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What is Detox Shampoo And 3 Reasons You Should Try It!

What is Detox Shampoo And 3 Reasons You Should Try It!

Despite weed legalization, backed up by widely accepted medical benefits of cannabis, many employers still order drug testing for their employees. Drug testing is usually done by urine analysis since it provides accurate results and a good detection window.

Recently, with the rise of synthetic urine and urine additives, which allow you to cheat at urinalysis, hair follicle drug testing gains favor. Hair follicle drug tests are incredibly accurate, provide a more comprehensive detection window, and are almost impossible to cheat or fake.

Like we said, it’s almost impossible to cheat or fake a hair follicle test.


What are your options?

To learn how to beat the hair follicle test and clean your hair of drug toxins, you must understand how drug traces get into your hair shaft.

Like any other part of your body, your hair is fed via blood and needs blood to grow. As drugs travel through your bloodstream, drug metabolites reach your hair follicles and become a building block of your hair shaft.

And as your hair grows over time, it can serve as a record of your recreational drug use. Occasional drug users have little to fear from hair follicle use, unlike chronic smokers who have more massive deposits of toxins in their hair.

The best option for beating a drug test is to abstain from drug use for more than three months. However, no employer will provide you with a three months’ notice of an upcoming drug test, so this option is, though most effective, quite ridiculous.

You can shave your head and body hair, but most labs and employers are quite suspicious of this step and may fail you instantly. Instead, you can use high-quality hair weed detox shampoo products to remove drug metabolites from the strands of your hair.


Does it work for THC

Just like other detox products, hair follicle shampoos work for all drug metabolites, not only specific ones. Products that target particular drug metabolites and residues are a marketing trick designed to make you pay a premium price for an average or poor-quality product.

Hair detox shampoos remove all drug metabolites, including THC. However, THC tends to be incredibly hard to remove from your hair, mainly because regular shampoos can't remove it. Even some hair detox products have a hard time removing THC from your hair.

When faced with an upcoming hair follicle drug test, it helps to have your hair thoroughly cleaned of all toxins. That’s why it’s strongly advised that you incorporate a hair detox shampoo for THC into a more complex, structured hair detox method. There are only a few high-quality hair detox products that are potent enough to remove THC from your hair by themselves. 


Other detox methods and products

Most people purchase detox products, like detox drinks and tablets, that falsely claim they eliminate all traces of drugs from their hair follicles. We strongly advise that you abstain from the use of such products, as they're mostly poor-quality products that won't get the job done.

Home remedies and methods aren’t scientifically proven ways of removing THC from your hair, though some users reported successful results. There’s always a risk of failure involved when using home remedies and untested methods for removing drug metabolites from your hair.



Though hard to get rid of, THC is effectively removed by hair detox shampoos. However, not all shampoos are created equal, and low-quality product can result in a failed drug test and irreparable damage to your hair.

For purposes of passing a hair follicle drug test, purchasing a high-quality hair detox shampoo for THC maximizes your chances of successfully beating a hair follicle test.