Chocolope Cannabis Strain Review (Everything You Need To Know & More!)

Chocolope Cannabis Strain Review (Everything You Need To Know & More!)
Chocolope Cannabis Strain Review (Everything You Need To Know & More!)


Chocolope Kush, better known simply as Chocolope, is an iconic strain. Developed at a time when other top-shelf strains were still pretty mild, Chocolope’s euphoric high and sweeter taste really set it apart. You can thank its lineage for that: Chocolope was created through a masterful cross of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze, giving you the perfect Sativa.


The Chocolope kush strain isn’t just the perfect Sativa - it’s also all Sativa, genetically speaking. It’s kept the best qualities of the landrace-style Chocolate Thai that came before it and added some new, hazy ones, too.


Developed by DNA Genetics in the Netherlands, arguably the cannabis breeding capital of the world, Chocolope Sativa was a huge hit when it first came out in the 1980s and continues to be one to this day. It’s won the High Times Strain of the Year Award (2001), the Cannabis Cup, the Hydro High Life Cup, and more.

Even though it’s an older strain, cannabis connoisseurs still love Chocolope’s controlled high and rich chocolate undertones. Chocolope Kush is sold at a premium in many medical and recreational dispensaries, where it’s easy to identify thanks to stable genetics and its resinous, darker color. It looks like the popularity of this unique strain isn’t going away anytime soon. The steady Chocolope price has remained relatively high for several years- people aren't getting tired of Chocolope anytime soon!


Chocolope Cannabis Strain is popular in dispensaries & Chocolope's Price has remained highly valued.

Chocolope Kush Strain Review

If you take a hit of Chocolope, the first thing you’ll notice is the fruitiness. Usually citrus or, like the name, cantaloupe based, this fruitiness is quickly overpowered by richly aromatic coffee and chocolate themes.

While the Chocolope marijuana strain is indeed great for chocolate lovers, you don’t need to be one to enjoy the complex mouthfeel of the strain. That said: if you begin trading out 10:00 am cups of coffee for hits of Chocolope, don’t be too surprised!

Within a few seconds of inhalation the high get cerebral. It’s intense, a throwback to the days of Thai Sticks and hashes smoking. In the 1980s, when this strain first came out, a high this pronounced was almost unheard of.

Euphoria and a motivated, bubbly mood take over next - strong, but very manageable. This is the best part of the high for many Chocolope users, who say it’s a great daytime strain that helps them thrive in social situations. Apparently Chocolope is also the perfect way to make more mundane activities like chores and other obligations seem a lot more interesting. Of course, don’t drive while under the influence!

There are few reported side effects of the Chocolope marijuana strain; the main two are dry mouth and headaches. Thankfully, though, these are both pretty rare, probably because Chocolope’s THC content rarely gets beyond 20%. It’s pretty easy to find the right dose of the strain without overdoing it and experiencing any of the potential side effects.

Chocolope General effects

Happy 100%

Euphoric 95%

Uplifted 90%

Relaxed 80%

Hungry 75%

Chocolope Medicinal properties

Depression relief 100%

Fatigue 90%

Stress relief 85%

Pain relief 70%

Insomnia 50%

Chocolope Side effects

Dry Mouth 55%

Dry eyes 20%

Dizzy 10%

Paranoid 8%

Anxious 5%

Growing Tips

The good news is that Chocolope is easy to grow. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, yields tend to be in the area of 18-36 ounces per plant. The bad news? There is none, except that you’ll have to wait 8-9 weeks, until it’s flowering time, to begin harvesting your delicious Chocolope plant. If that feels like a long time, though, remember that its Thai predecessors used to take nearly twice that long to reach maturity.


This strain is a heavy feeder. Many experienced growers prefer to feed it a balanced blend of nutrients, going a little light on the nitrogen prior to flower. One in the flowering phase, though, Chocolope does great on a high ppm (parts per million) feeding schedule that includes high amounts of micronutrients.


Chocolope will have developed into a tall, sprawling plant with resinous colas containing a 12-19% THC level once mature. You can also expect a delicious smell that becomes progressively more “chocolate” over time. This delicious smell often gets super pronounced during curing.

Growing Techniques

Chocolope is hardier than many other sativas, so it does well and supports itself even with just a little extra staking. It also responds to more intensive techniques like SCROG (screen of green) - just make sure the colas have room to breathe and develop! Though Chocolope may take a little time to adjust to a new SCROG setup, it will quickly adapt and grow into it.

Cannabis growing oudoors with a SCROG (screen of green) for maximum yield and cola development.

Chocolope tends to develop best in a warm, slightly humid climate. Heavy rain during the flowering season can lead to mold in its dense colas, so be careful if growing outdoors. When in doubt, just harvest a little early. If growing indoors, you might consider lowering humidity as the plant arrives at full maturity.

Chocolope Kush Strain Review

All in all, Chocolope is the ideal strain for many people, a pleasant blend of old and new. Those who are new to cannabis will likely enjoy it without experiencing any of the uncomfortable effects of too much THC. And those who’ve been smoking since the ’70s are sure to also love Chocolope Sativa, thanks to its nostalgic qualities.

Smoking Chocolope is enjoyable for cannabis enthusiasts because of its euphoric high and great taste.

In the race to produce ever-stronger strains, Chocolope sometimes gets overlooked. On paper, it can’t compete with the 33% THC übertrains of modern times. But is that really what it’s all about? Cannabis connoisseurs from across the world say no. Chocolope’s intricate taste and euphoric experience might be hard to quantify on paper, but they’re reality to anybody who’s ever enjoyed a joint of this classic strain.

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