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Best Marijuana T-Shirts: Elevate Your Style with Cannabis-Inspired Apparel

Best Marijuana T-Shirts

We’ve all seen the tired old red, green, and yellow t-shirts emblazoned with pot leaves and other weed symbols. There’s nothing wrong with representing your passion for stoner culture, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a fresh way to put some marijuana gear back in your wardrobe? We looked around for the best, freshest weed t-shirts, and the results are in. From incredible designs to shirts actually made from hemp, these are the best marijuana t-shirts around!


tees geek Keep It 420 T-shirt - $14.95

 tees geek Keep It 420 T-shirt
  • High-quality fabric
  • Durable printed design
  • True to size

We always keep it 420 here at Weed Republic. This new shirt design is the best way to update your wardrobe and make it clear what time it is in your world (as if the bloodshot eyes and giggling didn’t already give it away). This awesome weed shirt isn’t just a cool design either; it’s extremely well-made and durable, and actually runs true to size. Get one as a gift for the stoner in your life, but make sure to grab an extra - you’re gonna want one too!


Men’s Hotbox Tee - $29.99

 Men’s Hotbox Tee
  • Ultra soft cotton
  • Pre-shrunk
  • Awesome weed graphic

This design takes us back to the good old days, when smoking was practically a new experience every time we got to pass a joint in the back of the same old rust bucket. The graphic, with it’s oozing “Stoner Days” text and smoke-filled hippie van, is screen printed and just as vibrant as pictures would suggest. Make sure you get the size you want by checking the product sizing chart on their website. 


Faux Real Bud Bag T-shirt - $25.60

 Faux Real Bud Bag T-shirt
  • Awesome, unique design
  • High definition graphic
  • Machine washable

This has to be one of the best marijuana t-shirts we’ve ever seen. For that matter, it’s just one of the best shirts. You can now wear your favorite baggie - one that’s packed to the brim with weed - as a shirt. And it isn’t just a little baggie of weed printed on the front like some cheap novelty shirt. Oh no. This shirt turns every inch of your torso into a glorious, nug-filled weed baggie.


Ooze Spacemen’s T-shirt - $24.99

 Ooze Spacemen’s T-shirt
  • Parody of NASA logo
  • Different colors available
  • Comfortable

We all have that one friend that’s normally about three-dabs-too-deep at any given time of day. The stoner, the pothead, the space cadet - whatever you call them, they’re a walking homage to weed (hey, maybe you are that friend. No judgement here.). This shirt is the ideal product for that space cadet, coupling dab culture with NASA’s iconic logo. While most marijuana t-shirts stick to the classic bud and flower imagery, this modern shirt gives concentrate lovers the designs they want.


SR Marijuana Flag T-shirt - $8.98

 SR Marijuana Flag T-shirt
  • Clever graphic
  • Great price
  • Durable

While other stoners may wear Bob Marley gear and the Jamaican flag, you can wear these new shirts with a weed flag all their own. Between the joints as stripes and marijuana leaves as stars, it’s both an awesome weed design and a hilarious parody. The graphic is printed on the front only, so the back is just plain black. Some designs like this can appear smaller on larger size shirts, so keep that in mind as you shop.


Legalize It Blue Tie-dye Tee - $29.99

 Legalize It Blue Tie-dye Tee
  • Hippie vibes
  • Up to XXXL size
  • Comfy and preshrunk

This one really gets in touch with the inner hippie in all of us. The classic tie dye, the peace symbol, and the ever-popular “Legalize It” slogan all echo back to the days of Woodstock and jam bands. Make sure to look back at the size chart as you shop so you know what size will fit you.


Feelin Good Tees I Like Weed Tee - $12.99

 Feelin Good Tees I Like Weed Tee
  • Snarky
  • True to size
  • Affordable

If you love weed but can’t stand people, or if you just appreciate some good snarkiness, this is one of the best shirts around. Of all these great designs, this is easily the funniest (and possibly the most accurate, depending on your perspective). It’s available in a huge array of colors and fits true to size, so you can get a variety of shirts for you and a friend or two (y’know, the one or two friends you actually like).


Memetic healTHCare Tee - $13.99

 Memetic healTHCare Tee
  • Best medicinal marijuana shirt
  • Durable
  • Easy to size

The “miracle plant,” cure to many of life’s ailments, has long since been used as a medicinal aid. It may not fix everything, but it comes awfully close. If you get your medication in pre-rolled form, these marijuana shirts are just what you need to freshen up your look. The washing and drying instructions are simple, but make sure to consult them to get the best results.


Miami Beach Lightweight Hemp Tee - $49

 Miami Beach Lightweight Hemp Tee
  • Super comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Sustainably sourced

If you’ve already got marijuana shirts aplenty, an actual hemp t-shirt would be a great next “weed” shirt. These lightweight tees are made from sustainably, responsibly sourced hemp (yes, that hemp). This means they’re free from harmful plastics and chemicals, and will biodegrade much more quickly once you’ve worn them to your heart’s content. If you want to take your environmental activism to the next level, or if you just want a real “marijuana shirt,” this is a great option.


Wellen Hemp Tee - $26.98

 Wellen Hemp Tee
  • Alternative “marijuana” t-shirt
  • High-quality hemp
  • Perfect fit

While we’re looking at these alternative “weed” shirts, check out this awesome hemp tee. It’s made from a blend of hemp and organic cotton to give you a classic tee feel and improved durability, without sacrificing sustainability. The fit is relaxed but not baggy, so you have room to move around without looking like you borrowed your dad’s t-shirt. Try one on and we promise you’ll be content with the results. 



These shirts are the comfiest, coolest ways to bring a little weed back to your wardrobe, all without having to dig through piles of search results loaded with tired old stoner gear. You’ll definitely want to shop around and search through these awesome sites as you pick your favorite tees - they’ve got so much more incredible weed content and so many innovative products that we couldn’t begin to cover it all. Grab one of these great shirts and drop a comment below with your new gear!

Author bio:
Nick Branson is a writer and longtime smoker with a passion for science and education. His hope is to destigmatize the use of marijuana, both medicinally and recreationally.