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Elevated Spectrum™ Review: A light THC buzz without the anxiety from Upstate Elevator Supply Co.

Elevated Spectrum™ Review: A light THC buzz without the anxiety from Upstate Elevator Supply Co.

The tagline alone might get your attention: “a light THC buzz without the anxiety”, but if that doesn't do it, the OTC status might – as these CBD+THC products are hemp-derived and legal to buy online everywhere CBD is sold. Known for their USDA Certified Organic line of hemp capsules & tincture, and considered the gold standard for delicious CBD gummies, Upstate Elevator Supply Co recently launched the Elevated Spectrum™ line of products. You’re probably thinking “great, another ‘spectrum’ to decipher!” Well, this one is different. 



Here's how they explain what it: Elevated Spectrumrefers to products that have been formulated with an elevated ratio of minor cannabinoids (including THC) to CBD, delivering a gentle and fully legal, hemp-derived THC experience.

With 2 - 2.5 mg of THC per serving, the capsules and tincture are definitely gentle when compared with a standard THC edible (about 5mg per serving), however, the mild euphoria and familiar brain tingle will not go unnoticed by the casual consumer! A typical “full spectrum” hemp capsule has a 20:1 ratio of CBD:THC, whereas the Elevated Spectrum capsules offer 10:1 CBD:THC, allowing the effects of THC to shine through while CBD mitigates the anxiety and paranoia that often appears.

CBD+THC Hemp Capsules, 25mg per serving

The capsules include full spectrum hemp extract, enhanced with additional minor cannabinoids, blended with organic coconut oil in a vegan gel capsule. With 20mg of CBD and 5 mg of minor cannabinoids (including CBG & CBDA, and 2mg THC.)

CBD+THC Hemp Extract, 40mg per serving

The Elevated Spectrum tincture comes in hot with an even more impressive 1:1 ratio of CBD:minor cannabinoids, including 2.5mg of THC. They recommend this tincture for deep relaxation as it includes some CBN, which is known to help with sleep



By now, we all know the benefits of CBD, but other cannabinoids are gaining traction, too. THC, CBG, CBN and CBDA all contribute to the entourage effect in their own unique ways. The Entourage Effect refers to “the results (the effects) produced from the interactions of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and fatty acids naturally found in cannabis.” This effect magnifies the benefits of the plant’s individual components—so that the impact of the whole plant is greater than the sum of its parts.

Upstate Elevator Supply Co. first leveraged these interactions with a multi-cannabinoid line of products, like 1500mg CBD+CBG Hemp Extract and CBG+CBD+CBDA 30mg Hemp Capsules. Thanks to innovative processing methods, they are now able to include THC at noticeable levels in fully legal, FDA compliant products. By increasing the presence of minor cannabinoids, they bolster the entourage effect of hemp compounds working together to create a more well rounded experience and a more effective hemp product.

If you’re after the “high” without the “hide me” anxiety, the Elevated Spectrum might deliver you right where you need to be! Weed Republic readers save 10% with coupon code “WR10DEAL”.