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Suver Haze Strain

Suver Haze Strain

There are so many choices in the legal Hemp market, and there are more and more with each passing year. As such, one or two new choices are likely to go unnoticed. However, we would not recommend that you let Suver Haze escape your notice. It's one of the best new strains that we have seen in a long time, offering a pleasant mix of Sativa and Indica qualities. If you would like to learn a little bit more, keep reading and take a few notes to aid your memory.



This one comes from a company called Oregon CBD, and you may have heard of them before. They are responsible for some very high-profile and popular strains. Some of their other creations include Elektra and Hawaiian Haze, both of which have become industry standards. This one also seems to be a worthy creation although it has not yet had time to amass much fame.

The strange name comes from one of its parent strains, known as Suver #8. Named for its creator, this was a high-performance strain that showed great promise. However, it didn't have a lot of appealing qualities. Thus, they crossed it with Early Resin Berry (which seems to be included in many hybrids) to create Suver Haze.


The Agricultural Factor

Although Suver Haze, especially from Mr Hemp Flower has a lot of appealing qualities for smokers, it is also meant to be appealing for growers. First of all, it is not very sensitive to climate conditions. It can be grown in most parts of North America and has proven to be extremely hardy. Having something that can grow in a multitude of climates is a serious advantage for Hemp farmers.

More to the point, Suver Haze is meant to mature quickly without any loss of volume. Usually, an early harvest will be a little smaller than most. With this one, however, there doesn't seem to be any loss. Thus, we can say that this strain is more efficient at producing the lovely flowers that we so enjoy setting on fire.


A Hybrid Strain, But Sativa-Dominant

This one is a cross between Indica and Sativa, but it is said to contain more Sativa genes. This is easy to believe due to its appearance, but many people report that its mental effects are more like those of an Indica. Indica produces a deeper relaxation that some people prefer. Some others prefer a more "energetic" feeling, but this strain leans more on the side of a calming agent.

Even if you don't get the Delta-8 variety, this strain offers an opportunity to relax completely for a while. Although it won't make you feel intoxicated or "doped up," it will certainly take the edge off your attitude and make you a more pleasant person. However, we are starting to think they may have mixed more Indica genes in there than they thought.


High CBD Content

On average, this strain will have a CBD content of about 16%, making it one of the more potent choices out there. Those who are looking for a strong dose of CBD will certainly find that this strain is up to the task. After all, that's the primary reason for smoking this stuff.

It is very rare to see a strain with a CBD content higher than 20%, and you don't even see very many of those. We think that over-purified CBD could have the potential to cause digestive issues anyway, so it's probably best if things stay this way. At present, we think most would agree that Suver Haze provides all the CBD you need. The body can only process a certain substance at a certain rate, meaning that it can only use a certain amount of CBD at one time. Thus, after a certain level, it's just going to be excreted as waste.


Contains A Lot Of Myrcene

Apart from the Cannabinoids (which are, of course, unique to the Cannabis plant), Hemp also contains many other substances. Some of the most important are terpenes, as these are the chemicals that give Cannabis its distinctive taste and smell. The differences in taste and smell between various strains are caused by different terpenes. The amount of a given terpene will also determine how much influence it has on the final result. For instance, one of the terpenes commonly found in Cannabis is called Limonene and it's associated with a lemon-like flavor. The more Limonene your strain has, the more it's going to taste like lemons.

Of course, this strain is not a Limonene-based strain. Instead, its dominant terpene is called Myrcene. This same substance influences the flavor of Hops, Bay leaves, and many other things. It is said that the leaves of the thyme plant contain up to 40% Myrcene by weight. Thus, if you want to get a good idea of how Myrcene tastes, eat a sprig of wild thyme.



Considering its pedigree, we would be surprised if this one hadn't turned out to be an excellent product. Not everyone likes the earthy taste of Myrcene, but a whole lot of people do. Due to its high CBD content and high aesthetic value, we expect to be seeing a lot more of this one in the future. It has already changed names once through hybridization, so we wouldn't be surprised to see that happen, either. If you have enjoyed this article, feel free to check back with us again soon.