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Best Hemp Hearts Granola Brands

Best Hemp Hearts Granola Brands

What is hemp granola?

The main difference between hemp granola vs regular granola is the addition of extra protein, omega-3’s and minerals from cannabis seeds. They don’t really change the flavor of the best granola brands, though they are a bit nutty. Hemp hearts are packed with healthy fats that are good for your heart and brain. Most are naturally sweetened with maple or oat syrup. Some contain a little sea salt to reach the perfect balance between salty and sweet. 

Is hemp granola gluten-free? 

Some hemp hearts granolas use only seeds and rolled oats and are gluten free, while others may contain grains that are not gluten free. Be sure to read their nutritional facts carefully. It should be noted that even if they don’t incorporate gluten-containing ingredients, some best granola brands may not be processed in a gluten free facility. Those with gluten allergies should be extra careful in choosing a granola (or any) product!

Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you. Whether you’re looking for cereal, a yogurt topping, or just a regular snack with a health boost, the best granola brands on our list are sure to satisfy any time!


Something to Crow About - $10

  • It’s 82% nuts and seeds
  • It has only 3.9g sugar per serving
  • includes tasty freeze-dried Black Doris Plums
  • Strikes the perfect balance of salty and sweet

Something to Crow About’s grain-free breakfast hemp hearts granola is made with almonds, walnuts and hemp seeds baked into a crumble with Black Doris Plums and a touch of maple syrup. You can pour some on your yogurt or eat it straight from the bag! It’s high in protein (19%) and low in carbs. This breakfast contains no preservatives, is gluten-free, has no refined sugar, and is vegan and paleo-friendly!


Nature’s Path Hemp Hearts Granola - $4.99

  • 6g protein per serving
  • High in fiber
  • Contains several superfoods
  • Low sodium
  • Lower price than most

This hemp hearts granola recipe is a good source of ALA Omega-3, fiber, and protein. An exemplary granola Nature’s Path is certified USDA organic and contains healthy, whole ingredients. Its delicious oat clusters are free from artificial flavors and colors. It also contains flax seeds, brown rice flour, oat syrup solids, sea salt, and molasses.


Sprouted Organic Granola Coco Crunch - $9.99

  • Delicious cocoa flavor
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Most seeds are sprouted 
  • Good on yogurt, smoothie bowls, and even icecream!

This best granola brand contains healthy ingredients like sprouted buckwheat, dates, sprouted sunflower seeds, cannabis hearts, cacao, and Celtic sea salt. It has 4g of protein per serving and is a good source of iron. The delicious chocolate flavor will make you feel like you’re eating dessert for breakfast! Who knew superfoods could be so delectable? This raw vegan snack is made in the USA and is sure to make breakfast time your favorite time!


Manitoba Harvest Hemp Yeah! Organic Granola Honey & Oats - $4.51

  • Kosher and Vegetarian
  • non-GMO and USDA Organic
  • High in protein
  • Naturally sweetened with honey

Manitoba Harvest’s hemp hearts granola has 10g of protein per serving and 3.5g of omega-3 and omega-6. It’s non-GMO and contains premium ingredients like chia seeds, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, and Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts. You can add this granola hemp cereal to smoothies and yogurt or eat it right out of the pack for a nutritious snack!


Grandy Oats Super Hemp Blend Coconola - $8.99

  • Unique cannabis heart granola 
  • Grain-free means gluten-free!
  • Made in a solar-powered bakery
  • Contains cannabis powder for added hempy protein

This hemp flax granola is gluten-free, Fair Trade, organic, and paleo. It’s made in small batches in their solar-powered bakery to guarantee superior quality granola that is packed with protein. It contains coconut, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds, and a kiss of maple syrup. Organic Hemp and Flax Granola - $7.99

  • Good source of protein
  • All-natural
  • Available in bulk
  • Full of minerals like zinc and magnesium

This hemp flax granola is packed with protein and omega-3’s. It’s organic and all-natural so you can start your action-packed day with a hearty breakfast. This granola cereal contains healthy ingredients like rolled oats, brown rice crisps, flaxseed and cannabis hearts. The cheapest granola on this list, it’s only $7.99 for a whole pound! You can even buy a 25lb case. With 6g of protein per serving, this hemp protein granola will make any yogurt a delicious snack.


Purely Elizabeth Blueberry Hemp Ancient Grain Granola - $6.99

  • Nutrient-dense ingredients 
  • Ancient grains used by Aztec warriors
  • Dried blueberries make it a great yogurt topping
  • Gluten-free and vegan

Purely Elizabeth’s Ancient Grain Granola’s salty-sweet hemp hearts granola clusters are packed with nutrient-dense ingredients like chia seeds, cannabis hearts, quinoa, and amaranth. It is gluten-free and vegan friendly, as well as non-GMO. Baked with coconut oil and sweetened with low-glycemic coconut sugar, this bag of happiness will make the perfect snack for any time of day! The dried blueberries are a great addition to the rolled oats and hemp hearts. 


One Degree Organic Foods Sprouted Honey Hemp Granola - $5.50

  • Sprouted
  • GMO and gluten-free
  • 100% transparency and traceable
  • Good source of manganese and phosphorus
  • Hemp granola calories are low

This ethically sourced granola is sure to make your morning better! The lightly sweetened oat and hemp hearts granola recipe are supplemented with rolled oats and sprouted brown rice to give you 4g of protein and 3g of fiber per ⅓ cup serving! Compared to other granola, calories are low in this recipe so you can feel great about eating your fill. Ingredients are only sourced from farmers they know who use exclusively plant-based methods of cultivation.


Nature’s Path Hemp Plus Granola - $3.99

  • 10g whole grains
  • 5g fiber
  • Low sodium
  • non-GMO and organic
  • Made with whole grains

This awesome best hemp granola is made with whole grains and seeds for a protein-packed breakfast rich in fiber. It contains flax seeds, molasses, sea salt, brown rice flour, and of course, hemp seeds. Free of pesticides, artificial preservatives, additives, and GMOs, this granola is also non-GMO. The next time you need a good-for-you snack, grab a bowl of this tasty granola cereal. 


Living Intentions Activated Superfood Cereal - $8.94

  • Sprouted
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Nut-free
  • Good source of fiber

This banana-flavored granola with hemp is chock full of superfoods! It is enhanced with feel-good ingredients like cannabis protein, spirulina, dandelion, spinach, and alfalfa for extra heart-healthy fiber. It’s vegan, gluten and nut-free and even contains live probiotics! This granola is available in single packages and all the way up to a 12 pack so you can save more when you buy more! 



If you’re looking for granola rich in nutrients and fatty acids, try a product on this list! Besides being a protein-packed addition to your daily routine, hemp hearts granola nutrition facts are undeniable: cannabis hearts may reduce your risk of heart disease and could even benefit skin disorders. They are especially rich in vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and B vitamins. Whole hemp seeds are a superfood worthy of their reputation. 

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