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10 Best CBD Pain Freeze in the World Right Now!

Best CBD Pain Freeze

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve certainly heard about CBD products and their many forms and uses. It’s edible, smokable, dab-able, and you can even apply some products right to your skin. We’re using CBD for physical pain, improved sleep, mental health, medical condition, and even digestive health.

When it comes to CBD pain relief, Hemp Bombs Pain Freeze is one of the biggest names in the game. Hemp Bombs CBD earned the top spot on our list with good reason, but there are so many incredible CBD products available today that you should try using several before deciding which is best for your pain freeze needs. 

What is CBD Pain Freeze?

CBD pain freeze is a sort of catchall term for CBD and hemp-infused topical creams and salves that include a cooling medicine as well (like menthol). It’s applied directly to your aching muscles and goes to work immediately, with the CBD relaxing your muscles while the “pain freeze” starts to ease your aches with a cooling effect (it’s easy to see how Hemp Bombs Pain Freeze found its way to popularity with a name and effect like that).


Hemp Bombs Pain Freeze - $39.99

  • Fantastic relief
  • Easy to use
  • Top-quality hemp

In the CBD pain freeze world, Hemp Bombs CBD pain freeze is the biggest name around. Their products didn’t gain fame for anything. These products use CBD and natural cooling agents to ease your aches and pains. Just apply Hemp Bombs CBD right where it hurts. 

If you’re new to using CBD products, or just pain freeze in general, we recommend starting with a smaller dose (about a “finger-full”) first. If this isn’t enough for your needs, you can always increase the dosage as you go on. With Hemp Bombs CBD pain freeze you can even use it up to four times per day!


cbdMD Topical Freeze CBD - $69.99

  • High strength
  • Convenient formats
  • Made from USA Hemp

While Hemp Bombs pain freeze CBD may be the biggest name right in CBD pain freeze now, those are certainly not the only CBD pain freeze products we’re using. cbdMD Topical Freeze CBD offers extremely high-quality full-spectrum CBD extract in fairly high-strength products. The third-party-tested CBD is guaranteed THC-free and full of the medicinal CBD you need to soothe your aching muscles or ease your medical condition. 

Unlike Hemp Bombs pain freeze, this pain freezes CBD is available in the more traditional lotion form and a more convenient roll-on ball. They even offer strengths up to 1,500mg of CBD per bottle, so you’re sure to find relief when you use these great products. 


Just CBD Freeze Roll-on Pain Relief Cream - $47.99

  • Best CBD isolate
  • Convenient roll-on
  • Dries quickly

Another of our absolute favorite names in CBD products is Just CBD. They have a history of making some of the best CBD products in the industry, and this CBD pain freeze is no exception to that greatness. You can choose strengths between 200 and 350mg of their 99.9% CBD to isolate combined with cooling menthol and hydrating oils. Give this one a try paired with your favorite massage oil for an extra-relaxing, pain-free day.


Infinite CBD NANO Freezing Point Cream - $29

  • Best “freeze” CBD
  • Affordable
  • Highest bioavailability

Infinite CBD is another of our favorite names in CBD products. You’ll see why when you use this incredible pain freeze CBD cream. The NANO CBD isolate in this product gives it the highest bioavailability of any CBD pain freeze on the market. This product is safe you use as many times per day as needed, but it’s so good we doubt your pain will last beyond one application. 

Unlike Hemp Bombs pain freeze, this CBD Topicals pain freeze also includes other cooling agents to provide you with even more relief. Peppermint oil, camphor oil, and eucalyptus oil all join forces with menthol to give you the most relief possible. Just make sure you don’t rub your eyes right after you apply it!


Social CBD Cooling Mint Muscle Balm Stick  - $39.99

  • Convenient
  • Great cooling effect
  • Helps ease pain

This awesome CBD stick packs 400mg of CBD into a convenient package to easily take care of your pain-needs. Whether it’s from a chronic medical condition or just exhaustion from a good workout, you can rest assured when you use this CBD that your pain will subside. This is another pain freeze which uses ingredients beyond just menthol in its formulae, such as peppermint oil and moisturizing eucalyptus oil. 


Medterra CBD Rapid Cooling Cream - $56.98

  • Light and non-greasy
  • Various strengths
  • Can use several times per day

This is another great choice for your CBD pain relief needs, especially for athletes and others that put a lot of strain on their muscles. This non-greasy cream will cool and relieve your pain so that you can recover and be your best again faster. This CBD pain freeze comes in strengths up to 500mg so you can find something strong enough to cure what ails you. It even includes arnica and menthol to give you maximum pain relief.


CBDistillery Cooling Topical Relief Stick - $26.99

  • Full-spectrum relief
  • Soothes muscles
  • Great price

CBDistillery is sure to ease your pain with this incredible full-spectrum CBD pain relief stick. Using this pain freeze CBD product will soothe and moisturize your skin as it cools and relaxes your most troubled muscles and joints. This is one of our favorite hemp products for use after a workout.


Dr. Kerklaan Cooling CBD Spray - $75.98

  • Great for back pain
  • Quick-drying
  • Full-spectrum CBD

This awesome CBD pain relief spray is packed with 120mg of CBD from American-grown hemp. This is one of the best products to use if you have pain over a broad area since it’s easy to spray on and absorbs quickly. This is one of the few products that doesn’t use menthol for cooling, using eucalyptus and spearmint oil instead. 


Hemp Bombs Pain Freeze CBD High Potency  - $79.99

  • Best CBD pain relief
  • Lab-tested quality
  • Strongest Hemp Bombs CBD

We couldn’t make a top 10 list for CBD pain freeze products without getting back to Hemp Bombs CBD at least once more. This product is over twice as strong as the original Hemp Bombs pain freeze CBD and over four times stronger than some other hemp rubs, containing a whopping 1,000mg of CBD pain relief per jar. Hemp Bombs pain freeze gets taken to a whole new level with this high-potency formula. Of course, as with all CBD products, use this sparingly at first and increase dosage as necessary.


CBD Essence Sport Hot Muscle Rub - $55

  • Pleasant warming effect
  • Great smell
  • Non-greasy

If all this cooling relief just hasn’t eased your aches, consider trying this awesome CBD pain relief rub. Instead of a cooling effect, it offers a warming sensation from the addition of capsaicin (the chemical that makes peppers spicy). Using CBD can always provide some muscle relief, but the addition of heat can really take your relief to the next level. 



Whatever your pain needs, these awesome CBD products are sure to provide you with some relief and get you back to your best life. Of course, we would always recommend Hemp Bombs pain freeze, but there are so many other fabulous CBD products available that it’s definitely worth trying a few and finding what works best for you. If you’re already using Hemp Bombs CBD and want to look further into the world of hemp, try searching these topics:

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  • Where is Biofreeze from?
  • What is hemp freeze?


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