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10 Best Bob Marley Sandals On The Planet | Bob Marley Flip Flops

10 Best Bob Marley Sandals On The Planet | Bob Marley Flip Flops

So, you’ve got your Bob Marley shirt, blanket, backpack, jacket, and socks; you’ve got it all right? Wrong! Did you know they make Bob Marley sandals? It’s just what your outfit is missing! Whether you want Bob Marley bamboo flip flops, flip flops with Bob Marley on them, or subtle rastafarian-colored flip flops that make you think of Bob Marley, we’ve got you covered. We’ve searched for the best Bob Marley flip flops Amazon has to offer so you don’t have to! Now let’s get into the products!


Bob Marley Fresco Men's Flip Flops Sandals Rasta Print Size 8 - $24.99

 Bob Marley Fresco Men's Flip Flops Sandals
  • Comfortable
  • Simple design
  • Good traction

This classic, simple-designed Bob Marley flip flop features a classic brown design with a rasta strap and, of course, the Bob Marley label. These Bob Marley sandals boast comfort and and have good traction on the bottom, especially for flip flops. This particular listing is for a pair in men’s size 8. You’ll love these affordable, comfortable, stylish, and practical flip flops.


DC Shoes Men's Athletic Sandals Sports - $15.87

 DC Shoes Men's Athletic Sandals Sports
  • Affordable
  • Brand you can trust
  • Rasta DC logo reminiscent of Bob Marley

The amazing brand, DC, has finally made a flip flop for Bob Marley Flip Flops lovers. This comfy flip flop is a more well-known brand than most of the products on this list, except for Fresco and Bob Marley, so if you’re worried about trusting a new company, these might be the way to go. You can wear them all day long or as Bob Marley sandals because they’re just so comfortable.


Rainbow Sandals Women's Single Layer Black Leather w/ Rasta Midsole - $41

 Rainbow Sandals Women's Single Layer Black Leather
  • Classic and simple design
  • Comfy
  • Mostly-black design goes with any outfit

This comfortable women’s sandal features a simple and classic design with a related rastafarian stripe across the base of the shoe. This flip flop is super comfortable, runs true to size, and the Bob Marley sandals related design will have you repping the Reggae king without having to have his face on your shoes, where you couldn’t even see it anyway.


Reef Mens Sandals Slammed Rover - $39.99

 Reef Mens Sandals Slammed Rover
  • Classic design
  • Comfortable
  • Durable

This classic men’s sandal features a natural look with a small rastafarian flag on the band. It’s about as classic as classic gets. If you wanted to rep Bob Marley, but didn’t want to out yourself as a stoner, these are the way to go! They’re super comfortable and durable as well.


Rasta Flip Flops - $9.99

 Rasta Flip Flops
  • Incredibly affordable
  • comfortable

These basic flip flops are a little closer to slippers than quality flip flops, but they do feature a nice rasta-colored band and are very comfortable. They’re incredibly inexpensive, but they won’t last you as long as say the Bob Marley Fresco sandals. They run true to size and come in a classic black color that goes with any outfit.


INTERESTPRINT Rasta House Sandals Pool Slides for Women - $23.99

 INTERESTPRINT Rasta House Sandals Pool Slides
  • Easy to slide on
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Cute and unique print

If the ranking in this list were based solely on looks alone, these sandals would have the top spot for sure. They feature an extremely unique Bob Marley sandals and marijuana related design on a classic black slide sandal. You’ll love these super unique sandals. They’re comfy and easy to slide on, making them perfect for the pool, your next beach trip, or just sliding them on when you get out of bed.


Reef Kids' Ahi Light Up Prints Sandal - $23

 Reef Kids' Ahi Light Up Prints Sandalss
  • Super cool kids sandals
  • Light up 
  • Comfortable

Do you want your kid to have the coolest kicks in school? These are definitely the way to go. Just by looking at them, you can tell how cool these bad boys are, but they get even cooler! They light up with every step! Your kid will love matching your rasta love with these great sandals! They run true to size and are very comfortable. 


Zion Rootswear Bob Marley Cork Mens Flip Flop Sandals - $27.99

 Zion Rootswear Bob Marley Cork Mens Flip Flop Sandals
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Environmentally friendly

These cork Bob Marley flip flops are super comfortable, reliable, and come from a trustworthy brand. The Bob Marley brand is known for nothing less than the best products. They also offer mens bamboo flip flops that are just as affordable and maybe even a bit more durable, but we don’t find them to be as comfortable as these cork ones. They feature a rasta-colored band and trim around the shoe as well as nice tread on the bottom.


Sanuk Men's Sidewalker Flip-Flop - $13.63

 Sanuk Men's Sidewalker Flip-Flop
  • Comfortable
  • Cute
  • Affordable 
  • Durable

These Bob Marley sandals are unbelievably comfortable and come in a beautiful rasta print. You’ll love their classic black look on the outside with the vibrant colors on the sole, peeking out under your feet! These are super affordable and come highly rated on Amazon; they also have a version in women sizes available!


Bob Marley Fresco Black Sandal Men's - $24.99

 Bob Marley Fresco Black Sandal Men's
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Basic look

The classic Bob Marley sandals are a great affordable, comfortable, low-key Fresco sandal. They are mostly black with a rasta band across the top. They come well made and durable, so they’ll last you a good while unless you mistreat them.



Whether you’re trying to find the perfect Bob Marley sandals to complete your homage to the reggae king or you’re just after a fun pair of rasta kicks, we hope our list has helped you find products you’re after. Did you try any of these products? Let us know below!

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