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How to Clean a Chazzed Banger: The Two Easiest Methods

How to Clean a Chazzed Banger

No one likes to rock up at their friend’s place for a big dabbing session to find a chazzed banger waiting for them. It’s not so pleasant and it’s bad for the equipment itself! 

Fortunately, cleaning a chazzed banger made of quartz is pretty easy. If you’ve never done it, don’t worry. We’ll guide you through a couple different methods for getting your quartz looking and (smoking) as close to new as possible. 

In this article all about how to clean your chazzed banger made of quartz, we’ll cover: 

  • Why it’s important to clean your quartz. 
  • How to keep on top of maintaining your dab nail. 
  • Cleaning a completely chazzed banger. 
  • How to make sure cleaning your chazzed bangers is as easy to clean as possible in the future. 


With a lot to cover today, pack a bowl, spark a blunt, or load up a dab, and join WeedRepublic as we show you exactly how to clean your chazzed banger. 


cleaning cannabis dabs Image Credit: Cloud 9 Smoke Co.

Why Should I Keep my Banger Clean?

Keeping a bong clean is mostly about aesthetics and fragrance. No one likes to have a crusted up chazzed banger caked in old resin stinking out their bedroom. Eventually, the dirt in your bong will cause issues with smoking - percolator bongs (like Mav's Single UFO Perc bong) are usually those that will get blocked up or suffer from suction issues quickest. 

ufo beaker bong

What we like about this bong is that, even though it's a showstopper on any shelf, it remains subtle. It's not some crazy recycler with tubes and glass everywhere.

Mav's Pyramid to UFO Beaker Bong offers a smooth toke with no fuss. You'll want to come up with a regular cleaning routine though to make sure those percs keep working as well as they can!


With a chazzed banger of any material, the resins left before when you dab your wax will quickly change how heat dissipates through the device. This will make it more difficult to take perfect dabs. 

You want your dab nail to always heat up evenly and without cool or hot spots. If left unclean, resins can cake on in a black layer that’s very difficult to remove and makes quartz bangers much less efficient. 

This black layer will have a big impact on how your banger heats. If you have a high end banger, like the Diamond Knot below, you should want it to heat up right every time. Otherwise, what was the point in spending extra in the first place!


banger quartz recycle

For one of the smoothest dabs hits you can imagine, get this Diamond Knot Quartz Banger.

Made out of thick glass, there's an ingeniously placed loop for unvaped oil to recycle through, meaning you'll never waste any precious concentrates.


Don’t worry. Our second method below will show you how to clean a really chazzed banger. However, it’s much better staying on top of cleaning your quartz nail so that you never need to bother with this more time consuming option. 

If your dab rig performing optimally wasn’t incentive enough, you should also keep a clean nail because it makes for a more pleasant experience. You only want to taste the wax you just dabbed, not the stuff that got you ripped three weeks ago! 

Finally, your friends will thank you for cleaning your quartz banger. They’ll be more inclined to want to use your equipment and will likely bring their own shatter to share. Bonus!

dirty restore kush

Image Credit: Badass Glass


Method One: Clean Quartz Bangers as You Go!

The first method we recommend for cleaning quartz bangers is really easy. It’s no good for a really crusted up banger though. This one is intended for use between literally every dab. It sounds like hard work if you’re not in the habit of cleaning your dab nails. But, trust us, it’ll make your dabs so much nicer and save you a lot of effort in the long run. 


  • Qtips. 
  • Isopropyl alcohol (at least 90%). 

Basically, incorporate the above into your dabbing gear. Since WeedRepublic recommends a little touch up clean after every dab, it’s best to always have a little bit of rubbing alcohol and a few Qtips on hand. 


concentrates marijuana quartz


If you're in need of a new quartz banger, this 100% Quartz Splash Guard Banger crafted by Miami Glass is a great option.

It's well priced and well crafted with a beveled edge so you ensure you get to enjoy every bit of your concentrates.

Method 1: Isopropyl Alcohol Soak

  1. Gather Materials:

    • Isopropyl alcohol (99% recommended)
    • Cotton swabs
    • Resealable plastic bag
  2. Disassemble the Banger:

    • Remove any additional components for thorough cleaning.
  3. Soak in Isopropyl Alcohol:

    • Place the quartz banger in a plastic bag.
    • Pour enough isopropyl alcohol to submerge the banger.
  4. Swab and Rinse:

    • Use cotton swabs to clean hard-to-reach areas.
    • Rinse the banger with warm water after soaking.


quartz rig marijuana
Image Credit: Vape Lord Vaporizer Reviews


Method Two: Cleaning Chazzed Quartz Bangers 

As you can see, it’s not at all difficult to keep on top of cleaning a quartz banger. However, all too often, WeedRepublic comes across absolutely filthy dab nails that have a layer of black crud inside them and a clouding and discolouration to the glass.

Although it might look like pretty permanent damage, you can clean your quartz banger to a nearly new-like condition, even if it’s fully chazzed. 


  • Isopropyl alcohol. 
  • Salt.
  • Hand torch. 
  • Warm water. 
  • Qtips. 
  • Something metal and thin enough to scrape inside the banger with.



    1. Heat the Banger:

      • Use a torch to heat the quartz banger until residue burns off.
    2. Scrub with Brush or Swab:

      • While hot, scrub the interior with a brush or swab.
    3. Cool Down and Rinse:

      • Allow the banger to cool before rinsing with warm water.


    • For stubborn residue, repeat the process or combine methods.
    • Regular cleaning enhances flavor and prevents buildup.


Hopefully, the above advice will get your dab rig back to as close to new as possible. Your quartz might still be a bit cloudy and may have some discoloration but it will definitely hit a lot better without all that much on it. 

It’s much better to not let your chazzed banger get in the kind of state where your only option is to blowtorch the crud off it with a high-powered dab torch-like the Blazer Big Shot GT8000 Torch. Using our first cleaning method, and the following advice, you should be able to prevent any discoloration whatsoever. 


butane torch dabs

With plenty of safety features to go with the intense heat this torch supplies, the Blazer Big Shot GT8000 Butane Torch is a must-have for all dabbers.

Getting more use out of it by using it to help clean your banger is simply one additional bonus to having one on hand!


quartz dabbing durable

Don't over-complicate things when you don't need to. For a reliable banger that heats evenly and is durable enough to take session after session, the 4mm Thick Quartz Banger from Dank Geek is an easy answer to an important question - what's the best banger for dabs?


 heating dabbing quartz

Dabbing Advice

We’ve said it a few times during this article but it really is important to keep your quartz banger clean to avoid ending up with a chazzed banger. The longer you leave resins on, the harder they will be to remove, and the more impact they’ll have on the functioning of the device. 

As well as making sure to clean your chazzed banger regularly, you should also practice good dabbing technique. A lot of the discoloration and eventual chazzing of a quartz banger will occur when you use your waxes or shatters at too high temperatures.  

The ideal temperature range will depend on the type of concentrate you’re using, as well as your own equipment. Some bangers heat up quicker and retain more heat than others. 

You want to do your dabbing at no more than 400 °F. The perfect temperature will be the exact point that you’re able to vape the entire dab without leaving any wax behind. Ideally, you never want to do your dabs any hotter than this. 

Some people like to use an electronic torch to really dial in the temperature. However, they’re not strictly necessary. You can always just experiment with different cooling times after heating the rig up until it glows hot. A good starting point is around 90 seconds. You can then reduce the cooling time or increase it in accordance with how much of the wax you managed to dab at that heat. 

It’s very important to never dab too hot. This is the fastest way to Chazz your quartz. Even with our methods, it’s not certain that you’ll restore a discolored quartz nail to its former glory. It’s likely that the glass will remain cloudy. It’s heartbreaking to chazz a brand new high-end banger, so clean it regularly and keep those temps low!

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