20 Best Smell Proof Bags on Amazon - Every Budget Covered!

20 Best Smell Proof Bags on Amazon - Every Budget Covered!
20 Best Smell Proof Bags on Amazon - Every Budget Covered!

What is a smell proof bag? A smell proof bag, also known as a stash bag, is a bag to contain pungent cannabis inside. This is an important addition to any stoner’s arsenal. Why is that? Well, the main reason is that I, along with many others, enjoy the feeling of being stoned out in public. Sometimes at family events also, I like to hit my flower vape. The problem is you can’t really walk around smelling like a weed plant, as it’s not really socially acceptable. Actually, that’s why I recommend flower vapes to most people because they allow you to get high without stinking of the tasty green stuff.

Back to stash bags, if you have your stash inside one of these bags, with a small grinder, you can effectively get stoned anywhere, without having to deal with the consequences of smelling like weed. It can be a real problem, especially with skunky weed, that when you have some in your pocket, especially in close proximity to everyone, everyone will smell it. Therefore, we recommend picking yourself up either a smell-proof bag or smell proof case:

#1 Our winner, the best smell-proof bag on Amazon


RYNO Smell Proof Travel Stash Bag

  • Easily conceals odor - No need to worry about any attention that your normally pungent-smelling herbs bring. This pouch has 4 layers of reinforced mesh material, with an activated carbon inlay, for a fantastic way to discreetly store your favorite herbs. Works with everything, from landrace strains to that real sticky icky. We recommend pairing your bag with a flower vape, for full discretion.  
  • Portable and easily stored -  These travel bags have a great compact design, with both wrist strap and shoulder strap, allowing you to take your stash bag everywhere. It can fit inside your pocket, while also allowing you to hold up to ½ an ounce of some real good buds.
  • Built to last - Durable materials are paired with real quality, reflected in the price, and is resistant to wear, tears, environmental damage, punctures, and is even waterproof. This is thanks to the bag’s fabric, which allows you to have complete peace of mind. 
  • Security - The bag has a locking feature, meaning that the bag is airtight, and cannot open by accident. These pouches are truly a peace of mind purchase for any diligent stoner.

This fantastic smell-proof travel stash bag is small enough to stash easily on your person while you’re traveling around. The best thing about this bag is that it’s not really for one or two uses, we’re not drug dealers after all. In fact, this kind of stash bag is much preferable to the plastic ones, which are a horrible waste. This is a great alternative to the classic glass option, which has its advantages, and we’ll talk about those later. It’s important to note that this particular bag will not allow you to stash ground up herbs, or kief. However, if you’ve got a decent grinder, you can store the grinder inside this bag, and inside the grinder, you can store these kinds of herbs. Also, a handy tip for all you stoners, you can store a large hit of kief and ground up herbs inside your vaporizer, ready to go. This bag has specifically-designed layers of mesh that keep your buds both dry and completely odorless. Also, let’s be honest, the bag is discreet, and looks like it could be a Gameboy case or something.

#2 The runner up, a close second

Helmet Head - Smell Proof Bag with Combination Lock 

  • Completely smell-proof - This product, which has a patent-pending, offers superior and complete odor control. Great for trapping smells within itself and therefore avoiding unwanted attention in both public places and private parties, you can take this bag wherever you go. This product has been fully tested, and you can rest assured that this product will cover the smell of your herbs perfectly.
  • Combination Lock, safe and secure - You no longer have to worry about someone opening your bag of herbs and discovering the magic inside. You can now have complete peace of mind when you smoke, with this beautifully made smell-proof stash back.
  • Durable against all types of weather - More safety and security as this smell-proof bag is waterproof! Even in rain and rivers this amazing piece of tech will allow you to have complete peace of mind. Just think about all the times you’ve ruined buds by getting them wet, buy this bag and you no longer have to worry about that!
  • Durable and functional - This premium product is designed to withstand the test of time, these bags will last for years, and they will not lose their smell-proof function. There are 2 pockets inside, allowing you to carry all the things you want to carry around, and you can even store kief and ground up herbs inside a grinder.
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed - Helmet head has a massive amount of support on Amazon, and they have cultivated this by ensuring that they have complete customer satisfaction.


This product is made by a North American company, which focuses mainly on smoking accessories. This is their smell-proof bag, and their product has amazing reviews on Amazon. The product is relatively cheap, and none of the reviews suggest that the price is reflected in a bad quality product. The quality is the most important thing, as well as the low price. At just $40 for a high-quality product, you can’t really go wrong. These bags will help you travel around easily without having to worry constantly about whether or not people can smell your stash. 


#3 Too good to not mention

Must Stash Gear - Set of Large and Small Smell Proof Locking Bags

  • Backed up by science - These opaque cases are lined with carbon to block odors and smells which can normally be smelt from one’s pocket. Industrial grade activated carbon keeps even the dankest smells inside.
  • Full protection - Protect yourself from the police, your parents, your roommates, or border agents, who are trying to invade your privacy. If your bud is legal in your state, in our opinion it’s your business, not theirs. These sturdy bags have combination locks on both the small (11"x7.5"x2.5) and large (9"x6"x5"). Both of these cases are portable and also water-resistant.
  • Portable - As said before, these bags are very portable, and can be kept in basically anything while traveling. The bags are also resistant to tears, which means you can travel around with peace of mind.
  • Free-extras - In addition to the 2 bags, you also will receive one 50g glass jar, which is resistant to UV lights, 3 black mylar jars for holding smaller amounts of herbs, and a metal rolling tray, which allows you to collect kief when you roll up, but also to set up your vaporizer, bong, or joint hits easily and effectively.
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee - These products have a lifetime warranty, and they have a satisfaction guarantee, meaning this product is fantastic for those who want to chill out and have complete peace of mind. Not only do you have confidence when you’re purchasing, but you can also have confidence when you’re using this product.

Must Dash Stash gear is a great company with fantastic branding. However, we don’t really care about branding specifically, we care far more about functionality. That is why we’ve picked this particular stash case. Based on the reviews and other independent research, we’ve come to the conclusion that this bag is fantastic. Not only this, but it comes with some free extras, which really make it worth it to purchase this particular bag.

The Must Dash Stash bag includes the following things:

  • Large Activated Carbon Bag (9"x6"x5")

  • Small Combo Lock Activated Carbon Bag (11"x7.5"x2.5")

  • UV Light Blocking Black Glass Jar – Holds 50 grams

  • 3 Black Mylar Baggies

  • 1 Metal Rolling Tray


What materials are smell proof?

It’s not really a specific material that is smell-proof, instead, it is a specific way that the bags are made. They should either be airtight, which stops any odors from leaving, or it should have some kind of carbon material in its lining, which means that it will also keep all odors in. Generally, these bags are made from nylon, and other stash jars will be made from glass. The important thing is the carbon fiber or the airtight seal inside.

How can I smoke weed discreetly?

We here at the Weed Republic like to inform our readers as much as possible. One question we get a lot is how to smoke weed discreetly. We’ve therefore come up with this short guide to help you get away with smoking herbs:

  1. First of all, you’re not going to be able to smoke joints or blunts. This is because they give off too much of a smell, and afterward you’re going to stink of herbs. Bongs are a bit more possible, but also very indiscreet.

  2. We, therefore, recommend a flower vape. You can use this in two ways, firstly you can vape it, and secondly, you can mix the already vaped bud with an oil or fat and then eat it and it becomes a very potent edible. This is a perfect way to get high without anyone realizing it.

  3. Be high all the time. This sounds weird I know, but if you’re always high, people just think you’re weird. If you’re only high sometimes, people will notice that you’re stoned. 

  4. Finally, get yourself a stash bag. I can’t count on one hand the number of times that I’ve come home from picking up some sticky icky, and my mum has immediately sighed and looked angry when I arrived home. This is because I smelt so much of weed it was ridiculous. A stash bag is absolutely vital to walking around with weed.


In this article, we’ve given you the best stash bags on Amazon right now. These are distinct from stash jars, which we’ve covered in another article. Stash bags are used to easily take buds around with you but aren’t really made for taking ground herbs or kief with you. This is probably the only problem with these bags, is that you can’t easily take around ground-up buds. Some of these products, for example, the Must Dash bag, come with baggies and also with jars, which do allow you to store kief. 

We’ve also given you a guide to go alongside your new bag, which will allow you to smoke weed discreetly. This is important for a lot of stoners who like to get stoned out in public or at parties or whatever it might be. It’s important for me to help people learn these tricks, for one because some people might want to medicate without being judged, but more importantly, it allows people to get stoned without being judged. People can drink alcohol and nobody ever judges them, but whack out a big joint 10 pounds at your next family dinner and see what happens. Use my guide, alongside one of these best smell proof stash bags on Amazon.