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Best Odor-Proof Storage Bags & Containers on Amazon - 2023 Guide

 Best odor proof storage bags & containers

What is the best smell proof container?

Lots of different brands have branched out into odor proof storage. If you are on the go, you need a light but secure smell proof jar. If you are wanting to do one of those awkward car journeys with mom and dad, take extra care to have an airtight container. 

We have another article which instead focuses on odor-proof stash bags, this article will focus on glass jars and other containers like bags which stop the smell of your favorite herbs from escaping from your pocket into the nose of unwanted smellers. It’s a difficult world out there for us stoners right now, and although it’s getting better all the time, we still have a long way to go before we can openly smoke our herbs.

Generally, smokers don’t want to be hassled. It's the last thing on our to-do-list right? Most smell proof containers generally cover an odor, but when it comes to discreteness, we want the best for our readers. Check out our comprehensive list of the very best odor proof storage units.

What will you find in this article?

  • 5 different types of storage containers, including a UV resistant black jar, smell-proof baggies, a classic mason jar, a smell proof stash bag, and a vacuum-sealed container.

  • High-quality products to help you smoke on the go

  • More in-depth information about which type of storage is best for your needs

  • Some general information about hybrids, sativas, and indicas

#1  The best smell proof storage on Amazon

KOZO Smell Proof Stash Jar 

  • Discreet - Kozo is specifically designed to have a black glass stash container that is secure for both your herbs and for yourself. It is UV protected, and has an airtight lid, which allows you to make sure that all of the odor. This smell-proof jar holds up to 1oz of herbs, coffee, spices, and anything else. This can also be used to store coffee, or anything else really.
  •  Enhancing - The Kozo has a 2-way humidifier which not only keeps your herbs fresh, it makes them fresher than normal. It’s without any effort, so gain this wonderful pro with no extra effort. The packet is created from water and natural salts, meaning that there are no awful chemicals ruining the flavor of your favorite herbs.
  • Quality - These containers are made of glass, but they’re really tough and hard to break. Kozo was aware of peoples’ needs when they created this product, and have tailored it perfectly to meet the standards of every stoner. Smoke on-the-go with little worry about your product inside. These jars are big enough to fit up to an ounce, depending on the size you buy. 

Kozo created this product with stoners in mind. They are a well-known brand in the marijuana space, and they know what needs to be done. Their products are al built for stoners, and therefore this product is perfect for all levels of different stoners. We recommend that you pick yourself up a stash jar for a number of reasons which we will go into later on in the article, but for now just be aware that you need a high-quality one. The Kozo stash jar is not just a stash jar, it is made from solid black glass to filter out any unwanted UV light, it’s airtight, it has a tight-fitting lid, and it’s discreet. If you have a glass jar, you can see what is inside. The Kozo eliminates this possibility, and it’s the reason we recommend it as our number one.


25 Smell Proof Bags - by Interplanetary

  • 25 smell proof bags for only $9.97, fantastic value, and gives you enough bags to store 25 different strains
  • They’re not that small, 6 inches by 4 inches
  • Resistant to tears and moisture. A lot of bags like this will tear easily and are not resistant to moisture
  • Completely smell-proof, they have a heavy-duty zipper on them which means that they’re also food sealable for extra protection. Keeps your odors completely locked inside
  • Refund available when purchased through authorized sellers.


We wanted to give people different options on this list, so here we have some smell-proof bags, but not stash bags. These bags would be used by people who prefer to have more than one type of weed at a time. This is very common amongst a lot of stoners because weed has such a massively varied amount of effects. These bags are certainly not only bought by dealers, and we recommend picking up yourself some of these if you’re intending on smoking different strains. The problem with a stash jar for doing this same job is that you cannot necessarily separate your herbs, and so think about picking up yourself some smell-proof bags instead.

Mini Mason Jar 2 Ounce Container

mason jar

  • The cheapest option, cheap but cheerful and effective
  • Works as well as any of the other options, although it can break
  • Can be used for different things also, not just storing buds
  • You can see your weed inside, and you can easily get more than one

This article wouldn’t be complete without a mason jar. Mason jars are iconic when it comes to best odor proof storage, and unlike bags, these products allow you to store your favorite herbs and display them loudly and proudly from their bedroom and gives you an opportunity to show them off. Not only that, but mason jars are by far the cheapest method of finding odor proof storage. A smell proof case, for example, can cost you anywhere between $30-100, whereas a basic mason jar like this mini 2-ounce mason jar, costs only $7.97. This low price allows even the most on-budget stoner to get the smell-proof storage that they so desire. One of the biggest problems with these jars is that they break easily, so be careful if you’re buying for on-the-go smoking. If you need something more portable, we recommend taking a look at our best odor-proof case article or picking yourself up the Kozo or the smell-proof baggies we mentioned previously. 


# 4 A smell proof bag or stash bag 

RYNO Smell Proof Travel Stash Bag - Price $23.30

  • Easily conceals odor - No need to worry about any attention that your normally pungent-smelling herbs bring. This pouch has 4 layers of reinforced mesh material, with an activated carbon lining, for a fantastic way to store your herbs. Will keep the odor of even the most pungent smelling herbs inside.
  • Portable and easily stored -  Hold up to ½ an ounce securely and in a bag that is easily attached to other things, or simply held on your person.
  • Built to last - Durable materials are paired with quality materials sourced from the best suppliers, which is then reflected in the price. You’re paying for what you’re getting, and this bag definitely lives up to its higher price tag. It’s also resistant to wear, tears, environmental damage, punctures, and is even waterproof. 
  • Security - The bag has a locking feature, meaning that the bag is airtight, and cannot open by accident. These pouches are truly a peace of mind purchase for any diligent stoner.

This fantastic smell proof stash bag is small enough to stash easily anywhere on you while you’re out and about. The best thing about this bag is it’s not just a stash bag. With other containers you’re buying them for one reason and one reason only, but with a bag like this you’re simply buying a bag, which is smell-proof, but will also help protect your phone, etc. These are a really good alternative to glass ones, which as we said before can break. It doesn’t matter how tough the glass is, if you’re trying hard enough, you will be able to break it. This RYNO bag is built to last, it’s secure, traps all the various pungent smells which may emit from it, and you can even store your vaporizer inside while you’re mobile. 

One of the disadvantages of these stash bags is that you cannot store ground weed or kief inside them, but you can easily remedy this with either a grinder or by buying a plastic smell-proof bag to put your ground up herbs inside.



#5 Cheap and high quality

Tightvac - 1 oz to 6 ounces Storage Container 

  • A great product for camping, traveling, smoking, organizing, and much more. Particularly good is the fact that you can easily buy more than one.
  • It has a vacuum-sealed container
  • The cap is very easy to use, it’s simply a button.
  • Recognized by the NSF, which means that the product can be used for food companies, so for storing your herbs, you already know that the product is good.

The final product we’ve decided to include in this article is this vacuum-sealed portable storage container that comes from a company called Tightvac. These products are as cheap as mason jars, but are made from plastic, and have a vacuum seal on the top. They can store up to 6 ounces of dried herbs, and they come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. For only $10 each, you can buy 5-6 of these for the same price as some stash bags and have a way to store 6 different types of weed. Not only this, but this product is not advertised as being airtight, but is instead vacuum-sealed, which would keep even the keenest sense of smells at bay. Fantastic for travel use, these storage containers will store inside your bags and have an FDA approved food grade airtight lid. Not only that, but they’re made of recyclable plastic. It’s hard to think of a product that will suit your needs better than this, and at such a low price, we recommend giving these a go if you’re looking for something that will work fantastically well for storing bud but on a budget.

Some reviews have complained about having loose lids, but after some research it seems that this isn’t actually a huge issue, and it’s a misconception that a together lid does anything. The important thing here is the vacuum seal.


What containers are smell proof?

We’ve got another article about smell-proof bags with activated carbon. Activated carbon fibers are mainly used for covering hazardous waste, in this case, the bag is ensured to be smell proof and odor-free! Also mason jars and similar related stash jars are practically odor-free, with a very low price.

This article is mainly focused on glass containers and zip-lock bags. These are both smell-proof if you buy the correct quality and brand. Obviously, we don’t want our readers to buy a bad product, so we’ve taken the time to ensure that all of these containers are smell-proof and will help you be more discreet whilst smoking on-the-go. Another added benefit is that these containers can also help to keep your weed fresh by protecting those precious terpenes and cannabinoids, preserving the taste and aroma for when you really need it!

Are airtight smell proof containers ?

Airtight doesn’t necessarily mean smell proof. That is because it’s known that sniffer dogs, for example, will be able to sniff out most drugs even from inside an airtight container. However, if you mean will these products stop other people from smelling your herbs, then yes, they do work. If you want a herb guard, then you should definitely get one of the products in this article. 

Do smell proof bags really work?

Have a look for yourself. We have ensured that all of these bags are odor proof. Bags with an airtight smell proof seal are almost always smelled proof, make sure to read the description thoroughly. They will ensure to keep the excess air trapped inside along with the smell, but without degrading the quality of the buds. A lot of these products themselves say that they don’t always completely work, so be extremely careful what you’re doing. For example, don’t go onto a flight with enough herbs to send you away for 100 years, simply because you think your smell-proof bag will protect you. Cannabis is still illegal in many places, including in the US where it’s still federally illegal. Not understanding this can land you in very hot water, so just be careful what you try and do, and don’t push the limits of legality after putting your faith in these products.

What’s the best smell proof container for me?

So firstly you need to decide what you’re buying odor-proof storage for. If you’re simply trying to hide buds at your house without giving off a smell for whatever reason, just pick yourself up a mason jar and hide it in your garage or somewhere else discreet. This is by far the cheapest option, and if you’re simply trying to hide your buds from someone in your house, there’s no need to fork out huge sums for something a bit higher tech. 

However, if you’re instead trying to take herbs with you everywhere you go, you’ll need something a little bit different. The Kozo is a great option for this, but only if you have one or two types of buds. If you’re a bit of an aficionado, and you smoke many different strains, you should pick yourself up some bags as well. Keep your main store of weed strains at home in a mason jar, and then when you’re going out and about, put 5-6 strains inside these baggies, and then if you really want to you, you can then put those inside a Kozo. This would be my personal choice if I had access to many different weed strains.

Finally, another great option is a stash bag. These bags are great for one reason, they’re incredibly inconspicuous, they simply look like a fanny pack or bum bag. We’ve listed one on this article, and we have another entire article simply about these products. 

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