11 Best Wax Atomizers in the World Right Now - The Ultimate Guide!

Apr 26 , 2019

11 Best Wax Atomizers in the World Right Now - The Ultimate Guide!

Buckle up as we tackle the question of: what is a wax atomizer?
and share some of our favourite products on the market. We'll even share some tips for cleaning a wax atomizer at the end of the article, so you'll want to keep reading!

A wax atomizer is a special device used to vaporize and consume concentrates. They consist of coils wrapped around rods which allow it to quickly heat and melt the wax. The coils are generally made out of titanium, quartz or ceramic; each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

Most atomizers nowadays use the 510 thread and can be screwed directly onto your vape mod! They are convenient, discreet and ideal for traveling! Say goodbye to the days of blow torches and hot nails, this is the easy way of enjoying your concentrates!

Every atomizer listed in this guide is a 510 thread wax atomizer and will fit almost any vaporizer. This will allow you to build the rig of your dreams without needing to splash the cash on a new vape! So let's get started with our favourites!


Mig Vapor Brain Fogger Wax Atomizer Pen Tank - $34.95

atomizer concentrates waxHead into a different head space with Mig's Brain Fogger.

The absolute best that money can buy without breaking the bank, the Brain Fogger wax atomizer is small in size but big in performance thanks to its new reverse stacked-coil design! This advanced piece of technology melts the concentrate in the upper coil before vaporizing it in the lower coil. Its fully detachable glass body design gives the purest possible taste and is easy to clean.
The Brain fogger offers both Temperature and Wattage control allowing you to adjust the taste to the desire of your taste buds!
In addition to Brain Fogger’s innovative features,  Mig Vapor’s good customer service has left many satisfied and has helped its best selling product gain a large number of 5-star reviews. As a result, this vape wins our “Staff Pick” award!
Don’t believe us? Check out this thorough video review!


Yocan Cerum Ceramic Wax Atomizer - $20

 wax atomizer smoke cannabisWith the Yocan, you can catch an awesome high.
This ceramic wax atomizer is a well-known product to many waxy oil enthusiasts for giving the best vapour from their concentrate. It utilizes the latest crystal quartz technology in its dual coil quartz rod atomizers. It is also compatible with a ceramic coil less wax atomizer which is available separately. The cerum atomizer's chambers and coils are entirely made out of porcelain giving it a beautiful feel and look. The Yocan wax atomizer pieces are connected by rubber grommets preventing any potential oil spillages. In addition, it gives a unique no-threading experience and makes disassembling the product for cleaning a piece of cake! The suggested wattage is 15W - 25W.  
This dual coil wax atomizer is available in black and white coming in at only $20, a bargain for such a high-quality product!



Top Airflow Saionara Wax Atomizer - $39.99

 concentrates cannabis smokeWe're not messing around here. The Saionara means business!
If the original Saionara atomizer didn’t capture your attention already, then this new and improved Saionara 2 is bound to do so! Like its predecessor, the body is made entirely out of stainless steel, which not only looks good but is also incredibly durable and has a long lifespan. The main addition to the Saionara 2 is the dual top and bottom airflow; this gives you full control over your draw for a more pleasant dabbing experience. The recommended wattage is 10W - 30W; Saionara suggests starting low before working your way up!  
The most notable feature is the sheer number of coils Saionara is compatible with, take a look on the website for the full list of 11! These include single, double and even triple coils of varying resistances made from quartz, ceramic and titanium!
At $39.99, this atomizer is more expensive than others on our list, but we cannot recommend it enough because of its super durable design!   



Pulsar APX Wax Atomizer - $27.99

wax weed atomizerTake this ultra-portable atomizer with you anywhere to enjoy your concentrates.
Made with heat-resistant stainless steel, this RDA atomizer (Rebuildable Drip Atomizer) uses energy efficient triple quartz coils to give massive rips and a strong flavour within just 5 seconds. The heating chamber is made out of top quality quartz glass; although fragile, glass gives the purest taste and is also easy to clean!
The APX wax atomizer wattage is 15W - 30W. It works with any 510 vape mod, but do check out the APX vape which is known for its portability, strong hits and great battery life!



GV Globe Wax Atomizer - $2.99 (SALE!)

atomizer wax marijuanaEnjoying concentrates will never be limited by cost, and this atomizer keeps that statement true!
Ideal for the budget minded person, this glass globe wax atomizer offers all the vital functions you'd expect for only $2.99. Single wick coil and dual quartz coil types are available, with the latter being most suited for brittle and drier materials such as shatter. Ego wax atomizer batteries are compatible with the GV globe.
GV has earned quite a reputation over the years and has received numerous top reviews for this atomizer. Some users have complained that it gets dirty pretty quickly and that it’s fragile, but at such a low price we’re not arguing!  



Honey Stick Stinger - $29.95

atomizer smoke weedCatch all the flavour of your concentrates with this atomizer!
The Honey Stick Stinger is an excellent sub ohm wax atomizer with a resistance of 0.8 ohms. Made entirely out of ceramic and stainless steel, you’d be forgiven for not realizing it’s a dab tank because of its discreet and unique design. The advanced ceramic coil performs at its best at 10W - 15W.
This small but reliable atomizer guarantees some powerful and flavourful dabs and is available in black and white colours!  



Green Bullet Wax Pen Atomizer by Mig Vapor - $9.95

wax atomizer vapeGoing for the slender look? This Green Bullet Dab Tank could be a great option!

Another impressive product by Mig Vapor, the Green Bullet Dab Tank uses dual coils with quartz wicking to produce a smooth vapour. It very much resembles an e-cigarette and is recommended if stealth is a priority due to its long, thin and simple design.
The tank is made out of plastic and some do complain about the cheap feel, but at such a low price it’s not a reason to exclude it from our list!     



Seego Vhit Wax Atomizer - $29.99

atomizer concentrates shatterSee your concentrates go in with this Seego atomizer.
This simple yet amazing atomizer is the latest addition in Seego’s respected vhit series. This rebuildable wax atomizer is made entirely from pyrex glass and stainless steel with a working voltage of 3.7V to 4.2V. It comes with a handy splash cap which helps keep the coils clean.
User reviews report huge, tasty rips with this atomizer although a couple mentioned that the coil is overly thin and can snap easily if the voltage is cranked up too high. Luckily, 2 replacement coils are included in the box when purchased!



Duplex Wax Atomizer by Ooze - $14.99

wax atomizer dabbingYou really can't go wrong with Ooze's stainless steel atomizer.

This Ooze wax atomizer has a durable stainless steel design which is also easy to clean. It has a dual quartz coil but only comes with one cartridge, so be sure to buy a couple of spares at the checkout!
The suggested voltage is 3.6V - 4.0V; it’s recommended to preheat the delicate coil at a lower voltage before going in deep at 4 volts.
We’ve only seen 5 star reviews on Ooze’s websites and $15 for such a quality rig is an amazing deal!



Airistech W4 Herb and Wax Atomizer Tank - $9.99 (SALE!)

concentrates dabs atomizerWhen you go the ceramic route you're also taking the healthier route!
This ceramic donut wax atomizer utilizes the latest W4 ceramic baking technology to generate heat. This means a very limited amount of combustion takes place in the chamber giving optimum taste and is also thought to be healthier.
Be gentle with it, as some customers have reported that it breaks easily. When you use it with gentle, loving care then you'll enjoy those flavourful tokes even longer!



Kandypens K-Box Concentrate Atomizer - $24.95

marijuana concentrates atomizerAdjustable and flavourful, Kandypen's atomizer gives you great bang for your buck!

100% handmade in Santa Barbara, it’s hard to beat the quality of the K-box atomizer’s quartz glass! It utilizes triple quartz coils in its ceramic chamber to give a hard-hitting flavour. Airflow is easily adjustable allowing you to choose the strength of your draw and minimizes clogging.
The base, coil and glass are included in the price making this pocket rig great value for money,  just check out the reviews! If this atomizer doesn’t suit you, Kandypens do have a wide selection of vaporizers!





If you like dabbing and want a more discreet and portable way of consuming your concentrate, then wax atomizers are for you! They can easily convert and vape mod into a mini rig.


How to clean wax atomizer?

It’s important to clean your wax atomizer regularly in order to extend its lifespan and for it to give the best possible taste! Wax is a sticky and thick substance which means residue can easily build up on the coils, eventually clogging the atomizer.
You should never clean your wax atomizer with any cleaning product you may find in your local shop as accidentally consuming even trace amounts of this can be harmful. Instead, use alcohol or hot (not boiling) water. We recommend using soft materials such as paper towels or Q-tips to avoid damaging the delicate coil if possible.
There are a few different ways to clean your wax pen, these include a simple mop down with a q-tip, an alcohol soak and burning leftover wax using the heat of the coil. Our favourite method is using a stove pre-heated to 80 - 90 Celcius: Place the mouthpiece, chamber and atomizer cover on a piece of tin foil in the stove for 5 minutes. This will melt the wax allowing it to drain out onto the foil. The vape pen pieces can then be soaked in alcohol to give it a thorough clean.
This process sounds tricky, but we assure you it’s not! This video will clear up any questions:


So that brings us to our final question: which is the best wax atomizer for box mod?

With so many top quality atomizers around it’s a hard to answer this question. In our guide, we’ve listed 11 of the absolute best as well as answering some commonly asked questions. If you can't make your mind up and have some money to spend, the Mig Vapor Brain Fogger wax atomizer is bound to satisfy your needs!

Have lingering questions? Leave them for us in the comment box below!


Written by: Ed | Cover photo by: Vaping Base


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