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What is Hemp Cord and 5 Products that will Change your Life

What is Hemp Cord and 5 Products that will Change your Life

Hemp, derived from the cannabis plant, is being used to replace more and more materials nowadays, especially with the industrial cannabis bill that recently passed in the United States. Industrial, natural hemp can be used as a more sustainable alternative material to tree pulp used in paper, materials used to make rope and yarn like twine, and even the cord used in your craft supplies with beads. Natural hemp has a million uses!

Today, we’ll be focusing on hemp cording or hemp string, often used for bracelets or necklaces with beads. If you’re looking to make your jewelry crafts a little more environmentally friendly and sustainable while also lowering your price, check out the 5 amazing hemp cord brands listed at the end of this article! 

What is hemp string or cord?

Hemp strings or cord is frequently used in the making of craft jewelry and in gardening. It is made in much the same process as twine or cotton cord, but unlike cotton it has long fibers that make it extra sturdy. It also tends to be cheaper than the alternative because the materials needed cost less to manufacture. As with any cord, there are a variety of hemp cord sizes and colors. You can order colored hemp cord bulk or wholesale hemp cord online with ease.


What is hemp cord used for?

There are all sorts of hemp cord for necklaces, hemp string for bracelets, and other hemp cord crafts you can create. If you’d like colored hemp rope, you can purchase it premade like that or, if you’d rather a natural look or to dye it yourself, you can purchase natural hemp cord or polished hemp cord that comes in its natural color.

Twine Vs. Hemp

When it comes to cords like this, there are really only two materials worth debating over: twine and hemp. We believe that hemp is far more effective, stronger, cheaper, and more sustainable than twine and thus is a better option for cordage. Hemp rope for necklaces tends to be sturdier, allowing it to handle heavier beads or just withstand the demands of the higher-risk location. Bulk hemp cord can be much more cost effective than twine and it’s certainly much more environmentally friendly. You can also get hemp twine, which is hemp cord made to resemble the structure and texture of your favorite twine. You can get bulk hemp twine to use with jewelry, colored hemp twine bulk, or just the plain, natural coloring for jewelry hemp cord.

Where to buy hemp cords?

Sick of making a search for “hemp cord near me” or “hemp string near me” and it turning up absolutely no results? Worried you can’t trust a shop that’s online-only? Check out the 5 great brands below! All of these products are available on Amazon, so they’re convenient products to add to your cart at a cheap price. 


Bean Products Hemp Twine Ball Variety 12-Pack - $83.24

  • Variety pack at a great low price
  • Free shipping when you add to your Amazon cart
  • Easy to use
  • High quality


This affordable variety pack allows you to get all the color options you’d want for your hemp cordage, no matter which craft you use the supplies for. This comes at a great low price and you won’t need to add any other items to your cart in order to get free shipping. This natural hemp cord is great to use for jewelry making, because it’s sturdy enough for any type of beads, but is also useful in macrame crafts. The wide variety of color options will help your artistic vision come to life in the craft projects you create.


Darice Hemp Cord 400ft - $8.50

  • Affordable
  • Useful and multi-purposeful
  • Quality brand

Darice Hemp Cord is high quality hemp cords that can be used for a craft like macrame, knitting, or jewelry making. You can also soak it in beeswax 10ft at a time and let it dry to use it as a wick in a candle or to light your fresh bowls with so you can avoid that gross butane taste and contamination.


23 Bees Hemp Cords - $14.99

  • Affordable
  • High-quality
  • Brand you can trust
  • Sturdy hemp

23 Bees is an amazing company that makes high-quality 100% natural hemp cords. This hemp cord will make a great addition to your craft supplies whether for macrame, jewelry making, or any of your other favorite crafts. This product is affordable, well-made, and comes from a reliable brand you can trust.


Bead Smith Green, Blue, and Pink Hemp Cord Bundle - $16.29

  • High-quality product
  • Brand you can trust
  • Affordable
  • Free shopping with a few more items to add to your cart

Bead Smith’s amazing hemp cord is affordable, amazing quality, and readily available online on Amazon. If you add a few more items to your cart, you can get free shipping on this amazing item at a low price. If you add this product to your Amazon cart, you’ll get 3 different colored packages of hemp cord with 4 shades each; that’s a whole lot of varieties of color for one great low price!


Hemptique Hemp Cord - $8.99

  • Affordable
  • High-Quality
  • Reliable brand
  • Easy to add to your Amazon cart

Similar to the last product, each hemp cord package from Hemptique comes with 4 shades of the great cord. This product comes in a wide variety of colors and will make a great addition to your craft supplies. It’s available conveniently on Amazon, not just in a hard-to-find shop, and is easy to add to your cart. 



Whether you’re looking for hemp cord for bracelets or for necklaces, we’ve got you covered. You can finally make the change from traditional twine to the more sustainable and more affordable hemp twine with confidence thanks to the great brands listed above, all available to add to your Amazon shopping list with ease.