13 Best Ash Catchers in the World - every budget covered!

Mar 24 , 2019

13 Best Ash Catchers in the World - every budget covered!

At the start of every young toker's career they have surely wondered, ‘What is an ash catcher?’  Well, in a nutshell, an ash catcher catches ashes, helping to maintain a clean water pipe and filter the smoke even further for a nice rip. Most water pipes are not sold with an ash catcher, so you will have to purchase the item separately. However, they are relatively inexpensive and well worth the cost. You can easily find a cheap ashcatcher online or choose a more upscale model.

Anyone who smokes weed using a water pipe knows the importance of an ash catcher. You don’t want burnt plant material to make your hit less than ideal. In addition, some ash catchers are designed to nicely filter the smoke before it comes into contact with the percolator. Another perk of using a bong ash catcher is that you only have to clean out your ash catcher, and that means less messy pipe cleaning.

When it comes to buying ash catchers,your choices are limitless. They come in a wide assortment of shapes, sizes, and materials. You can choose a fancy diamond glass ash catcher or go with a basic model.


How to Use an Ash Catcher

An ash catcher on a bong works similar to a classic weber grill ash catcher. You place the ash catcher where you put your ashcatcher bowl on your water pipe or wax bong. Once attached, you place the bowl into the ash catcher. Basically, attach the ash catcher to the joint that runs up from your water, then place the bowl on top of the ash catcher. You light up your bud in the bowl’s reservoir just as you have traditionally burned the herb. When you take a long drag on the pipe, the burnt ash is caught by the ash catcher so it never enters the main chamber of the bong.


Precautions Concerning the Ash Catcher

Remember to never overfill your bong with water when using an ash catcher or the water can seep into the burnt ash residue. The ashes will contaminate the water and you’ll have a mess to clean up.


Fitting the Ash Catcher

A word of caution when shopping for an ash catcher: please remember that you will need to know the size of the joint on your water pipe before you can make a purchase. Standard sizes are 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. Obviously, if your joint is 10mm then you are going to need a 10 mm ash catcher and if your joint is 14mm then you are going to need a 14mm ash catcher. The fit must be snug or the smoke will be able to escape. The market is also alive with joint adapters but they rarely provide a secure fit and only create unnecessary weight.


Male or Female Joints

You’ll want to examine your water pipe to see if it is has a male or female joint. The male joint appears thinner and the female is slightly wider and shorter. A male joint goes into the female joint. Your ash catcher must be the opposite of whatever joint you have on your pipe to guarantee the best fit.


The Angle of the Ash Catcher

Water pipes have either a 90 degree or 45 degree joint. You must look at the joint closely to determine its angle. The ash catcher you decide to purchase must have the same joint angle, so if your joint is 14 mm with a 45-degree angle then you will purchase a 14mm ash catcher 45 degree. The 14mm ash catcher 45 degree will fit nicely into the joint if the angle is correct. If you fail to match the angle then the ash catcher is going to slide and let smoke out.


Top 13 Ash Catchers

Here is our list of the top 13 ash catchers in the world. They vary in price from cheap to premium. You will undoubtedly find the perfect ash catcher for your budget and smoking needs.


UPC Glass - 4 Arm Ash Catcher - $32.99

ash catcher bong smokeKeep things neat and tidy with this ash catcher. Photo: @DankGeek

Are you ready for a serious upgrade and looking for the best ash catcher? The 4 Arm Ash Catcher by UPC Glass is a percolator ash catcher that has a unique 4 arm tree percolator design. It provides extra filtration for the perfect clean hit every time. In addition, this ash catcher perc is available as a 14mm ash catcher percolator or in an 18mm size. It fits a 45-degree arm. Upgrade your glass set with this 45-degree ash catcher! 


4.5" Showerhead Recycler Ash Catcher 14mm/14mm - $10.00

ash catcher bong cannabisKeep your tokes pure with this pure glass ash catcher. Photo: @Marijuana Packaging

The design of this shower head ash catcher is ideal for purifying your hits. It has a built-in showerhead perc, which makes it an official 14mm ash catcher percolator. The design of the showerhead creates a truly turbulence-free hit. This affordable ashcatcher bowl is fashioned from heat-resistant borosilicate. The colors of the glass ash catcher vary, so you can match it to your bong for extra style points.



18mm Male Ash Catcher Bowl - $15.99

18mm male ash catcherSimply yet effective, check out this Male 18mm ash catcher. Photo: @DailyHighClub

If you need an 18mm glass catcher, then this is the affordable choice for you! It performs its two key functions - keeping your bong water clean and filtration - like a champ. The simple design and functionality of this piece are hard to pass up.



Barrel Honeycomb Perc Ash Catcher - $34.99

honeycomb ash catcher bongAs effective as it is beautiful, ensure clean hits with this Honeycomb Perc Ash Catcher. Photo: @DankGeek


The design of this item is outstanding. When looking for cheap ash catchers 18mm then this honeycomb perc is one you won’t want to pass up. It is 4.5 inches tall and comes as an 18mm female or male joint. You can also choose between green, red, and blue. The only downside we can report for this one? If you happen to be searching for a pink ash catcher then you might be disappointed because it does not come in that hue.



Toro Ash Catcher - €185.49

ash catcher glass bongBeing mini doesn't mean this Toro ash catcher is any less effective than its larger peers! Photo: @Headspace Glass

The Toro ash catcher is a macro or mini ash catcher. Toro has established themselves as leading engineers of cannabis gear. Their products carry a high price tag, but a great deal of engineering and design have gone into every piece. What does that mean for you? A great, clean smoking experience!



Hi Si Ash Catcher - $116.00

cannabis smoke ash catcherSimple, effective design make the Hi Si Ash Catcher a great choice. Photo: @Hi Si Glass

As with all their cannabis items, a great deal of science and research has gone into the design of each one of Hi Si's pieces. The 14mm ash catcher U arm diffuser has a U sidearm. It measures 5.5 inches tall and has 14mm ground joints. If you are searching for ash catchers 14mm, then this Hi Si ash catcher might be the perfect choice for you. It comes as a male ash catcher or a female version.



MAV Glass Double Chamber Inline Matrix Perc Ashcatcher - $49.99

marijuana bong ash catcherMake cleaning a million times easier by finding a quality ash catcher like this one from MAV. Photo: @420 Science

If you are looking for an inline ash catcher 14mm then you are definitely going to want to learn more about the MAV Glass Double Chamber Inlineline Matrix Perc Ashcatcher. This amazing item was built for even the largest bong. It has a matrix perc that cools hot drags and prevents ash from slipping by. The interesting upward facing downstream chamber design helps to further ensure that nothing gets into the bong. The design functions as a superior dry ash catcher.




GRAV 14mm 90 Degree Phoenix Ash Catcher - $59.99

ash catcher grav glass
Grav coming in clutch with this tall and lean ash catcher. Photo: @Smokea

The phx ash catcher is a design by Grav. It comes with a glass lid and a very nicely designed built-in kickstand. Without a doubt, this has to be one of the easiest to clean ash catchers ever manufactured. It has an easy-to-remove top that you can effortlessly fill with water, ice or even diffuser beads. This is really a great 90 degree ash catcher. It measures 6.25 inches and is fashioned from high-quality borosilicate glass. The bowl is a 14mm Grav funnel.



MAV Glass Triple Chamber Showerhead Ashcatcher - $59.99

 triple chamber ash catcherThree chambers?! We might be in love! Photo: @WeedRepublic

The Maverick ash catcher is a chamber showerhead that works wonderfully for medium sized pipes. It has a very large showerhead downstem. There is a second chamber for overflow and an upward facing downstem chamber so you never have to worry about debris leaving your pipe. The added perk of this being an up-line ash catcher due to its triple chamber design makes this one of the best models that you can purchase. It is designed to fit  90 degree 18 to 19mm female downstems. In addition, the red MAV logo is a nice addition to the item.



US Tubes - 14mm 90 Degree Ash Catcher - $109.99

glass bong ash catcher
Take a leaf out of the west coast's book! Photo: @JFriendly

This US Tubes ash catcher is everything you would expect from the US manufacturer. US Tubes is headquartered in Berkley, California, and they are dedicated to creating superior accessories that are scientifically designed and engineered for superior performance. If you are looking for an ash catcher 14mm then give this one a try. It has a diffused percolator to guarantee a nice hit every time. It even features the colorful US logo.



Ash Catcher by Sheldon Black - €179.33

glass ash catcher smokeBeautifully blown glass comes together for this quality ash catcher. Photo: @Coughing Cardinal

The Sheldon Black ash catcher is made from blown smokeware. It is more than a simple ash catcher. Many consider the items created by Sheldon Black a work of art. Some would argue that a sovereignty ash catcher might be more upscale but the skill that goes into the creation of a Sheldon Black is amazing.

This item fits 14mm to 18mm. If you want a truly beautiful work of art, then you will fall in love with this design. The 14mm ash catcher has a tree perc design and is emblazoned with the black and white flying derby decal label. The ash catcher has been created to sit at a 90-degree angle.



Honeycomb to Perc Turbine Ash Catcher 14mm or 18mm - $39.99

honeycomb perc ash catcher Eye catching and effective! Photo: @DankGeek

If you are looking for a honeycomb ash catcher 14mm or 18mm then you are going to really like this model. The unique honeycomb to perc design diffuses the smoke nicely, so you get a great hit every time you pull a drag. It comes in blue, green or clear shades to fit every taste and look outstanding on your bong.




Zob 5 inch Ash Catcher with Flat Disc Percolator - 90 Degrees - $169.99

glass ash catcher tokeSpeedy Zob is here to get the job done! Photo: @Zob Glass Pipes

This lovely Zob ash catcher measures five inches. It has a flat disc percolator that can quickly and efficiently cool your hits. It even filters the smoke before you inhale. The joint on the ash catcher has been fashioned into a perfect 90-degree angle. This model fits an 18mm glass joint but has a 14mm slide.






The 13 ash catchers listed here are truly some of the best in the world. They are designed by respected companies, meaning each one has been scientifically engineered to perform flawlessly. You’ll never have to worry about taking a long hit and gagging because you accidentally inhaled ash. In addition, your bong water will remain crystal clear. Anyone lighting up their bong is better off with an ash catcher there to help your pipe stay clean, and you can't go wrong with an item off this list!

Looking for more advice on which ash catcher will best fit your water pipe? Drop us a comment below!


Written by: Kimberly Sharpe | Cover Photo by: Vaporizers and Vaporizer Accessories
Kimberly Sharpe is a freelance writer who was born and raised in Oregon where she became a strong advocate for the legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana. Now, living in the Sunshine State of Florida, she continues to push for nationwide cannabis changes and federal legalization. She strives to educate and enlighten readers about the marijuana plant and its many uses.

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