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10 Best Bob Marley Papers Ranked From Best To Worst | Bob Marley Wraps

Best Bob Marley Rolling Papers

If you like rolling your own joints, you know there are really only two great cigarette papers to choose from: Bob Marley papers and Raw. We’ve already covered Raw rolling papers in a variety of posts, so today we’re focusing on Bob Marley rolling papers! We’ve scoured the internet for the best deals on these great papers as well as the highest quality product that’s the easiest to find. Let’s get started!


Bob Marley Organic Hemp Rolling Papers (50 pk) - $44.95

 Bob Marley Organic Hemp Rolling Papers
  • Great value
  • Made of 100% pure hemp
  • Great taste
  • Burns evenly
  • Good size

First up on our list is the incredible 100% pure hemp rolling papers. These Bob Marley rolling papers are made entirely out of pure hemp, rather than some other type of paper, meaning they burn more evenly and taste better with your bud, complimenting the flavor well. This particular listing was chosen because it offers the best value from the most reliable seller. This product listing comes with 50 packs of the great pure hemp cigarette papers at a price lower than $1/pack! 


Bob Marley King Rolling Paper 110mm Pure Hemp Cigarette Smoking Paper (10 pack) - $14.99

 Bob Marley King Rolling Paper 110mm Pure Hemp Cigarette Smoking Paper
  • Affordable
  • Great value
  • Pure hemp
  • Better test
  • Burns evenly

If you aren’t ready to commit to a 50-pack of Bob Marley hemp papers made of hemp, try this 10 pack. You’ll get one of each of the wonderful designs that come on Bob Marley rolling papers, but no more than you need to give them a try. It’s an affordable option that’s still a great value.


Bob Marley King Size Cigarette Rolling Papers, 4 Packs - $6.99

 Bob Marley King Size Cigarette Rolling Papers
  • Good value without having to commit to too many
  • King size rolling papers
  • Burns evenly
  • Quality product

Still unsure on making a commitment on a bulk pack of the regular rolling papers? Try this 4-pack that’s still a great value product at a really low price. These cigarette papers are larger in size, so they’re sure to make the joint-size you want. For easier rolling, we recommend using the Marley rolling tray to catch all the weed that falls out of your Bob Marley wraps.


Bob Marley Cigarette Rolling Papers 1-¼" Leaves (50 pk) - $19.37

 Bob Marley Cigarette Rolling Papers
  • Affordable
  • Larger rolling paper
  • Burns evenly

This 50 pack of Bob Marley rolling papers is highly affordable. These papers are larger, meaning they’ll make a joint that’s more the size of Bob Marley blunt wraps. If you’re looking for a quality rolling paper, this is definitely the place to start.


Bob Marley Cigarette Rolling Papers 1-¼” Leaves (25 pk) - $22.49

 Bob Marley Cigarette Rolling Paperss
  • Quality cigarette papers
  • Good value
  • Affordable

This 25 pack of the classic cigarette papers from Bob Marley papers is a great product at a great value. You won’t even have to search “bob marley papers near me” to find them, because they’re available conveniently on Amazon for fast shipping! These cigarette papers are high-quality and come in a larger size, so you’re sure to roll a fat joint.

Bob Marley King-Sized Papers (10 pk) - $14.89

 Bob Marley King-Sized Papers
  • Larger size
  • Hemp construction makes for optimal taste
  • Burns evenly
  • affordable


This 10 pack of king-size bob marley papers, hemp made, is an amazing product at an amazing value. These king-sized, tree free rolling papers are great for rolling massive joints that burn evenly. Thanks to its hemp construction, this product’s taste really compliments the flower loaded inside of it. You really can’t go wrong with any Bob Marley rolling products, but if you’re in the market for giant papers, these are definitely the ones you want.


Bob Marley 1-¼” Organic Hemp Papers (5 pks) - $10.99

Bob Marley Pure Hemp Cigarette Rolling Papers (5 Booklets)
  • Organic hemp made
  • Hemp paper compliments flower taste
  • Burns evenly

If you want a smaller pack of the same great organic hemp, tree free product, look no further than these great hemp rolling papers. These are 1-¼” in size, so they’re a little smaller than the king-sized, but they’re a quality product that’s plenty big to wrap a decent-sized joint. 

Bob's Cone Pre-Rolled Cone Bob Marley Cigarette Rolling Paper King Size 110 mm - $19.99

 Bob's Cone Pre-Rolled Cone Bob Marley Cigarette Rolling Paper King Size 110 mm
  • Pre-rolled makes rolling a joint easier
  • Quality product
  • Burns evenly

If you don’t feel like rolling a joint yourself (or you can’t; no shame!), try these pre-rolled Bob Marley cones! This product, unlike the other products on this list, is pre-rolled so you won’t have to worry about knowing how to roll a joint. 


Ziggy Marley Organic Hemp Rolling Papers - $6.99

 Ziggy Marley Organic Hemp Rolling Papers
  • Quality rolling papers
  • 100% hemp
  • Tastes better

Ziggy Marley hemp rolling papers are the next best thing to Bob Marley rolling papers. This product is made from hemp, so it’s 100% tree free and burns evenly. This product is the perfect companion to your flower, as it compliments the taste so perfectly. You love this affordable and useful product.


Bob Marley 110mm Pure Hemp Cigarette Papers - $4.88

 Bob Marley 110mm Pure Hemp Cigarette Papers
  • Affordable
  • Unbelievably large size
  • Just one pack if you want to try them without getting stuck with a bunch

These are the same great hemp Bob Marley papers mentioned above, but quite a bit larger in size and this listing only comes with one pack. This product is great if you’re looking to roll really fat joints that are more like fat blunts. Like the other hemp products, it’s tree free, burns even, and the taste compliments your flower nicely, rather than ruining it.



We hope we’ve helped you find the Bob Marley papers you’ve been looking for and make a decision between the different options available out there. We have to say that our personal favorites are the ones made of hemp because the taste is better and they’re better for the environment.


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