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Why Lazarus Naturals Stands Out in the Crowded CBD Market?

Lazarus Naturals Stands

Lazarus Naturals manufactures affordable and effective CBD products in the Pacific Northwest. It was founded in 2014 being an active advocate of hemp. It is also a member of the Association of Western Hemp Professionals.

It has a mission to provide affordable quality CBD products to everyone. It offers 60% discounts to poor persons, disabled persons, and veterans. Lazarus Naturals are prominent in Crowded CBD Market due to the following reasons:

Low Prices, Great Potency:

Lazarus Naturals is increasing the potency of every CBD Tinctures by 33%, making them affordable and more effective. It offers quality products within a reasonable range compared to leading CBD companies. Some companies are even charging four times higher prices for full spectrum tinctures. It has decreased the prices of its products by almost 25%.

All CBDs are not equal:

All CBD is not equal; various indicators help you to choose a quality CBD product. You need to look for the toxin levels in CBD products; you can do it by reviewing 3rd party lab test results and customer reviews. Hemp is a bio-accumulator with high levels of pesticides and heavy metals if grown in soil with high levels of high metals.

You can also check lab test results. The Lab test results of Lazarus Naturals are available to the customers. You can verify the potency and purity of any product from the Company’s website. Lazarus Naturals have an efficient procedure to control consistency, potency, and purity from growing hemp, extracting CBD oil from it, and then formulating and packaging it into finished products.

Considering this, we can say Lazarus Naturals rightly stand out in the vast CBD market.

Is Lazarus Naturals Worth the Hype?

The answer to the question “Is Lazarus Naturals Worth the hype?” can be answered by discussing the following factors:

The reputation of the Company:

The reputation of Lazarus Naturals as a CBD provider among customers is quite good. It has earned four and 5-star ratings for its famous products like CBD balms, high potency tinctures, and infused CBD coconut oil. 

The Company serves various social purposes with its partnership with various NGOs. The Company has services for Epilepsy Foundation, America’s VetDogs, and Women in Need NYC. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the company spared its particular space to manufacture sanitizers.

Customer Service of the Company:

The customer care service of Lazarus Naturals has gained high ratings. It provides quality customer care service, discount services, and fast delivery. On Trustpilot, the Company has earned 3.7-star ratings.

It offers same-day delivery services and free 3-day shipping services on all

orders. It also provides a 90-day return policy. Customers can contact the Company's website or email them for better customer support services.

Standards and Transparency of the Company:

It offers high-standard CBD products and all the information regarding testing, sourcing, and production practices.


Lazarus Naturals derives 70% of its hemp from the farm of the Company in Central Oregon. The Company uses hemp in full-spectrum products and its isolates. The Company also derives hemp from farms certified by the Oregon Department of Agriculture Hemp Research Pilot Program. The products of the Company pass the safety and quality test set by American Herbal Pharmacopoeia monographs.


The Company implements the manufacturing practices set by FDA Trusted Source. The Company uses the ethanol-extraction method for CBD Products. The CBD extract thus obtained further purifies to remove toxic compounds and unwanted substances like chlorophyll, fats, and residual ethanol from its full-spectrum CBD extract. It further refines it through crystallization and distillation processes to obtain isolated CBD. The Company utilizes environmentally friendly packaging materials.

Third-Party Testing:

The Company has multiple testing systems for its products during the manufacturing process. The final product obtained must go through third-party testing, the ISO 17025-complaint testing lab in Oregon.

Quality and Pricing:

When discussing the quality of products manufactured by Lazarus Naturals, we need to discuss the Certification of the Company by the Department of Agriculture Organic Certification for the 120 acres of farms of the Company.

The products manufactured by Lazarus Naturals are gluten-free. Vegans can use the products. The main motto of the Company is the easy accessibility of its products. The Company offers an Assistance program, and the persons qualifying for this program can receive up to a 60% discount for their first order (the minimum order amount should be at least 400 dollars).

Lazarus Naturals vs. Other CBD Brands: Which One Should You Choose?

If you want CBD products but need clarification about where you should buy them, let me ease this process for you. The comparison of Lazarus Naturals and other CBD brands will provide an overview of which Company is better for choosing CBD Products. The companies differ in areas like extraction method, type of carrier oil, and pricing.

Following are the reasons why you should prefer Lazarus Naturals over other companies for CBD products:

  • It provides lab results and 3rd party test results on its website. It sells  various CBD products with a variety of servings.
  • It sells multiple products with different CBD potencies.
  • It provides adequate and transparent information about hemp, its manufacturing process, and the content of its products.
  • It has received USDA organization Certification for its farms of 120 acres.
  • All its products are certified as CBD Organic.
  • Its products are derived from organic hemp that is grown on farms in the USA.
  • It  offers a wide range of products with natural flavors.
  • It follows cGMP regulations for all its products. 


Extraction Method:

Lazarus Naturals utilize an ethanol-based extraction process. The extract thus obtained is further refined to extract CBD isolate using crystallization and fractional distillation. Most of the other brands use carbon dioxide extraction methods or alcohol extraction.

Carrier Oil:

Lazarus Naturals perform dilution of CBD extract using coconut oil (fractionated), while other brands perform dilution using olive oil.


Lazarus Naturals offer inexpensive products, while other brands have high-priced products. To compare the prices, we must consider various factors like CBD amount in mg per bottle and its servings.

The Benefits of Using Lazarus Naturals CBD Products for Anxiety and Depression:

The popularity of CBD products has rapidly increased in recent areas in the medical field. Lazarus Natural offers full-spectrum CBD products which can be used to cure depression. Depression is a rising concern in all ages. CBD has the potential to cure depression and its symptoms.

  • CBD cures depression by affecting the serotonin receptors.
  • Depression causes the shrinkage of the hippocampus, the brain region responsible for emotion, learning, and memory.
  • Lazarus Naturals CBD products play their role in protecting the neurons present in the hippocampus. CBD products cure the symptoms of depression by stimulating the Endocannabinoid system.
  • Lazarus Naturals CBD products help activate serotonin receptors which have a role in the implication of anxiety, depression, and pain. 
  • CBD products have antidepressant properties. They have their part in lowering stress and anxiety. CBD products help stabilize the mood by reducing uneasiness and restlessness.

Hence Lazarus Naturals CBD products have been seen to be effective in curing depression and anxiety.