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Island Sweet Skunk Strain

island sweet skunk strain cannabis

Island Sweet Skunk, also referred to as Sweet Island Skunk, is a pure Sativa strain that is used for its incredibly energizing effects. It is a Canadian strain created by Federation Seed Company. It actually has some CBD content as well, which makes it a great strain for medicinal users. The THC content of Sweet Island Skunk isn’t too ridiculous, so you can get away with smoking this strain as a newer user as long as it's in the right dosages. However, if you’re not well-suited to Sativa strains, you may find yourself feeling overly high from smoking Island Sweet Skunk. If you do feel too high and you’re wondering how to help yourself come down, follow this guide:

  • Have a coffee
  • Have a cold shower
  • Lie down on a sofa or in bed for 5-10 minutes and just breathe

After this, you should feel a lot better.

This strain is sometimes called Lemon Sweet Skunk, Lime Skunk Strain, Grape Island Skunk strain, or Isla OG.

island sweet skunk kush budA close up of Island Sweet Skunk, photo: @muvphx

What is Skunk marijuana?

There are a couple of definitions of Skunk marijuana. There’s the British press definition and there's the actual definition. The British press calls anything that is stronger than a landrace strain or something from the 1990s Skunk. This is an inaccurate catch-all term. It’s used to describe weed that is far too strong for the average teenager, and they argue that prolonged use of ‘Skunk’ weed is harmful to brain development.
The other definition of Skunk is a certain terpene or trait, which is a specific flavor in certain strains of cannabis. These strains of cannabis normally come from Skunk #1 or one of its derivatives. You either know this smell or you don’t: you either like this smell and taste or you don’t.

Island Sweet Skunk: Sativa or Indica? 

This strain is a pure Sativa strain. This makes it great for treating stress, pain, and, in some cases, depression. This definitely depends on the user. Some people react very badly to sativas, so be careful! If you find that you do not like the high from this strain, then maybe you should try either an Indica or a hybrid.

Island Sweet Skunk skull genetics

Island Sweet Skunk came from a Vietnam War veteran, who brought Island Sweet Skunk over to the master growers at Federation Seeds. Island Sweet Skunk is itself a phenotype of Skunk #1. It was then most likely crossed with a tasty citrus-tasting Sativa, which turned it into a great-tasting high with both a nice upbeat cerebral buzz and a soft body buzz. The strains that makeup Island Sweet Skunk are:

  • Sweet Pink Grapefruit
  • Big Skunk #1
  • Sweet Skunk


It’s always hard to say exactly where strains come from because of the illegality of cannabis breeding until recently. This has, unfortunately, resulted in the loss of some strain's true genetics. With an educated guess it is possible to identify the lineage of some strains, but there is no precise science or record book to affirm or deny assumptions.


Island Sweet Skunk THC percentage

A typical sativa strain has around 13.5% THC inside it. Island Sweet Skunk tests on average at 14.5%, but its strongest phenotypes can test at 19%. This isn’t massively strong, but it can be strong for some people. If you smoked cannabis in the 1960s or 70s, you would be smoking something around 7%. Thus, if you smoked back then and you haven’t smoked since you should definitely exercise some caution when you hit a strain like this.

Island Sweet Skunk strain price

Island Sweet Skunk’s seeds are sold online by multiple sellers. This drives the price down, as supply is reasonably high. It also depends on whether or not the strain is popular in your area. In general, because this strain is pretty old and the seeds are available, you’re looking at spending about $10 a gram regardless of where you are. The price will be the same in a North American dispensary and in a coffee shop in Amsterdam.

Island Sweet Skunk taste

Island Sweet Skunk was bred from three tasty strains. Two skunk strains + 1 sweet, fruity strain = 1 exceptionally tasty strain. These strains are often bred for potency and flavor, and this strain definitely has both. If you have a flower vaporizer, you should definitely whack it out for this one. Grind the weed up first, as this makes it even tastier. The taste profile of Island Sweet Skunk is:

  • Skunk
  • Sweet
  • Tropical


Some people have reported that this strain is a little harsh. That would make sense if you’re smoking it inside a bone, joint, or blunt. That is because skunk doesn’t always translate to a great taste; sometimes it can even burn the back of the throat a little bit. This is another advantage of using a vaporizer.

Island Sweet Skunk oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc.

You can use any strain you like to make edibles. The easiest and most cost-efficient way of doing this is to use what is known as already vaped bud or AVB. AVB is simply left-over marijuana after you’ve vaporized it. A lot of people throw this away, without realizing that it’s actually incredibly potent decarboxylated cannabis. If you take this AVB and mix it with a fat or oil, you’ve got the base to make some incredibly potent edibles. The other method is to simply decarboxylate some weed and then make edibles that way.
Certain strains are chosen over others to make concentrates. Normally, concentrate users look for a couple of key characteristics to make Butane Hash Oil. These characteristics are potency (THC percentage) and flavor. Island Sweet Skunk has both of these characteristics and is covered in trichomes. This makes a perfect wax or concentrate.

island sweet skunk strain cannabis

Check out the crystals on fire here, photo: @jaygeneration


island sweet skunk cannabinoid smoke

Island Sweet Skunk is a great candidate for concentrates! Photo: @mycannabinoidlife

Island Sweet Skunk General Effects
Island Sweet Skunk Medical Effects
Island Sweet Skunk Effects Negative
Happy 100% Depression 100%
Cottonmouth 100%
Uplifted 95% Pain Relief 99%
Dizziness 75%
Energetic 85%
Stress Relief 90%
Anxiety 25%
Euphoric 85% Fatigue 75% Headaches 20%
Focused 85%  Headaches 40%
Dry Eyes 10%

This strain is a Sativa. You will definitely be feeling happy, uplifted, and energetic a few moments after your first hit. It’s a really great strain to smoke before you do something like exercise or chores. It can also help you focus on work if you have something you really need to take care of. Sativas are favored by some people for treating depression, although it’s definitely not for everyone. You can treat pain with this strain and headaches, but prolonged usage over a day may actually cause headaches. Just make sure you drink plenty of water and use Island Sweet Skunk responsibly!


Island Sweet Skunk flowering time 

Island Sweet Skunk flowers in 7-8 weeks.

Island Sweet Skunk Growing tips 

Most Sativa strains react well to the Screen of Green techniques. Island Sweet Skunk can be grown either inside and outside. Indoor grows will likely require a carbon filter to help with the frankly incredible smell.


Island Sweet Skunk seeds

The seeds are not available from the original breeder. There are many companies that sell the seeds, but whether they’re the actual seeds or not is up for debate. The best thing to do is to research sellers by buying a few of the seeds and give each one a growing attempt.

Island Sweet Skunk strain yield

Growers can expect a yield of 200 grams per plant, which certainly isn't the highest yield of all strains, but it's not the lowest either.

island sweet skunk grow strain sativa

Island Sweet Skunk tropical colors really shining here! Photo: @cratediggerseeds

What is the Island Sweet Skunk strain? 

Island Sweet Skunk is a fruity, skunky cross, making it a great, unique smoke. This is especially true if you’re using a flower vaporizer, as the herb itself when smoked inside a blunt may be a little harsh for some smokers. It’s quite a cheap strain, as it’s not that new and the seeds can be found online. It’s a medium-strength Sativa strain, which can be used to treat a few medical conditions.

  • Sativa strain
  • Good for depression and pain
  • May cause headaches after prolonged use
  • May leave some newbie stoners feeling slightly overwhelmed
  • Decent yield
  • The Screen of Green growing technique works well with this strain
  • Great flavor
  • Skunk x Fruity cross


Have you tried Island Sweet Skunk? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!