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10 best hemp hats, caps and beanies you wish you owned!

10 best hemp hats, caps and beanies you wish you owned!

We’re adding more and more hemp to our wardrobes and kicking the old nylon and polyester to the curb (well, to the recycling plant, but same idea). Whether it’s a new hemp baseball hat or some hemp socks to keep your feet comfy and healthy, there are so many incredible ways to introduce more hemp into your daily wardrobe. Every bit of hemp you wear means one less piece of harmful plastic pollutants that need to be manufactured. We’ve scoured the market and the search is over; these are the best hemp hats around!


CHARM Hemp Beanie - $24.71

 CHARM Hemp Beanie
  • Classic style
  • Fair price
  • Free Shipping

Of all the styles that may come to mind when you think of hemp hats, this has to be the most immediate and obvious one. The classic baggy beanie is just one of those iconic hats, particularly when it comes to the world of hemp. Now you can get your old school stoner wear in modern, sustainable form with this trendy, all hemp hat. Size runs true to measurement, so there’s no need to adjust for the right fit.


Hemp Golf Cap Sun Visor - $25

 Hemp Golf Cap Sun Visor
  • 100% organic
  • Cotton-free
  • Comfy and lightweight

This classic visor style cap is one of our favorite all natural hemp products. Made from high quality, 100% organic vegan hemp, this hat is also UV proof and ultra breathable, so you’re protected from the sun without being trapped in a sweaty headband. This is one of the best hats to give as a gift to the outdoors enthusiast in your life. It can even be waterproofed and stain-proofed with a simple wax application!


Manakamana Hemp Straw Hat - $25

 Manakamana Hemp Straw Hat
  • Stylish
  • Breathable sun protection
  • Flexible hat size

While some of these hemp hats may be perfect for the professional-on-the-go, this is the perfect one to get you in touch with your inner beach bum. Although it claims to be a women’s hat, we think this is also one of the best hemp hats for men (don’t worry fellas, we won’t tell anyone). In addition to great sun protection, this hat has a flexible wire rim that can be shaped to fit your style (hemp cowboy hat, anyone?). Out of all the hemp straw hats, this is our number one choice.


Pageboy Hemp Caps - $30.97

 Pageboy Hemp Caps
  • Planet-friendly
  • Great price
  • Old school fashion

An icon in its own right, this is one of those hemp hats that you either love or hate. It’s got time-honored style but is made from modern sustainable hemp products. Not only is the fabric itself sustainable, but the hats are made free from any sweatshop labor and other abusive practices, so it’s harm-free from start to finish. Make sure you act fast - this is one of Rawganique’s most popular products and there’s just a small quantity available!


Tilley Hats Men's Hemp Hat - $55.25

 Tilley Hats Mens Hemp Hat
  • Perfect for outdoors
  • UPF 50+
  • Waterproof

These rugged hemp sun hats are perfect for avid hikers and farmhands alike. It offers an impressive 50+ UPF (the highest rating given to fabric like this!), so you can rest assured that you’ll be protected from harmful UV rays while you spend your days outside. The fabric is treated with waterproofing so you can even stave off the rain with these hemp bucket hats. What’s better is there’s a secret compartment inside; that means you can store your personal “hemp” stash in these hats without worry.


Irvine 100% Hemp Hat - $17.95

 Irvine 100% Hemp Hat
  • High quality fabric
  • Great price
  • Made in the USA

This classic knit cap is the perfect addition to your collection of hemp winter hats. Don’t have a collection yet? There’s no better place to start than this classic skull cap style, loose-knit hemp hat. The loose-knit is more breathable than typical ski caps, but still heavy enough to keep you warm without making you sweat. Please note that it doesn’t come in different colors, but the classic black knit will match almost any winter wardrobe.


Goorin Bros Hemp/Cotton Blend Fedora - $38.35

 Goorin Bros Hemp
  • Year-round fashion
  • The triple leather hat band
  • Free shipping

The fedora is so time-worn that it’s been in fashion as long as it’s been out of fashion. At this point, if you can rock a fedora, you can just go for it - fashion trends be damned. Between the old school style and trendy woven fabric, this hemp and organic cotton blend fedora are the meeting point of classic fashion and modern hipster chic.


Labrador Hemp Winter Hat - $17.95

 Labrador Hemp Winter Hat
  • Made from 100% hemp
  • Great price
  • Different colors available

While you’re building that collection of hemp hats (don’t forget to grab a sustainable baseball cap or hemp trucker hat for bonus points), check out this classic pom pom knit cap. This hat is made of 100% hemp, which means it’s environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced, unlike similar hats made with harmful plastics. The ribbed knit is perfectly cozy to keep you warm and comfortable all winter long.


Tilley Hemp Sun Hat - $95.90

 Tilley Hemp Sun Hat
  • Fashionable
  • High quality
  • Free Shipping

This is the peak of women’s fashion in hemp hats. It’s made from all-natural hemp, meaning you can wear the highest quality fashion-wear while knowing it’s made responsibly and sustainably. As with all these great products, please make sure you check your size before ordering since they all run true to size.


Hemp Spartan Hat - $19.95

 Hemp Spartan Hat
  • Perfect winter hat
  • Responsibly made
  • Free shipping

We love this winter hat for snowboarding, tubing, skiing - pretty much any outdoor winter activity! The outer layer is made from 100% sustainably farmed hemp, and the backing is made from organic cotton. These products run just a little small, so please check the size chart to make sure you get the right size. Once you’ve figured out the right size, you can also enjoy free shipping with this great hat.



If you’ve been hunting for another spot in your wardrobe to add some more help to your life, your search is over with these great products. We’ve got you covered (literally) from winter to fall. If these weren’t enough to satisfy your hemp craze, check out these other topics on sustainable clothing:

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