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9 Reasons Disposable Vapes Are Popular in 2022

9 Reasons Disposable Vapes Are Popular in 2022

The vape market has been evolving at a rapid pace, and new products are being released by creative manufacturers all the time. Disposable vapes are one of the most innovative additions in recent years, and they’ve especially been a desirable option in 2022. 

If you haven’t yet purchased a disposable vape, you might be more inclined to do so when you learn why they are so popular among the vaping community. 

Plenty of Flavors to Choose From

Whether you prefer the fruitiness of Peach ICE Fume or the authenticity of tobacco flavors to simulate the smoking sensation, you’re bound to appreciate the disposable vape range. While freebase and nicotine salt e-liquid flavors can be limited for traditional vaping products, there is an abundance of options in the disposable vape range. 

Manufacturers are also expanding their range all the time, which means you’ll likely be able to try a new flavor each time you purchase a new disposable vape. As they are single-use vape pens, you also don’t need to worry about cleaning out the tank before trying a new flavor. 

Flexible Puff and Battery Options

When disposable vapes first hit the market, you generally only got to choose one type of disposable device with a set puff count, liquid capacity, and battery life. However, there are now several available options to choose from. 

Some of the more affordable options have 1,500 puffs, 6mL of pre-loaded e-liquid, and an 850mAh battery, whereas the more advanced disposable vapes offer a 1,500mAh battery, 12mL of e-liquid, and up to 3,500 puffs. 

No Maintenance Requirements

As convenient as most vape products are, they can also require a considerable amount of maintenance. Some have such complex maintenance requirements that you have to read ‘how to’ guides to keep them in good condition. 

While most people master the art of care with time and patience, disposable vapes mean you don’t have to. Once you’ve used all the e-liquid and drained the battery, you can simply buy another one. 

Easy Smoking Cessation Tool

Giving up smoking is challenging, and many people struggle to do it cold turkey. They might also not like the recommended nicotine therapy products like patches, gums, lozenges, and sprays. When your body doesn’t agree with the most commonly used cessation products, it can sometimes feel like your only option is to keep smoking. However, disposable vapes can be a game-changer in this respect. 

While they are not a completely harmless alternative to smoking, they can be an adequate product you rely on to reduce your nicotine reliance. You might then decide to keep vaping or give up vaping and smoking altogether. Many people also prefer disposable vapes to quit smoking rather than other vape products due to how effectively they mimic smoking. Rather than fiddling with coils, tanks, and other replaceable components, you can simply puff on them as you would a cigarette. 


The world has a waste problem, and when you hear the word ‘disposable,’ it’s only natural to assume that these vape products contribute to the problem. However, most vape manufacturers have considered this issue when producing new products. Some companies provide return bags so that you can return your vape when you’ve finished with it for the company to recycle it on your behalf. Alternatively, they ensure all or most components, like plastic, can be placed into recycling bins and turned into other products. 

Affordable to Buy

Vape products are cost-effective compared to cigarettes, even when you have to buy e-liquid, coils, and other parts to keep them in excellent working condition. However, disposable vapes are even more affordable for people who only want to use them in social situations or when they’re struggling to quit smoking. 

There is a single one-off cost for these products, and there’s no need to worry about buying additional parts and accessories. While some are rechargeable, the majority have a single-use battery, so you don’t have to use your home’s electricity supply to keep them going. 

Easy to Use

We value convenience in our busy lives. While most people can quickly fill, maintain, and use their traditional vape products, disposable vapes tend to be far easier to use. You simply need to unwrap them and inhale them as you would a cigarette. You don’t even need to read a complex list of instructions for their use or care. Most disposable vapes are almost self-explanatory, whether you’re familiar with vape products or not. In contrast, other vape products require you to charge them, replace the coils, and fill the e-liquid tank before using them. 

Improved Availability

When vape products first became available, they weren’t all that easy to find. The same general rule applies to disposable vapes. You had to visit specialist stores in person and sometimes found that options were limited. 

However, in 2022, as more people started to see their convenience, they began looking for them in any shop that could potentially sell other vape products. Now, they’re readily available at specialist stores online and in person, as well as regular convenience stores in many locations. Essentially, they are as readily available as cigarettes. 

Compact and Portable

Smokers have to carry a lot of equipment for smoking. Roll-your-own smokers have to store a pouch, papers, filters, and a lighter, while tailor-made smokers have a box of cigarettes and a lighter. Smoking on the go can be inconvenient if you don’t have pockets or only have small pockets. 

You can sometimes even find that traditional vape products, and some of the most advanced mod kits, are bulky. They don’t fit neatly inside pockets, and you sometimes have to carry replaceable parts, chargers, and e-liquid to top up on the go.   

Disposable vapes are compact, lightweight, and portable. They tuck away discretely inside the smallest pockets, or you can carry them in your hand without too much inconvenience. They are also easy to store inside handbags or vehicle glove compartments. 

As daunting as it can be to try any new vape products for the first time, there can certainly be value for vapers to explore disposable vapes. Consider these benefits above, and you could be browsing your local vape store shelves in no time.