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Koan Cordials vs CBD Tinctures - A New Approach to the Industry

Koan Cordials vs CBD Tinctures - A New Approach to the Industry

Let’s admit it, technology makes things better. A water bong on Amazon might have been impossible to get a few years ago, but not today. Just open an app and stream, well, any song - ever. Upload a TikTok to an audience of millions - from your kitchen. Innovation, right? So, it’s no surprise that innovation has revolutionized CBD tinctures. You may be reading this as you awkwardly try to align your CBD tincture dropper over your open mouth or perhaps, you’re new to this and are still researching your options for a water bong on Amazon. Let’s explore Koan Cordials vs. CBD tinctures to better understand which will help you connect to a deeper psychological, emotional, and spiritual experience.

 What are CBD Tinctures?

Attempts to isolate CBD from the cannabis plant date back as far as the 1940’s.  More recently and with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD infused products have hit the mainstream. These days, you can find CBD infused products in nearly all form factors, but CBD tinctures are easily the most popular. CBD tinctures are typically packaged in small vials or bottles with a dropper attachment that allows the user to dispense the CBD tincture solution into their mouth for what is referred to as a sublingual administration. CBD tinctures can appear convenient for someone who has never used one, but if you ask anyone who is a long-term user, they'll quickly rattle off a list of CBD tincture cons that they’ve been waiting to vent about. Not the kinda thing you need to know while shopping for a water bong on Amazon, though.

The problem with most CBD tinctures is that the concentrations can vary greatly from batch to batch. This isn’t just referring to the amount of CBD in a tincture, but also the other compounds that help craft your experience, like terpenes and other cannabinoids. Manufacturers tend to treat CBD tinctures as though they are a one-size-fits-all approach, but as is the case with most things, what works for one person may not be the best methodology for you. Considering the lack of consistency in CBD tinctures, this makes finding your ideal dosage nearly impossible. Even if you can find that perfect dose, there’s no guarantee that your next tincture bottle will be consistent with your previous. Ultimately, CBD tinctures often lead users to playing a never-ending game of cat and mouse as they search for their sweet spot.


What are Koan Cordials? 

Koan has scientifically crafted a reliably precise, well-designed, and easy to use product, Koan Cordials. You may find yourself asking, what is a Koan Cordial? Koan Cordials are the new way to enjoy your journey with cannabis. Unlike CBD tinctures, Koan’s single-serve, water-soluble cannabis-based cordials are precision-crafted to provide an unparalleled, but consistent experience. They maintain the finest qualities of an edible, tincture, and beverage in one tiny bottle.

Not only do Koan Cordials grant you consistent predictability in your ventures, which is more than can be said for most CBD and THC blended tinctures, but the true magic lies within the terpene and cannabinoid profiles that lend to the rise of the cordial. You see, most cannabis products that come in a liquid form do not contain emulsified terpenes which limits their targeting capacity. If the producer of a liquid-based cannabis product does emulsify their terpenes, it is typically done using a full-spectrum oil which makes controlling batch-to-batch terpene dosage incredibly inconsistent.

To combat these hurdles within the industry, Koan has uniquely mastered their production process, creating a tool that provides you with the ability to control your intention. In other words, Koan Cordials are designed to provide you with a consistent experience on your terms. Kind of like a water bong on Amazon.


Koan Cordials vs. CBD Tinctures

Innovation doesn’t force change; it simply incentivizes it. Just as you may mail holiday greeting cards to the people with whom you typically communicate via email, CBD tinctures aren’t necessarily useless, but they’ve quickly become a relic of the past. Most likely, CBD tinctures will always be around in some capacity, but they are rather limited with what they can achieve. For example, CBD tinctures have shown a notable degree of efficacy in specific medical uses, like treatment of pediatric epilepsy. However, these situations are self-limiting, specific use cases. On the other hand, Koan Cordials provide an innovative approach to communicate with your endocannabinoid system. A CBD tincture 2.0, if you will.


So, why Choose Koan Cordials instead of CBD Tinctures?

There are a multitude of reasons why someone like yourself would opt for a Koan Cordial over a CBD tincture. Consider for a moment, your relationship with cannabis. When you consume cannabis, what is your intent? Koan Cordials are designed to let you check in to the moment, rather than causing you to check out. They provide a refined cannabis experience that allows you to get precisely what you want without unintended effects.

You may find yourself saying, well, I’ve had other cannabis products provide me with what I want as well…what’s the difference? There are two differences that play a key role in making Koan Cordials different. The first difference is consistency. Koan developed the Resonate System which makes Koan Cordials predictable and thus the effects reproducible. No more wondering “do I need to take a little more this time?” No more questioning, “Am I feeling it? I thought I would surely feel something by now”. Reliable and repeatable cannabis experiences are the future. 

The second difference is the precision blend of THC, CBD, and terpenes in each cordial. Although cannabinoids can activate the endocannabinoid system alone, adding terpenes which also naturally occur in the cannabis plant create a synergistic effect, potentially enhancing the effects of cannabinoid profiles in the product. You may have heard this referred to before as the Entourage Effect.


Water Solubility 

Let’s talk about water solubility. Most CBD tinctures are oil-based. This is because the CBD molecule along with other cannabinoids are oil-loving or lipophilic. Imagine for a moment how oil reacts to water. This is the reason that most CBD tinctures use an oil base in an attempt to create a properly homogenized solution. As you can imagine, this is not always effective. The innovative minds behind Koan’s Resonate System have revolutionized the physiochemistry behind cannabinoids which led to the launch of the world’s first cannabis cordial. This system creates an environment that makes cannabinoids water-soluble or hydrophilic.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why do I care”?

How many times have you met up with friends to catch up and share a CBD tincture? Chances are that the answer is never. That all changes with Koan Cordials. Cannabinoids in a water-soluble state like those found in Koan Cordials are the new social bridge. Koan Cordials are non-alcoholic, all-natural and plant derived. The citrus and botanical notes are subtle enough to be enjoyed straight out of the bottle or poured into any beverage to create one-of-a-kind cannabis cocktails. Koan Cordials combine the wellness benefits of a tincture with the sociability of a vape or preroll.

Even better, Koan Cordials provide a large degree of convenience because they are packaged in single-serving bottles. So, even if you’re less of the social butterfly type and more of a meditate in the forest alone kind of person, Koan Cordials can still be a valuable tool. No more worrying if your product is going to leak in your bag or getting weird looks because you’re staring into the sun as you try to use a tincture. Koan Cordials are as simple and discreet as popping the top, dosing, and continuing your journey. 


Embracing Innovation

CBD tinctures were once an important stepping-stone for people who sought control over their state of well-being. As we continue to unravel and normalize cannabinoids, we have learned that CBD tinctures operate much like a city bus. As a passenger on a bus, your experience varies from day to day. Sometimes the bus gets you where you want to go and sometimes the ride isn’t as successful.

Alternately, Koan Cordials are akin to choosing and driving your own personal car directly to your intended destination. As the driver, you have the ability to not only choose the preferred route to your destination, but you also select the most appropriate vehicle for your wishes and who doesn’t want to control their journey?