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G13 Cannabis Strain Review | Frankenstein Strain

g13 weed nug smoke

As elusive as its name, G13 weed is a mysterious covert strain rumored to have been conjured up in a research facility as a government project. The original clipping was a pure Indica strain but the G13 weed circulating these days is a hybrid. With such an unknown heritage, every G13 strain review may vary from bud to bud, clone to clone, and place to place. This secret agent strain is powerful and gives off a variety of effects, so handle with care. From euphoria to creativity and then putting you into a deep sleep, the G13 weed is one of the more mysterious marijuana strains that induces all sorts of moods. The effects are as unpredictable as its origins, which is why I wouldn’t recommend it to beginners or light users. If you are up for a roulette sort of high – something random, unknown, and a road less traveled, this might be your adventure strain. Users have reported a variety of experiences from going straight to body stone couch lock, having a rollercoaster of emotions, and enjoying the day sociably or with focused creativity.

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g13 weed haze plantG13 standing tall, photo: @cannabiisport


As the legend goes, G13 weed was created at the University of Mississippi in the ’70s as a government project to breed super genetics of cannabis. Some lab technician - legend has it named Neville Schoenmaker - persuaded a rebel scientist to sneak out cutting of a high-yielding and easy to grow super strain – come to be known as what the lab labeled it, G13 weed. This Frankenstein strain is a cross of too many strains to make anything of it, and the only known lineage is some sort of Afghan bud, though, you can usually always expect that lineage to be true since Afghan and Hindu Kush are landrace Indica strains from Afghanistan. What is a landrace strain? It is the original variety of cannabis, originating in Central Asia before it was spread by humans and cultivated all around the world. Kilimanjaro, Acapulco Gold, Swazi Gold, Lamb’s Bread, and Durban Poison are some other familiar landrace strains that are commonly known. Now that G13 weed has spread well past the confines of the laboratory at the University of Mississippi, we cannot confirm the story or the exact G13 strain genetics, G13 remains an anomaly.

Some of us are drawn to the unknown which may be what makes this strain so appetizing. Cannabis users who want to add a bit of surprise to their wake and bake ritual might be drawn to the covert government operation of the super cannabis strain, the only one that was released from the lab, the G13. Don't let the mystery scare you away though. There are a few great things that you can expect with this super G strain like pain alleviation, relaxation, and a good appetite.

G13 Weed strain composition

The indicia to Sativa ratio has shifted quite favorably to the Sativa side since its release 50 years ago. It's now more of a 70/30, though it still packs a huge indica punch. The G13 THC content is upwards of 24%, making it somewhat moderate these days, but very potent back in the ’70s. The consensus is quite varied from user to user, or maybe this strain is so mutilated from its former Frankenstein strain genetics and constant cloning that it has various phenotypes under the same name; this could be why it elicits such varied effects. Usually users agree that G13 weed brings on an instant euphoria from such a relaxed state that the surface of the skin tingles before wanting to take a nap. This strain is quite potent and the G13 strain THC level is noticeably higher causing a bit of paranoia to sneak up on you. This strain would be best recommended to experienced users or people who want to relax, watch a movie or cook up an epic meal - and eat every bite of it. It’s best to be home in case of extreme hunger, paranoia, or sleepiness sets in.


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G 13 marijuana and Frankenstein strain friends

From the G13 marijuana strain history, we know only that its composition is unknown, which means that breeders can’t quite replicate crossbreeding weed formula. This also means that to continue to produce the strain, growers have had to clone G13 and then clone a clone and then clone it again, and on and on it goes. So, finding an original G13 is exceptionally rare, if it even exists. But, instead of trying to recreate the strain, breeders have forged along and decided to create new franken-babies using G13 as a parent.

There are a few mystery strains in the industry, one being G13 and another OG Kush which is the parent of the Holy Grail. A Frankenstein strain as well, the Holy Grail strain review is a positive one – pain-relieving and mellow. Another clone-only strain is Cheese. Cheese is rumored to originate from Sensi Seed’s Skunk #1 and has a similar history as G13, being passed around from breeder to breeder. Now known as the most popular strain in the UK, Cheese also has a similar Afghani lineage. You have to wonder if they are related somehow. People are talking, and they are wondering if there really is a mysterious government Cheese or G13 Cheese strain being passed around on the underground market.

A similar high to G13 is her little buddy, the G-bomb strain. G-bomb is a 100% pure Indica hybrid strain with a lower THC content but punches a big spacey head high. A philosopher’s secret weapon and an alchemist's pain-relieving tool, G-bomb is the lighter version of G13. If the high from indica strains like G13 turns you off, her daughter crossed with Haze, aptly named the G13 Haze strain, which is a Sativa and uplifting version. The G13 Haze strain review is basically everything you want from G13 except that you aren’t determined to find a pillow and fall asleep right away.

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g13 weed nug smoke

You’ll be feeling as festive as G13 looks after trying her! Photo: @justin121291
g13 weed plant ganja

Ready to try G13? Photo: @elmarijuanaman

G 13 bud effects

The effects of the G13 weed strain is as mysterious as its genetics. With various accounts by many users, it can be hard to tell exactly what the effects will be on different individuals. Some accounts range from reporting that G13 enhances social interactions, turning some users into a social pariah. Others report that G13 induces focused energy for creativity, while others claim a sedating, “couch-lock” high where their mind wanders another planet.

The evaluation: the G13 high is as unique as its origins. A few things are certain though: G13 sedates you into a heavy buzz of euphoria and relaxation. Your mind will soar at lightning speeds, warping time to slow motion. This bud may help treat chronic pain, depression, muscle spasms and insomnia. Every account with G13 ends in a knock-out nap or deep sleep. If I was a conspirator, I might believe the G13 strain was some government project hosted by the University of Mississippi to induce a dream-like state for extracting secrets without the user ever knowing if it was real or just a dream.

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G 13 General Effects
G 13 Medical effects
G 13 Side Effects
Relaxation 100% Stress Relief 100% Cotton Mouth 100%
Happy 90% Pain Relief 90% Dry Eyes 50%
Euphoric 80% Depression 60% Paranoia 30%
Energetic 40% Muscle Spasms 60% Munchies 50%
Insomnia 40%

G13 is powerful. You’ve been warned. This girl is not for the beginner or light smoker. She also is probably not the best for outgoing events or outdoor adventure. Prepare your high with a tall glass of liquid to alleviate the cotton mouth. Light her up and settle into a bed of clouds while your mind soars the galaxies. Turn on relaxing music or a planet documentary and make sure to keep a notebook on hand for some profound thoughts of wisdom.


G 13 taste profile:

  • Earthy
  • Woody
  • Pine flavor
  • Citrus
  • Sweet


G 13 Growing tips

A plant that likes room to grow, G13 weed needs lots of space, making it a great outdoor strain. It also yields the highest outdoors with 40 ounces per plant at a late harvest nearing November. G13 can be successfully grown indoors too, though the yield will be half as much and you will need to use up a lot more space than with other plants. The G13 strain flowering time is around 11 weeks and has a high resistance to disease. These plants won’t grow very tall, though the G13 flowering time is a bit longer than most. If you expect to grow outside, you should have plenty of success if you have a dry and sunny climate.


The G13 weed plant will yield dense, forest green buds overrun with fiery amber hairs and almost a blueish tint of frosty trichomes. Check out the G13 weed pictures below to see the beauty. The smell will be earthy, skunky, and citrus while the taste will be piney and a little sweet. G13 is supposedly a compilation of super strains and can only be cloned. Though, it can be crossbred with other strains to manipulate the type of bud you are thirsting for. The video below will teach you how to crossbreed marijuana so you can cross-breed marijuana G13 seeds with whatever you want.


Flowering Time: 11 weeks

Climate: Warm weather with lots of suns. Mediterranean climate best suits this strain.

Location: Indoor and Outdoor. Anywhere outdoors with enough sunshine during the growing period. The Indoor grows well with hydroponics.

Height: Around 4 feet indoors but can reach 6 feet outdoors!

Yield: 14-22 ounces, the most yield coming from an outdoor grow.


g13 cannabis growing flowering

Time for G13 to grow her flowers! Photo: @casualgrowergenetics
g13 pot kush nug
Hold her high! Photo: @tanyatsikanovsky23

G13 round up

Whether G13 weed is the result of secret government agencies or not, we may never know. While G13 may remain a bit of a mystery, it can always be counted on for its relaxation and sleepiness. The myth of its origins from secret a research facility is enticing and many growers have embarked on the journey of growing G13 weed for the sake of the legend, though the original G13 indica strain 1 is probably non-existent anymore. This strain is great for relieving pain and alleviating depression. It will take your mind on vacation for what seems like days in only a few hours. Smoke with caution and fasten your seatbelt; this strain will take you for a spin. So, just relax and enjoy the ride!

A quick overview of G13 weed effects

  • Relaxation – You may feel a slight coma effect where you just don’t feel like moving at all.
  • Euphoria – Your mind will soar the galaxies or you may even find it a great tool for meditation.
  • Pain and stress relief – This strain is highly effective in pain and blows away the stress.
  • Sleepiness – The aftermath usually ends in a nap.
  • Dry mouth – Pair it with some orange juice!


Have you flown with G13 before? Tell us what you thought in the comments below!

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