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10 best clear cones in the world right now!

10 best clear cones in the world right now!

We’ve all had our fair share of blunts, joints, and all sorts of other forms of paper-based smoking. They come in a ton of flavors, from fruity tooty to pina colada to something simply called “The Purple Unknown.” But perhaps the coolest of all smoking paper innovations is the new wave of clear papers. That’s right: clear!

These innovative new papers are all the rage. You can load them up with your favorite herb, and then see inside it while you smoke! It’s great for showing off to your friends as well. But you’ve surely got some questions about these awesome, modern papers. 

Are clear rolling papers healthy?

In short, yes. There are no further health concerns when smoking clear papers as opposed to traditional paper. But what are clear cones made out of? Well, generally they’re a form of naturally derived cellulose (often derived from cotton). The final form is basically a long chain of sugars, so feel free to throw your favorite dry herbs in these innovative see-through papers and smoke up.

What if I don’t normally roll papers?

Smoking papers have been around practically as long as smoking itself. Rolling a nice cone for weed has become a skill passed from smoker to smoker, generation after generation. But nowadays, in our rat-race lives, not everyone has the time to sit and roll their favorite smokeable. That’s where pre-rolled cones come into play.

Pre-rolled cones are joint papers that have already been rolled around filter tips. They come out of the package ready to be loaded and smoked, so you don’t have to take the time to roll it yourself. Just grind up your herb, sprinkle it into the cone, and gently pack to your desired size. 

There are a ton of different pre-rolled cones available these days. There are all sorts of different size cones, different flavors, and even pre-rolled clear cones! These are some of our favorite selections from this cool new smoking paper.


Cyclones Pre-rolled Unflavored Clear Cones

  • Best natural taste experience
  • Smokes even and slowly
  • Great price

In the world of clear cones, Cyclones clear cones are the top dog. Even with all the flavors available, our favorite cones were the unflavored ones. This gave us the best, most natural smoking experience. Use these to combine the classic taste of a joint with the new-age ability to see right through the paper.


Cyclones Pre-rolled Chill Clear Cones

  • Super low price
  • Delicious cinnamon flavor
  • Made in the united states

Sometimes you may just want a new taste in your daily smoke session. Cyclones clear cones offer a ton of flavors to break up the routine. These particular cone for weed have the slightly spicy taste of cinnamon to really liven up your joint. Pack a cone and enjoy it on a cool Autumn evening. 


Trip Clear Rolling Papers

  • Best clear rolling paper
  • Low price
  • Easy to use

Ok, these aren’t pre-rolled, but they smoke so nice we had to include them. Made of cellulose, these clear papers can still be rolled into a perfect cone before you pack it with the herb. If you have the time, definitely try these natural papers. 


C-Thru Transparent Rolling Papers

  • Great for big smoke sessions
  • Low price
  • Huge size

While we’re talking about clear papers, we’ve got to include these. The size of these papers may be the coolest part. They’re big enough to roll your own see-through blunt! Made of natural cellulose, these papers are also 100% biodegradable. Even being large in size, these papers are small in price.


RAW 5-stage Rawket Natural Cones - $5.25

  • Convenient sizes
  • Unique
  • Great name

Although they may not be clear, these cones are all-natural and way too cool to pass up. RAW has long been known for making some of the best cones. This particular package just takes them to the next level. 

In one package, you get every size of cone imaginable. Specifically, 5 sizes ranging from 1 ¼ to the enormous 12-inch supernatural! Jump into this Rawket and enjoy the best cones for your herb.


Cones 1 ¼ Cone Pro Bundle - $7.75

  • Awesome tool
  • Great price
  • Comes with cones

While the cones that come in this bundle may be paper, the real star of this show is the Cone Artist tool that comes with it. This handy little tool makes it easier and faster to load up your favorite cones (you can even use it with Cyclones clear cones!), and it helps prevent spillage as you do so. At a killer price, this cone bundle is one you’ll want to purchase for certain.


Glass Cellulose Papers - $1.75

  • Smooth smoking
  • Solid price
  • Easy to roll

One more clear paper while we’re at it. These are some of the best natural papers around, producing very little ash and giving you smooth hits every time. They may not be cones, but you can always use a filter tip to get a perfect cone. King size is our preference for a fat cone, but using any size of these papers will certainly be a great time.


Skunk Organic Hemp Cone - $3.75

  • Best organic cones
  • Perfect size
  • Great price

These cones are for the true hippie. All-natural, 100% organic, and easy to load whatever size joint you want. Just grab a cone, get your herb, and enjoy your smoke session. When you purchase these, you can rest assured knowing your cones were made in the United States.


Cyclones Blakk Widow - $1.09

  • Unique black cone
  • Perfect size
  • Low price

We couldn’t help but mention one more favorite from Cyclones. These cones may sound scary, but they’re one of the best flavors available. With a black cone and bright red tip, these cones are sure to get attention.


The Glass Blunt Store Twisted Glass Blunt - $49.99

  • Reasonable price
  • Reusable
  • Works like a cone

So what if you just don’t want to spend countless dollars on more and more wraps, always making sure you have them in stock or learning to roll a cone? The glass blunt is the answer to your wants. For a one-time purchase, you can have a “cone” available 24/7. Get your friends when you smoke this piece - you’re gonna want to show it off. 



Cones come in all sorts of sizes and flavors these days (What is Pimperschnaps?), and clear cones have got to be some of the coolest. Cyclone clear cones definitely stand out in this field, but with all the other clear papers available, you can roll your own cones with the same cool see-through effect. And if using paper after paper isn’t your thing, you can always opt for a glass blunt and have a reusable version. If you’ve already tried all the cones out there, consider researching these topics for more new smoking experiences:

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