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10 Best Hemp Beers in the World Right Now

10 Best Hemp Beers in the World Right Now

What is hemp Beer?

Hemp beer brands incorporate many parts of the hemp plant, including hemp seeds, hemp hearts, hemp leaves or infusion with hemp oil. These hemp components include terpenes that enhance the flavor of beer and give it a dank aroma. 

Hemp beer that doesn’t contain THC won’t get you high. Also, there’s no notable interaction between alcohol and CBD, except that you may get tired a little faster. Below are our favorites on the market right now! 


New Belgium The Hemperor HPA - $10.99 6PK 

  • New Belgium is part of 1% for the Planet (environmentally conscious)
  • High ABV
  • The super dank aroma and taste

New Belgium Brewing has created the happiest of hemp beers. New Belgium Brewing Hemperor HPA recreates hemp terpene flavors in The Hemperor beer by infusing the beer with hemp seed. A very light golden ale, New Belgium’s Hemperor HPA is sweet with a mild bitter finish (IBU is 55) and packs a punch with an ABV of 7.0%. 


Lagunitas Hifi Hops - $8 per 12oz can

  • Zero-cal
  • Light and refreshing
  • Non-alcoholic and still potent

Lagunitas Hifi Hops is made in collaboration with AbsoluteXtracts to make these sparkling waters brewed with hemp offer three different ratios of CBD to THC including 0mg: 10mg, 5mg: 5mg and 18mg: <2mg. They are non-alcoholic, zero-carb, and zero-calorie! These beverages can only be found in CA and CO dispensaries, so you will have to visit their website to see if they’re available in your area. 


Hemptails - $8.99 4PK

  • the great taste of hemp without getting high
  • Delicious natural flavor
  • Low sugar

These malty little numbers are infused with hemp hearts and contain no THC or CBD. It’s 8% ABV and is gluten-free. You can find them on their website or nationwide in every liquor store. There are three flavors - all equally mouthwatering: Passionfruit Express, Hemp’d, and Citrus Gold. 


Humboldt Brewing Brown Hemp Ale - $8.99 6PK

  • Unique toasty flavor
  • Sessionable: 5.0% ABV
  • Award-winning

Humboldt Brewing Company is a unique hemp flavored beer. This hemp ale beer is brewed with toasted hemp seeds and contains no psychoactive ingredients. Roots Hemp Ale focuses more on the taste and aroma of the brew and uses toasted hemp hearts (hemp seeds) to accent its natural deliciousness - super unique compared to many other hemp beer recipes. 


Easy Times IPA - $68.21 24PK

  • Low alcohol
  • High CBD content
  • Well balanced
  • Tastes delicious

This low-calorie hemp-infused beer is low alcohol and contains 8mg CBD. This is the same dose you’d get from a nasal spray or tincture! It’s super hoppy and has mouth-watering, tropical aromas of pineapple and grapefruit with malt and slight bitterness. A perfectly hopped and malty beer, Easy Times Hemp IPA is perfect for any time you need a pick-me-up! 


High Style Pale Haze - Price Varies: check availability near you

  • Full beer taste without the alcohol
  • Elevated high
  • Low calorie

Pale Haze is nonalcoholic. Thank goodness, because each 12oz bottle contains 10mg of THC! Sure to give you an uplifting high in a bottle - this cannabis-infused treat has only 50 calories and is formulated to create an elevating and refreshing experience. This is perfect for those who want to enjoy hemp beers without the hangover. High Style’s products may not be available in your state.


Two Roots Enough Said Craft Lager - $11.99 6PK

  • Contains essential B-12 vitamin
  • Contains 5mg THC 
  • Sessionable
  • Only 70 calories

Two Roots Brewing Company is rooted firmly in German tradition, making this helles lager a true craft beverage. It’s nonalcoholic and low calorie. Enough Said is clean, refreshing, and rich in B12 and electrolytes for a little energy boost. The Enough Said Lager is made exclusively with Pilsner Malt and Hallertau Hops.  


New Frontier Brewing Cannabis Infused Beer - $6 per can

  • Highly crafted
  • Unique hemp brewed beer
  • Nonalcoholic cannabis brew
  • Pesticide-free cannabis

New Frontier Brewing is the world’s first cannabis brewery! Their beer is nonalcoholic and uses pesticide-free and high-quality cannabis. They aim to bring elements of science and art to brew this world-class beer. Despite not containing any alcohol, this beer retains the complex aromas and flavors you’d expect from a regular craft beer with 5mg THC in each can. 


Ceria Brewing Co. Indiwave IPA - $11 per 12oz can

  • Contains 10mg CBD
  • Only 99 calories per can
  • Light, smooth and hoppy
  • No alcohol

Unique among other beers enhanced using hemp, this dealcoholized IPA contains 10mg THC and CBD per 12oz can! Indiwave IPA’s hops (Cascade, Amarillo, and Citra) are well balanced with caramel malts for a light, smooth and citrusy flavor. Because it’s so darn drinkable, we recommend mindfully pacing yourself! This beer is not available in all states, so check Ceria’s website for availability near you. 


Green Times CBD Session IPA - $45.47 12PK

  • 10mg CBD per can
  • Gluten-free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Organic cannabis extract

Green Times Brewing’s High Flyer Session IPA has an ABV of 4.3% and is infused with cannabis oil and brewed with organic hops. All of their beers are gluten-free and vegan friendly! You can relax while drinking this hemp beer can, not only because of its CBD content but also because Green Times Brewing is eco-responsible and plants a tree for each case they sell to support the Eden Reforestation Project



Humans have been brewing beer for thousands of years and using cannabis for even longer. Finally, we have discovered the perfect combo: beer brewed with hemp. Without the use of hemp in beer, we wouldn’t have these dank, elevating, and refreshing brews. There’s a hemp beer for everyone, not just hopheads! Have you tried any of these beers? Let us know in the comments!