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Cannabis oil: How to Make, Uses, and Benefits

Cannabis oil: How to Make, Uses, and Benefits

CBD oil is derived from cannabinoid extracts or CBD extracts, a compound that is found naturally in cannabis Sativa, well known as marijuana. The other compound found in this cannabis or hemp plant is the delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

The CBD extracts are then diluted with coconut or hemp seed oil, which works as a carrier. 

Although many studies have shown positive effects of CBD or hemp oil, other forms of cannabis like THC are still not legal in many regions. This is mainly because of the psychoactive nature of this compound. 

However, unlike THC, CBD extracts don't affect brain function. Hence, according to a few pieces of research, CBD oil is found to be useful in several diseases, including:

1. Alleviates pain

A study in 2018 suggests CBD oil derived from CBD extracts helps relieve the pain of chronic nature, such as nerve pain, back pain, pain associated with joint diseases, or fibromyalgia. This may include anxiety, migraine, and arthritis as well. Still, more studies need to be conducted to rule out the placebo effects. 

2. Anti-inflammatory effects

Some people prefer natural remedies rather than pharmacological drugs. The CBD extracts are a natural and unconventional way to help decrease inflammation. However, CBD oil combined with THC is much more effective than CBD alone for disorders like multiple sclerosis.  

3. Improves sleep disorders

Cannabinoids are associated with better sleep and relaxation. People suffering from hypertension or mental stress face a hard time sleeping and relaxing their minds. The hemp oil aids in sedation, hence relaxing the mind and reducing stress. Even though hemp oil improves sleep disorders, more human studies need to be conducted. 

4. Alleviates cancer symptoms

Cancers or tumors are associated with many chronic symptoms. Cancer pain is one of the most constant symptoms faced by the patients. A study conducted on cancer patients who were unrelieved by pain medications has shown favorable effects on pain reduction. However, the effects were seen when CBD extracts were used in combination with THC. 

5. Helps with mental disorders

Mental health disorders are mostly treated with pharmacological drugs, but the adverse effects associated with them are not negligible. Some drugs may also lead to tolerance and dependence. In that case, several studies have shown that natural compounds like CBD or hemp oil may help in reducing the symptoms. This includes anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. The research is still in continuation, though. 

6. Treatment for drug abuse or withdrawal symptoms

Substance or drug abuse is common in many regions of the world. The symptoms associated with substance abuse and withdrawal of a drug are often correlated. Recent evidence suggests that CBD extracts help in relieving these symptoms and reduce the risk of addiction. It may also help to quit smoking and show fewer withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, and behavioral changes. 

Legal status

Due to the psychoactive nature of cannabinoid compounds, these are not legal in many regions around the world. Some states allow hemp-derived products only when the amount of THC is not more than recommended by FDA. Nevertheless, non-prescribed hemp products are yet to be approved. 

Bottom Line

Hemp has been used conventionally since old times as a food and a natural remedial agent. Then gradually hemp products like hemp oil or CBD extract oil were discovered and their benefits were observed. Even though the studies show encouraging effects on cannabinoids and CBD extracts, more human trials need to be carried out for a better outcome on its uses and benefits. 

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