.

Know Where To Vape

With smoking, social etiquette and rules are relatively defined. Many beginners believe they should be able to vape anywhere they like as there are no rules against that in most places. However, many people don't want to be clouded by vapor, as with smoking. Regardless of the herbs in your vaporizer, smoking etiquette should apply to vaping. If you are visiting a friend, seek permission before vaping. 

Some establishments create a space for smokers. With the increasing popularity of vaping as a safer substitute for vaping, it's hoped there will be similar arrangements for vapers in the not-so-distant future. In the meantime, you can use such provision, provided you're comfortable around smokers. As ironic as it reads, even smokers don't want to walk into clouds of smoke. All that said, vaping is a routine no one should be ashamed of. So, don't tuck your vaporizer down your sleeve or something. Just observe social etiquette. 

Know What's Inside Your Vape

Vapor's are spoilt for choices of the ingredients or substances to put and inhale from their vaporizers. Before investing in one, your purpose needs to be clear. Typically, vaping is associated with ex-smokers trying to get their nicotine fix. In addition to nicotine, a typical tobacco vaporizer contains aroma transporter, flavoring, and solvents such as vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. Solvents are added to dissolve the nicotine or THC and CBD when cannabis flower is used. Vegetable glycerine produces a dense cloud, while the throat hit sensation associated with vaping is from propylene glycol.

Many cannabis users are leaning towards vaping as a method of inhaling cannabis oil and waxy concentrates. When using a herb vaporizer, grind it finely for the heat to penetrate and achieve the best out of your herb. Consuming cannabis via vaping is more efficient than smoking, with more THC and CBD but less carbon monoxide, tar, and carcinogenic compounds consumed. 

Choose The Vaporizer That Suits You.

If you prefer having vaping sessions in the company of your friends at home, going for a desktop vaporizer that gets power directly from the power supply instead of a battery should be a better choice for you. Given the 100% convection heating system, a desktop vaporizer provides more incredible smoking sensations with enhanced taste. Those that love the long vaping session with buddies are better served with generous puffs each time using a desktop vaporizer. 

For a beginner or an experienced vaper on the move, a portable vaporizer or vape pen provides you with the perks of vaping anywhere. Unlike desktop vaporizers, portable vaporizers are designed for solo sessions. Take your time researching a vaporizer that scores high in reliability, potency, vapor quality, and safety, and you have an on-the-go vaping companion. 


Vaporizers come in ready-to-use designs. Vaping requires no learning curve. You hold the vapor in your mouth before it goes down the lung if the tank is Mouth to Lung. Or take the puff down your lung in one step if vaping from a tank designed Direct to Lung Vaping. 

Choosing from an expansive variety of styles and brands available is where it gets tricky, especially for starters. Check your vaping routine, lifestyle, and what substance you will be vaping against comprehensive lists of vaporizers to make informed. Ready to buy your first vaporizer? Only from a reputable vape store.