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Green Poison Strain Review | Green Poison Weed Genetics

green poison strain

Created by Spanish seedbank, Sweet Seeds, this strain is a potent Indica which also has some cerebral effects. It’s classified as an indica, but it could also be classified as an Indica-dominant hybrid. This is purely dependent on who you ask, as the science behind indica and sativa isn’t really an exact science. Green Poison has a ‘creeping’ high, which means that you’ll feel a lot higher 30 minutes after smoking it. Some strains hit you instantly, but Green Poison takes its sweet time. Read on to learn more about this flavourful bud!

green poison grow cannabis

Green Poison - a dangerous name for a beautiful flower, photo: @oldcitygrow

Green Poison indica

These minty green nugs give off an intense smell of flower and fruit, which makes it an incredibly tempting choice to hit from the first smell. It has earthy, skunk flavors. It is a fairly potent strain, with a reasonably high THC percentage. Green Poison has a smooth smoke, which leaves both sweet and spicy flavors on the tongue after use. It is covered in resin and amber trichomes, which make this strain a truly well-rounded one. 

Green Poison weed genetics

This strain is a mix of two very famous skunk strains. Their breeding led to one master skunk:

  • Skunk
  • Early Skunk

Those of you familiar with the skunk taste and effects will know, therefore, that this strain is not one to be missed out on. If you should stumble across Green Poison, you should definitely give it a try. It was created by Sweet Seeds in 2009, and they’re, rightfully, incredibly proud of it.



Green Poison weed THC percentage

The average Indica strain has around 12.5% THC. Green Poison has an average of about 17% THC, with some phenotypes testing up to 20%! This is pretty strong, and although it’s not exactly a face melter, you will definitely find that Green Poison has some pretty potent effects.

Green Poison strain price

As Green Poison’s seeds are available online directly from the original breeders, the price is relatively low. That is because the strain itself is pretty easy to grow, has good yields, and grows quickly. These facts, when coupled with the fact that the seeds are available online, means that the supply is high. Especially in the Cannabis Clubs of Barcelona, you should be able to find this strain at around $8 a gram.

Green Poison taste 

  • Sweet
  • Earthy
  • Skunk
  • Citrus

For those of you unfamiliar with the actual meaning of the word skunk in connection to cannabis, it’s that slightly strange smell that all skunk strains have. The British press wrongly uses the word "skunk" to simply describe any particularly strong strain of cannabis. In actual fact, it’s a type of cannabis, similar to Kush, that has passed its genetics down to countless other strains. Green Poison is a skunk strain, having been bred from Early Skunk and Skunk, meaning that it has some pretty strong Skunk notes, as well as hints of citrus and sweetness. This makes it a perfect candidate to whack out your trusty flower
vape and give it a toot.

Green Poison oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc. 

You can use any marijuana strain to make oil, wax, shatters, and edibles. However, those with large amounts of trichomes, and also those with large THC percentages are often preferred. Green Poison is, therefore, a perfect marijuana strain to turn into wax. That is because it produces a large number of trichomes on its buds. It also has a very pleasant taste, making it an even better choice than it already was!

You can also make edibles from any marijuana strain, but you must first decarboxylate your weed. This is completely necessary, as without it you’re missing out on a lot of potential potencies. Once you’ve decarbed your weed, you can then simply mix it with either an oil or fat. This allows the THC and CBD to bond with something, as neither are water-soluble. Finally, you can also use the leftover bud from your flower vaporizer in order to create edibles, as this is basically completely decarboxylated marijuana. You should look to grind your weed beforehand, as this allows all of the goodness in the middle of the bud to come out.


green poison strain nug

Perfect nugs of Green Poison, photo: @globe_weed


green poison wax ganja

Green Poison wax, photo: @therealzackstacks

Green Poison General Effects
Green Poison Medical Effects
Green Poison Effects
Relaxed 100% Muscle Spasms 100%
Cottonmouth 100%
Happy 70% Pain Relief 80%
Dizziness 85%
Focused 65% Headaches 80% Headache 25%
Euphoric 60% Insomnia 45% Anxiety 20%
Sleepy 45%  Depression 45%
Lethargy 20%

As this strain is a fairly strong indica, you may find that you’re unable to move after use. That is because the body high could be a little bit too overwhelming. If you find yourself too lethargic to do an activity that you’re supposed to be doing, have a cold shower and a cup of coffee. However, for those who are looking for pain relief, muscle spasm relief, or sleep aid, then you’ve found a perfect strain in Green Poison!

Green Poison flowering time

Green Poison grows in about 7-9 weeks. This is actually a pretty quick growth. It can be grown indoors and outdoors.

Green Poison Growing tips

The size and structure of the plants are all very similar, which makes Green Poison a perfect example of a strain that is good for SOG grows. Furthermore, it has large and flexible branches, which also make it a perfect example of a strain that reacts well to SCROG grow. The strain also starts growing trichomes very early on, which shows that it’s going to flower into a potent, mature bud.

Green Poison seeds 

The seeds for Green Poison are available online from the original breeder, meaning that you’re guaranteed to be growing what you think you’re growing. Buying from any other seller would be completely pointless.

Green Poison yield 

The GP strain has an average-high yield. This is about 500-650 grams per meter squared.

green poison bud marijuana

Fresh Green Poison buds, photo: @ucasmartingoffi

What is the Green Poison marijuana strain?

Originally bred by Sweet Seeds, a Spanish seed company, this strain is known for its potent Indica effects and its incredibly recognizable flavor. If you haven’t tried this strain yet, you’ll definitely want to give it a go, especially if you’re a skunk fan. It has a high THC percentage and can help with a variety of different medical conditions: 

  • Bred in Spain originally
  • Favorite amongst the Cannabis Social Clubs of Barcelona
  • Fast grower, high-yield
  • Auto-flowering seeds are available
  • Strong Indica
  • Great as a sleep aid, not recommended for daytime use
  • Can also help with pain
  • Should definitely be packed into a flower vape


 Have you tried Green Poison before? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments below! 

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