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Best Vape Tricks that Any Novice Can Pull Off

vaporizer magic trick

Vape smoke tricks are all the rage these days. They look awesome and provide hours of entertainment during the learning process. Especially when you start to get good!

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. We’ll start at the very beginning with the vaping tricks that any novice vaper can easily master. We’ve also thrown in a few more advanced variations too for when your skills and command of the vapor developed.

Vape tricks aren’t all about technique though. Getting those sweet donuts dialed or a real torrent of an Irish waterfall requires the right setup. We include a bit of advice about picking out a device to start learning vape smoke tricks with, as well as how to choose the right variety of vape juice to load it up with.

Finally, remember to practice. Although most of these vape tricks are easy, they lay the foundations for much more advanced vape tricks. That’s when you can really wow your friends!


vaporizer smoke ring
Shout out to Shout Out UK for this image!


Get Your Setup Primed Trickery

Although it’s possible to do vape tricks with a small amount of vapor, it’s much easier to learn them with big old clouds! Not only that, when you do get a few on lock, but they also look much cooler too.

There are loads of ways you can tweak your setup to give you instantly more vapor. YouTube is full of channels dedicated to the subject of “cloud-chasing”. They cover the best atomizers, mods, multi-coil setups, and loads more. However, as a novice, a lot of that probably went right over your head.

To put it much more simply, the more powerful your vape, the bigger the clouds.

Although most YouTubers and Instagrammers will swear by some custom setup that seems like it took an engineering degree to come up with, these days you can get pretty powerful vapes right out the box. Consider models like Linx Vapor's Blaze Extract Vaporizer or the Crafty+ from Storz & Bickel.  


vaporizer heat portable

One of our favorite vapes on the market is the Blaze Extract Vape from Linx.

With TWO atomizers, this vape comes ready-equipped for optimal vapor production.

Thanks to the pro photogs for this stock photo.


travel vape vapor

If you want the best vape for both extract and flower, you need to get your hands on the Crafty+ Vaporizer.

It's got the power of a desktop vape (its maker, Storz & Bickel, did design the Volcano, after all), but it's design makes it super portable. Take those tricks on the road with Crafty+!

Check out the @storz.bickel ig for more crafty photos like this.


Choose the Right Liquid

Vape juice is usually manufactured using vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). Each has slightly different properties when vaped.

PG is responsible for that throaty hit that those folks who’re quitting smoking like. It makes it feel more like a cigarette. However, it doesn’t produce a lot of vapor and if it did, it’d probably be a throat-hit overload!

VG by contrast is much smoother and produces a lot more vapor. It’s the clear choice for cloud chasers but its relative sweetness will burn your coils out quicker. Then again, so will the crazy amount of power you’re running through them!

Look for pure VG or mostly VG blends. We particularly recommend selecting an e-juice from Mig Vapor, where you can usually choose how much VG you want in your blend. They even have a specific line, the Red Line, made up of high-VG blends. A couple of our favorites are listed below.

Advice about nicotine: Obviously, if you’re not already using products that contain nicotine, we do not recommend you start. We all know it’s highly addictive.

If you’re used to vaping in place of smoking cigarettes on a regular powered setup, you might want to consider a lower nicotine strength juice for your vape trick rig. You’ll be burning through and inhaling a lot more vapor with a mod like the CFX vape, and you don’t want to end up more addicted to nicotine!


vg minty flavor

If you want some flexibility in how much VG to add, we recommend ordering an e-juice from Mig Vapor. Here they let you choose your blend of VG and nicotine (or no nicotine).

A classic flavor is Spearmint Ice, which, if the customer reviews mean anything, makes for a refreshingly cool experience. 


e-juice vaporizer caribbean

If you're more inclined towards fruity flavors, then you should definitely try Mig's Caribbean Freeze E-Juice.

From their Red Line, this is an 80/20 VG/PG blend that finds its way into user's lists of favorites thanks to its excellent vapor production and delicious flavor.

Thanks to the pro photogs and the herbs and fruit for these lovely stock photos.


vapor travel smoke

If you're smoking with something like the CF Vaporizer from Boundless Technologies, you can be sure you're going to have an enjoyable vaping session.

With the CF vape variable temp settings give you control over the temperature, so heat up the ceramic chamber to your preferred temp and toke away!

This stock image really does a great job of capturing CF's best angles.


The Best Beginner Vape Tricks

Now that you’ve got the right setup for vape tricks. Let’s get down to our favorites. We know everyone can do at least one of them. The very last doesn’t require any skills at all!


Ghost Vape Trick

The ghost vape trick is a great first vape trick to learn because it introduces some ideas that you’ll use again and again in other vape tricks. It also looks great when mastered and there are some interesting variations that we introduce later too.

The ghost involves a cloud of vapor escaping the vaper’s mouth before they quickly inhale it back in. It might not be particularly terrifying as the name suggests it would be, but it looks pretty impressive!



The ghost is really easy to perform too. There are three steps to it:

  •       Inhale.
  •       Release.
  •       Recapture.



The inhale for the ghost vape trick is a little different from regular vaping. Normally, when we’re vaping, we take the vapor straight to our lungs. However, to perform the ghost inhale correctly, we want to keep the vapor in our mouth. It’ll come out in a much thicker ball this way.



Don’t exhale! The action is much more like you’re pushing the vapor out than breathing it out. By pushing rather than exhaling, the cloud that represents your spooky specter will remain relatively close to your mouth for the recapture. It’ll also keep the vapor much thicker for full visual impact.

There’s not a lot of technique to this part but it’s important to get it right. You’re basically just opening and closing your mouth but you want to time the close so that the vapor escapes properly. Closing it slowly will make the ghost thicker and stops the vapor from spreading too wide.

Play around with different mouth closing speeds. Close too fast and your ghost will end up getting away from you. Close too slow and you lose all the definition of the ghost.



The easiest part of this whole ghost vape trick is the recapture bit. All you’re doing is sucking up the smoke again from in front of your face. Think of it like taking another hit of your vape, only without the vape itself between your lips.

Suck in quickly to make sure you get as much of the vapor as possible. The more of the ghost that vanishes, the more impressive this vape trick will look.

You can play around with how fast the ghost disappears by sucking through a small gap in your lips or a larger one. Small will make the ghost vanish more slowly, which is our personal favorite here at the Weed Republic.



Nose Ghost

The nose ghost vape trick is a slightly more advanced variation of the regular ghost above. This time the ghost disappears into the vaper’s nose instead of their mouth. It requires a powerful inhale through the nose!

To perform a nose ghost, repeat the above steps to do a regular ghost but instead of inhaling with your mouth, point your nostril at the ghost and suck it up through your nose. What a way to go!


nose ghost vape

Thanks to whoever captured this shot, and thanks to whoever decided to put it on Tumblr!


Double Ghost

The double ghost vape trick is an easy vape trick on paper, there isn’t that much to it. However, it’s pretty tricky to master. It probably shouldn’t be considered a beginner bane vape trick but it looks awesome if you can pull it off. The idea is for two neat clouds of smoke to simultaneously escape from the vaper’s lips and then quickly disappear again.

Before you start trying the double ghost, you should have the regular ghost well and truly dialed. You should be able to do big ghosts and small ghosts on command.

To perform the double ghost vape trick, repeat the above steps for the regular ghost inhale. With the vapor in your mouth, place your index finger over your lips like you’re telling someone to “shush”. Then, perform a small ghost by releasing the vapor as per the above steps and sucking it quickly in again.

It sounds really easy, doesn’t it? We promise you it isn’t!



French Inhale/Irish Waterfall

The French inhale (sometimes known as an Irish waterfall) is a definite beginner vape trick. It’s also one that looks great when you first get it down and only gets better with practice. Like any of these vape tricks, real cloud chaser liquid, such as the something from Mig Vapor's Red Line mentioned above will make your French inhales even more impressive.

During the French inhale, vapor streams from the vaper’s mouth and up into their nose. With a few tweaks, covered later, you can make it either a trickle or a raging torrent.



We recommend learning the ghost before trying this one because some of the skills you picked up when learning it will be transferable. The initial inhale technique used when performing a ghost is identical to that of the French inhale. So too is the release. It’s only in the final part of the vape trick that things get a little different.

  • Inhale into your mouth again, rather than directly into your lungs (see above).
  • Release the vapor as per the instructions for the ghost. Open your mouth and slowly close it. Keep your breath held so the vapor stays where you want it.
  • Inhale through your nose as you close your mouth slowly.


Making the French inhale even cooler: The Bane Inhale

Protrude your jaw to create an underbite when releasing the vapor. This will put create a clearer path between mouth and nose. Also, widen your mouth. This will make for an even more dramatic waterfall effect. With practice, a well-executed French inhale is definitely one of the coolest looking vaping tricks around that beginners can quickly master.


 baine vaporizer trick

Try the Bane Inhale, but don't adopt any more of his tendencies. Photo:


Vape Rings/Donut

O’s, vape rings, smoke rings, donuts, whatever you want to call them, this trick is definitely one of the most impressive possible for novice vapers. It’s not quite as easy as the other two beginner vaping tricks we’ve covered so far but it’s way easier than a double ghost!

Some more experienced readers might disagree with the technique advocated here. Remember though, this is supposed to be vape tricks that anyone can do! This is how to do vape rings the easy way. There are a few other ways to force the vapor out but we think this one is best for beginners.



There are three steps to blowing your first donuts.

  •       Inhale/exhale.
  •       Get your mouth in position.
  •       Soft cough exhale.



Unlike the previous two ghost vape tricks we’ve covered, this one doesn’t demand some fancy vaping technique, to begin with. We’re just going to be doing a regular old straight-to-lung hit on our vape pen.

Now, you can get straight to blowing O’s with all that vape but we find it results in messy rings, to begin with. Exhaling a little of the smoke first will sharpen those first few rings right up. You want to exhale normally until the smoke thickens up a little, then it’s perfect to blow some donuts.


Mouth position

This is the important bit (and will likely take some practice). Mouth position is key to nailing a good smoke ring. It’s tricky though so don’t worry if you don’t get it at first. Anyone who says they learned to do rings first try is probably having you on.

You basically want to create a perfect circle with your mouth. To get the right shape, use a 30ml cylindrical bottle of vape juice as a guide. Pursing your lips whilst forming your smoke ring face might help to get even cleaner rings too.


Soft Cough Exhale

This is the trickiest bit to explain and it’s almost as important as correct mouth position. You’re basically wanting a small controlled cloud of vape to leave your mouth when your lips are positioned in the correct O position.

To do this we use a short sharp but soft cough. To understand what we mean, do an actual cough (without vape) and slowly reduce the intensity until it’s barely even a cough. Make sure you keep the coughs abrupt (with sharp end) but barely audible. Each one of these single coughing “motions” will hopefully form a smoke ring.

Now, put it all together and practice!


Vape Ring Tips

    If your vape rings look a bit flimsy compared to your favorite Instagrammer, try these tips:
    • Take a bigger hit from your vape.
    • Get a more powerful vape like one of those mentioned above.
    • Use liquid with a higher concentration of VG like those we shared above.
    • Play around with different intensities of soft coughs until you can power out a perfect ring every time.
    • If a lot of vapor leaves your mouth with every ring, you might need to sharpen your cough up. Really try and make it as abrupt but soft as possible


    ring vapour smokeOnce you've mastered your smoke rings, you can start adding in dramatic hand motions behind them. Photo:



    The cheerio is a variation of the vape ring that’s a little trickier. Imagine regular O’s but coming out like a machine gun!

    The Weed Republic recommends getting the regular vape rings described above on lock before you try pulling off a cheerio. It’s worth persevering with learning this one though because it has some serious “wow” factor.



    To perform cheerios:

    • Take a big hit from a vape pen that really produces clouds (like the Craft+ mentioned above).
    • Exhale until the vapor becomes milkier.
    • Get your mouth into your well-practiced O position.
    • Prod your cheek with your index finger.


    Cheerio Tips:

    • Start slow. Don’t go for max BPM immediately!
    • Experiment with different areas of your cheek to prod and different intensities. Find what works best for you and stick with it.
    • Take bigger hits. You really need a lot of vapor to make great O’s.
    • Get the right setup for more advanced vape tricks.


    cheerios smoke 420

    Get your bowl and milk ready! is pouring out the Cheerios with this photo!


    Vape on the Water

    This one really doesn’t rely on any fancy skills. However, it does look awesome. You will only need a glass containing some form of liquid. Yes, that means you can do “vape on the lager” in your local beer garden using the following tips.

    You’re going to want a setup that really favors the largest clouds possible for maximum impact.

    There are only two parts needed to pull off a successful vape on the water. First, take a big ol' pull on your vape pen. Second, exhale the vapor into the glass containing a small amount of liquid. If the glass is less than a third full, that’s ideal.

    That’s all there is to that one. There aren’t really any fancy tips that can make it go any better apart from maybe playing “Smoke on the Water” on your phone at the same time.


    There are plenty more vape tricks to learn down the line!

    If you’ve learned all of the above vape tricks, you’ve probably got pretty good control and have no problem manipulating the vapor at this point. This is just the beginning though. There are so many more vape tricks you can learn from here.

    Take what skills you’ve acquired from us and apply them to the jaw-pop O, the nose tie, the triple stream, or the shark bend. Get those down and then you can probably teach us a thing or two!


    Cover Image: Superior Vapour