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Is Edible Marijuana Safer Than Smoking?

Is Edible Marijuana Safer Than Smoking?

In recent years, the market of cannabis-infused edibles has been booming. In 2020, it was valued at roughly 2.9 billion dollars. Experts predict expansion to 11.8 billion by 2027. The use in both the medical and recreational sectors is surging. But how do these products compare to smoking?

Today, consumers may choose from a wide variety of products containing cannabis — check for the most popular examples. From teas to gummies to oils, the choice is spectacular, and it is constantly growing. Aside from buying ready-made beverages and food products, individuals can make them at home by adding cannabis-containing oil, tinctures, or butter into their dishes.

Comparison of Effects

The effects of consuming edibles are incomparable to raw cannabis. The latter does not become active without exposure to heat, so it is only useful for health purposes. In comparison, edible products do have a psychoactive effect, and they are also safer and more discreet than inhalation.

Smoking involves inhaling cannabis through different implements: a pipe, bonk, or joint. Due to the method, the compounds reach the lungs and then get absorbed in the bloodstream. Eventually, they get to the brain and the rest of the body. As a result, the effects are felt very soon (in 2-10 minutes). With edibles, absorption requires more time. However, the facts also last longer (24 hours instead of 1-3), which is a major reason to buy delta-8.

Cannabis from edibles enters your body through the digestive tract. The compounds get to the liver, where they are metabolized and transformed. Only then do they enter your bloodstream, producing psychoactive effects. On average, this happens a couple of hours after consumption.

The Pros and Cons of Edibles vs Smoking

Each method has its upsides and downsides. Edibles are safer for patients with respiratory problems. At the same time, smoking produces more rapid effects and higher bioavailability. Pay attention to the following:

1.   Effects on Respiratory Health

While edibles are safe for people with lung conditions, smoking may compromise respiratory function. Cannabis smoke contains some of the same chemicals found in cigarettes.

2.   Dosage Management

Edibles come in a wide array of attractive options, and it is easy to consume too much of them. Individuals may miscalculate their doses, or disregard the delayed effects, which may result in psychosis. In comparison, smokers have no problem measuring their consumption. Excessive potency of smoked cannabis may cause anxiety.

3.   Onset and Duration of Effects

The psychoactive effects of edibles last longer and allow prolonged relief from chronic pain, but the onset comes later than through smoking. Despite the nearly immediate onset and higher bioavailability (the degree of absorption), smokers get effects and benefits that are short-lived in comparison. In addition, compounds may get lost in sidestream smoke.

To Conclude

Each method has its advantages and drawbacks. Patients with respiratory problems should opt for edibles. Their effects are long-lasting, but they are also delayed in comparison with smoking or vaping.