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Does Marijuana Cause Acne? | Smoking Marijuana

Does Marijuana Cause Acne? | Smoking Marijuana

With the increased popularity that smoking marijuana enjoys comes more questions as to the potential effects and benefits of smoking weed. Here recently, we’ve seen a lot of questions surrounding marijuana smoking and skincare like can weed cause acne, does smoking marijuana help acne, is there any way marijuana may help acne? 

The major answer is: we don’t definitively know.

There’s a lot of research still to be done on this subject, but with the increase in legalization not just in the US but worldwide, the opportunity for this research to take place has never been greater. Most research at the moment is focused on topical treatments using cannabis, but the future is rich with possibilities. For right now, we’ve surveyed all we know about smoking weed and skincare in this article!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this article:

  • Does smoking weed cause acne
  • Does smoking cannabis treat acne
  • 5 tips for treating your acne
  • CBD acne products to improve skin health


Can Smoking Weed Cause Acne?

The reason marijuana affects the human body in any way is because of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a system of receptors that bind to cannabinoids to produce effects. For example, THC (the cannabinoid in marijuana that produces the “high”) binds with the ECS in the brain to produce the psychoactive effects and in various parts throughout the body to produce the pain-relieving and muscle-relaxing effects.

This same system is hypothesized to be responsible for a variety of skin conditions, whether it be because of a hyperactive or inactive ECS. Many of these skin conditions are related to the skin, including but not limited to psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea. It stands to reason that scientists would suspect the ECS might have something to do with acne and other related skin conditions.


All that being said, there is no research indicating that cannabis can have any negative effect on your acne, but there is some indicating the contrary (which we’ll get into a little later). 

Can Second-Hand Marijuana Cause Acne Worsen?

There are little to no signs that second-hand marijuana smoke can cause much of anything, least of all acne. While smoking tobacco products is highly damaging to collagen (a natural protein found in the skin that’s responsible for elasticity and plumpness), marijuana use hasn’t shown the same results. Smoking marijuana around others hasn’t shown any adverse effects on said others, other than potentially causing them to get high as well. 


As of right now, it seems highly unlikely that anyone will find any sign indicative of the potential of smoking weed cause acne.

Can Smoking Marijuana Treat Acne?

Researchers have found positive results using cannabis to treat various skin conditions, most topically, including psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea. These researchers believe that this is due, at least in part if not entirely, to the connection with the ECS. This could be an overactive ECS or a deficiency within the ECS. There could be a connection between these skin conditions and their appropriate treatments and acne, but research surrounding this topic is still too young to tell. Now that marijuana legalization is surging across the nation and the globe, there are far more opportunities available for the research to be conducted.


Most research at the moment is focused on topical treatments like creams, balms, soaps, ointments, and lotions infused with cannabis, be it a specific, isolated cannabinoid or a full-spectrum product. Scientists find this research into cannabis as a treatment for acne promising due to its highly effective anti-inflammatory properties.

There has already been evidence in trials indicating that CBD oil could be a useful treatment for acne, but this is when the product is applied topically directly to the affected area so that it is absorbed directly into the skin, not through smoking.

5 Tips to Treat Acne

Even if marijuana smoke isn’t the cause for your acne, there are a few other things you can do to treat and improve your skin. Below are 5 helpful tips for treating and preventing acne breakouts.

1) Wash Face Two Times Daily

Wash your face twice daily with quality products for at least 60 seconds before rinsing. Use the aid of a scrubby brush, loofa, or cloth to get the face-washing soap deep into your skin and pores. 

2) Use a Mild Cleanser on Your Skin

While highly fragrant and over-marketed cleansers can seem like the best products, in reality they’re not much better or even all that different from the more basic cleansers. Leading dermatologists recommend opting for a mild cleanser with minimal ingredients and little to no fragrances. If you have sensitive skin, opt for the all-natural cleansers that are completely free of cleansers and harsh chemicals.

3) Use an Acne-Fighting Agent

You should always use an acne-fighting agent in your morning routine, as sometimes cleansers just not enough. As we mentioned above, there’s some research indicating that CBD oil could be particularly useful in that area, so finding an acne-fighting agent infused with CBD could be just the ticket. 


First thing’s first, though: you have to know what type of acne you’re trying to treat to find the best acne-fighting agent for you.

Types of Acne 

  • Comedonal Acne (Blackheads and Similar Bumps) - Products with retinoids, like adapalene gel (Differin), are the best to use for this kind of acne
  • Mild Acne - If you have mild acne, it’s best treated with topical benzoyl peroxide, applied directly to your skin
  • Inflammatory Acne - If you have inflammatory acne, a topical gel with 5% dapsone can be useful, particularly for adult females with this type of acne
  • Acne with Scarring - Azelaic acid works great to reduce acne while simultaneously reducing the risk of scarring.
  • Combination Skin - If you have a combination of these types of acne, use a combination of these products.

You should be forewarned that prolonged use of these products as well as using multiples of them at a time can cause the skin to dry out more. You can help minimize this by using a heavier, richer moisturizer.

4) Use Moisturizer After Washing/Applying Acne Fighting Agent

Dry skin will overproduce oils to compensate for the dryness which can cause increased breakouts. When purchasing a moisturizer, make sure that it is non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog your pores. 


You may also want to consider utilizing a cannabis CBD-infused moisturizer, as they have additional restorative properties. If you have oily skin, use a light moisturizer to prevent a greasy feeling on your skin. In the winter, you may find you need a heavier moisturizer to compensate for increased dry skin.

5) Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliating your skin removes excess dead skin cells from your skin. If left on the skin, these dead cells can cause acne breakouts to worsen and pores to clog. Built-up dead skin can also cause you to look prematurely aged. For the best results, exfoliate using the following:

  • 2% salicylic acid mask
  • 10% or less glycolic acid mask or lotion
  • Motorized facial brush for deep exfoliation

    Cannabis Products for Skin Care

    There are many acne products to choose from, but research has shown promising results from those infused with CBD oil. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite CBD-infused skincare treatments so you can start off on the right foot.

    The CBD Skincare Company CBD-Infused Exfoliating Cleanser Concentrate

    This exfoliating cleanser is highly effective, affordable, and comes highly rated. They even offer an amazing subscription service, so you can have your cleanser mailed to you each month before you run out.


    Ildi Pekar CBD Tissue Repair Serum

    This tissue repair serum is packed with 250 mg of CBD oil. It works hard to rebuild and nourish, reduce redness in, and hydrate your skin. It’s healing powers with the additional soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis help to restore your skin’s health while also producing a healthy glow and keeping your skin feeling great!


    Kana Lavender Sleep Mask

    This amazing sleep mask will help to restore your skin health overnight, ease you to sleep, and soothe and treat your skin. Power-packed with lavender, cannabis, and tons of other great ingredients, essential oils, and natural components. 


    Myaderm CBD Calming Cream

    Myaderm has an entire line of acne treatment medication that is infused with cannabis. They truly believe oil extracted from marijuana may help treat and prevent acne breakouts. The calming cream works excellently to calm down acne breakouts and soothe the skin. 



    While marijuana use, specifically marijuana smoke, probably doesn’t cause acne, using products infused with substances derived from cannabis, like CBD oil, could prove to be highly effective in treating a variety of skin conditions. Smoking tobacco products and second-hand tobacco smoke, unlike marijuana smoke and smoking marijuana, can cause acne, worsened skin conditions, and premature ageing.

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