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10 Best Bob Marley Wallets On The Planet

bob marley wallets

Bob Marley wallets can be the perfect addition to your Bob Marley products collection! It also makes a great, subtle accessory that lets you show your love for the reggae king without labeling yourself immediately as a stoner. We’ve found all the best Bob Marley wallets available and, what luck, they’re all available on Amazon!

In this article you’ll find:

  • Men’s wallets
  • Women’s wallets
  • Wallets that double as clutch Bob Marley purses
  • Leather, cotton/hemp, and synthetic leather wallets


    Bob Marley Men's Painted Lion Bi-Fold Wallet Black - $24.95

     Bob Marley Men's Painted Lion Bi-Fold Wallet Black
    • Quality product
    • Beautiful design
    • Bi-fold
    • Affordable
    • Unique

    Our staff pick for Bob Marley wallets this time around was very easy; this stunning, painted leather wallet is as visually appealing as it is high-quality. And with free shipping if you add literally anything else to your cart (free shipping at $25, just $0.05 above this price), it’s truly a hard thing to pass up. You won’t find anything like this highly unique wallet on another site or in another shop, not at this great of a price.


    RaanPahMuang Hemp Wallet with Rasta Colours and Bob Marley  - $7.24

     RaanPahMuang Hemp Wallet with Rasta Colours and Bob Marley
    • Rasta colors and Bob Marley’s face
    • Made of hemp
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Sustainably sourced 
    • Affordable


    This classic hemp wallet is environmentally friendly, sustainably made, affordable, and features both reggae colors and a stitching of Bob Marley. This is truly a unique spin on the classic hemp wallet that makes it a fine product indeed. The price and quality are unbeatable; you won’t believe you waited so long to use Bob Marley wallets of this style!


    Ten Four Distributions Bob Marley Genuine Cowhide Leather Laser-Engraved Luxury Wallet - $29.99

     Ten Four Distributions Bob Marley Genuine Cowhide Leather Laser-Engraved Luxury Wallet
    • Beautiful artistic rendering of Bob Marley
    • Classy look
    • Genuine leather
    • Great for business or casual!
    • Free shipping!

    This laser-engraved genuine cowhide leather wallet is a sight to behold. It features a beautiful, artistic rendering of the reggae king on a genuine, leather luxury wallet; and at this unbeatable price, what an unbelievable find! You’ll love showing your love for Bob Marley in a subtle and more mature way, suitable for business dress as well as casual. This is the perfect addition to your collection of Bob Marley products.


    SXboxing Leather Rasta Lion Passport Holder/Wallet - $17.99

     SXboxing Leather Rasta Lion Passport Holder
    • Great price!
    • Awesome look
    • Versatile use
    • Trustworthy shop


    This awesome leather rasta lion wallet actually also doubles as a passport holder! There’s tons of space for all the documents, cards, and cash you need to have on you at all times in this larger wallet, designed to be the perfect companion for travel use. This new take on the standard classic passport holder can also work as a clutch Bob Marley purse if you’d like, given its large size and capacity. It’s easy to use, convenient, and looks great! Not bad for one of the best Bob Marley wallets we’ve encountered at this price point.


    WIEDLKL Unique Custom Lion Head Rasta Women Trifold Wallet/Clutch - $35.30

     WIEDLKL Unique Custom Lion Head Rasta Women Trifold Wallet
    • Great design
    • Doubles as clutch
    • Inexpensive shipping
    • Unique

    This large, women’s trifold features a magnetic clasp for easy closure and ease of use, a great rasta lion design, and tons of storage. Given its size, it can double as a clutch easily. This unique wallet won’t turn up in many search results; it’s one of many highly unique products on this list! Unfortunately, this item doesn’t feature free shipping, but the price isn’t so bad for the quality of the product.


    HelloJatujak Bob Marley One Love Genuine Cowhide Leather Wallet - $27.21

     HelloJatujak Bob Marley One Love Genuine Cowhide Leather Wallet
    • Unique find
    • Great price
    • Quality product
    • Genuine leather

    This genuine cowhide leather wallet can hold all the products, information, and essentials you need! It’s larger size makes it beyond easy to use and access everything you need without help. It can also double as a clutch purse! It features a nice chain, as well. You’ll love this unique one-love wallet! We’re sure it’ll fit right in with all your great Bob Marley products.


    Tfar Synthetic Leather Bob Marley One Love Wallet - $30

     Tfar Synthetic Leather Bob Marley One Love Wallet
    • Affordable price
    • Vegan friendly!
    • Great design
    • versatile

    This synthetic leather Bob Marley wallet is a sight to behold! This truly unique wallet features magnetic closure for ease of access and a truly unique, artistic design with Bob Marley’s face and “One Love”. This particular wallet can double as a clutch purse or a tobacco case. To find more information on this amazing and unique product, as well as related products, click the link below.


    DKGFNK Unique Rasta Theme Lion Head Trifold Wallet/Clutch - $35.30

     DKGFNK Unique Rasta Theme Lion Head Trifold Wallet
    • Versatile
    • Great look
    • Unique design
    • Great price

    This great, unique rasta-themed wallet features an artistic sketch of the famous rasta lion, often synonymous with Bob Marley, in full rasta colors. The large design spreads across the entire outside of the wallet. This trifold is large enough to double as a clutch. Of all the related products on this list, we find this one to be the most truly versatile in design. It features several pockets, ID pocket, metal clasps, and space enough to place something like your phone inside.


    BJjiayu Rasta Bob Marley Lion Mobile Phone Card Wallet - $7.99

     BJjiayu Rasta Bob Marley Lion Mobile Phone Card Wallet
    • Turns your phone into a wallet
    • Attaches easily to the back of the phone
    • Convenient
    • Affordable

    This is by far the most convenient if least related, of the products on this list. This unique card wallet is designed to stick via adhesive to the back of your cell phone or phone case. People typically only use these types of wallets for their credit cards and ID, but as long as it fits (appointment cards, folded up cash), there’s no reason you can’t use this to store it! You’ll be so content with the simplicity of this design and the handiness of this product. Never forget your wallet again with this great new product!


    Lakhays Men’s Rasta Reggae Bifold Hemp/Cotton Wallet - $12

     Lakhays Men’s Rasta Reggae Bifold Hemp
    • Affordable
    • Easy to use
    • Lightweight 
    • Sustainably made

    This small hemp/cotton bifold is more related to the style people typically think of when they think of a hemp wallet. This one features a simple rasta stripe down the middle, and other than that is classic and simple. It’s lightweight, small, environmentally-friendly, sustainably made, and the price is great too! It’s conveniently available on Amazon’s site, so if you’d like more information, click the link below.



    We hope you’ve found the wallet you’re after or at least one that’s so closely related as to make you content. We kept the price of all our Bob Marley wallets to a minimum, as to make them friendly to all budgets. If you didn’t find the Marley wallet of your dreams through our content, don’t worry; there are many other results that didn’t quite make the cut for us; you may just have a more unique style! 

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