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10 best Weed eyedrops for stoners on Amazon

Best Eyedrops for Stoners

It’s easier than ever to get your hands on top-shelf bud, and there are more ways to enjoy it than ever before. Whether it’s OG Trainwreck, White Widow, or even the now-famous Pineapple Express, today’s weed is higher quality than ever before. But what are the best weed eyedrops? While we can’t complain about the phenomenal availability and quality of modern cannabis, we have to make our busy lives work around the improved smoke sessions. That’s where these eye drops come into play.

How do you get rid of red eye fast?

Imagine it: You just sat down and smoked a bowl in your brand-new helix. The red eyes and giggles have started creeping in. You’re about to put on your favorite TV show when suddenly the phone rings and you’re called into work. You get cleaned up, get ready for work, and see yourself in the mirror, completely red-eyed. But you don’t worry, because you’ve got some of the best weed eyedrops that will clear up those red eyes in no time!


Rhoto Max Strength Redness Relief - $14.97

  • Best redness relief
  • Great 3-pack deal
  • Cooling effect

If you’re looking for guaranteed clear eyes every time, this is the one for you. Rhoto will clear up even the reddest of eyes and comes with a soothing cooling effect as well. Use these about 15 minutes before you need to be clear-eyed; this one takes a second to work, but it will clear your eyes up like no other! Rhoto remains among the best weed eyedrops money can buy.


Lumify Redness Reliever - $16.31

  • Fast-acting
  • Works great
  • Long-lasting

If you need your eyes to clear up right now (like, RIGHT now), these eye drops will do the trick. This is the only one on the market that use the active ingredient brimonidine, which works to alleviate red eyes. It works in a minute or less, so you can clear up your red eyes anytime you need to in a flash. Busy stoners out there, get a bottle of these and you can smoke worry-free. 


Clear Eyes Maximum Redness Relief 3-pack - $11.99

  • Fantastic price
  • Comfortable to use
  • Great red eye relief

When it comes to picking the weed eyedrops, Clear Eyes has been a top competitor for years and years, and with good reason. The name says it all: use these if you want clear eyes. They’re simple, effective, and don’t provide the same cooling effect as some other products (which some people consider to be more of a burning sensation than a cooling one). If you want a simple fix for your red eyes, use Clear Eyes.


Visine Advanced Redness Relief - $1.99

  • Time-tested formula
  • Unbeatable price
  • Lubricating comfort

Another of the longtime trusted names in eye drops is Visine. They’ve been making eye drops for decades, and their redness reliever line of products shows what years of practice can produce. You can always use Visine to clear up your red eye quick, making it one of the best weed eyedrops that you can find on short notice.


Bausch + Lomb Advanced Redness Relief - $23.03

  • Powerful medicine
  • Money-saving 2-pack
  • Long-lasting relief

Offering their highest strength medicine, this is another powerful redness reliever. It can even help with irritation from all sorts of common allergens. Just use one to two drops twice daily, and you’ll be clear all day. It’s worth mentioning at this point that, as is true with all of these products, applying too much/too often can actually increase redness, so always make sure to read the instructions and use as directed.


Similisan Redness Relief Drops - $6.99

  • Natural
  • Affordable
  • Not harsh

If you’re looking for something all-natural that will cure your red eyes, look no further than this homeopathic medicine. These offer the same relief for your eyes, but it doesn’t use any of the harsh vasoconstrictors that constrict blood vessels and can raise blood pressure. As with most of these products, you should remove your contacts before applying them. Your red eyes have met their match in this all-natural relief. 


Naphcon-A Eye Drops - $12.05

  • Allergy relief
  • Antihistamine
  • Still clears red eye

Sometimes red eyes from smoking aren’t just caused by getting high. Sometimes it’s due to allergic reactions to the weed itself (or something it was grown near, like certain house pets). If you don’t just get red eyes from smoking, and always find yourself with itchy, watery eyes after a few hits, you may very well suffer from these allergies. But worry not, because these are one of the best weed eyedrops around to relieve your symptoms and get you back to enjoying your buzz.


Systane Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops - $16.76

  • Relieving lubrication
  • Soothes irritation
  • Fast-acting

Another reason we get red eyes sometimes is simply that the smoke dries our eyes out. We sit in this big cloud and walk away with dry, irritated eyes. If this sounds familiar, give these lubricating weed eyedrops a shot. They’re one of the best artificial tears on the market, and your eyes will thank you for the relief.

Clear Eyes Triple Action - $13.74

  • Fixes multiple problems
  • Money-saving 3-pack
  • 12-hour relief

Maybe this all sounds familiar to the experienced stoners out there. The redness, the irritation, the dryness. You can relieve your eyes of all these symptoms if you use this triple-acting eye medicine. Clear Eyes Triple Action will clear your red eye, relieve your itching and irritation, and lubricate your dry eyes all at once. 


Similasan Complete Eye Relief - $15.99

  • Multi-Symptom relief
  • Gentle on eyes
  • Natural

If you also thought all those symptoms sounded familiar but prefer to get clear eyes using an all-natural product, check out this awesome product from Similasan. These weed eyedrops will relieve you of the same red eyes, dryness, and irritation as Clear Eyes Triple Action, but it does so using homeopathic medicine. Use these to clear up your eyes the all-natural way.





Whether we go for the highest power lab-made medicine or the all-natural homeopathic fix, stoners can always use good eye drops. Your eyes will thank you for the lubricating relief, and you’ll be glad later when you don’t get any criticism for your red eyes. It’s important to note that if you have contact lenses, you’ll generally want to remove them before applying eye drops. The best weed eyedrops in your case depends on what interacts with your eyes the best.

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