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Jilly Bean Weed Strain Review

jilly bean cannabis plant

Jilly bean Strain was originally created by MzJill Genetics. It’s an Indica-dominant hybrid with a fantastic taste. It’s a top choice for those who are wanting a good strain to go out and have a good time on, as it will give you a sense of euphoria, and will also make you pretty damn talkative. This strain is definitely what would be considered a #dankenstein strain, because it’s a cross of two already dank strains, to create one super dank strain.

This strain is also sometimes called Jelly Bean King strain, Jack Sparrow strain, or Purple Bean, because of the colors that are sometimes on this strain.

jilly bean strain weedSuch vibrant colors on this Jilly Bean nug! Photo: @loveahippie

Jilly Bean Indica-dominant hybrid 

MzJill Genetics is a grower for TGA Subcool Seeds. Jilly Bean strain is known as an Indica-dominant hybrid, but it actually acts more like a Sativa-dominant hybrid, as the sativa headrush effects are pretty dominant. However, you definitely still get a body high, which can really chill you out after a long day. This strain was created for flavor and potency, and definitely has both.

Jilly Bean genetics 

Jilly Bean strain is a cross between two very well known strains, the union of which resulted in one incredibly nice tasting strain. The whole point of these dankenstein strains is to create a strain that can’t be resisted in flavor, while also maintaining some potency. That is exactly what Jilly Bean does, and that’s why it’s such a popular strain. Jilly Bean is a cross between:

  • Orange Velvet
  • Space Queen

This cross makes for probably one of the best-tasting strains around, which shouldn’t be passed up should the opportunity arise. Just make sure you get your flower vape out for this one.

Jilly Bean THC percentage 

The average Indica-dominant hybrid has around 13% THC. Jilly Bean Strain has almost exactly the average, weighing in at around 13% THC. However, strong phenotypes can have anywhere between 13% to 18% THC. In general, this strain is pretty strong, and the cerebral high can be a little bit too much for some people.


Jilly Bean weed price

The seeds are hard to find for this strain, but if you’re in one of the states in the United States with legal recreational or medical weed, then you’re likely to find this strain at a pretty cheap price. This is particularly true in Oregon, where you'll find Jillybean for about $8 a gram. However, in Amsterdam and elsewhere, where there is a lack of this strain, the price is likely to be closer to $15 a gram.

Jilly Bean weed strain taste

Jilly Bean Weed Strain was created specifically for its taste, and as such, you can expect some absolutely wonderful flavors:

  • Citrus
  • Orange
  • Sweet

This fantastic taste is what makes this strain so popular, but to fully appreciate the taste, you should get a flower vape. These allow you to smoke your favorite herb, without combustion. This means that the full taste of the flower is retained, whilst also allowing you to smoke cannabis without inhaling harmful chemicals. 


Jilly Bean oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc.

There are a number of things that make Jilly Bean a good candidate for making oils and other concentrates. Number one is its flavor, and companies such as 710 King Pen know that their customers want to experience some of the best-tasting strains in the world. That is why they offer Jilly Bean as one of their flavors. The second thing is THC content: if you’re making your own shatter or wax, then you want a fairly high THC content. This allows you to easily make potent concentrates. Jilly Bean definitely has a high enough THC content to easily make shatter.

You can make edibles from any strain you want, but you must first decarboxylate your weed. This is a fairly easy process, just ensure that you grind you weed first. You can also use your already vaped bud, which will be left over after using your flower vape. This is basically a perfectly decarboxylated weed and makes for a very potent high.

jilly bean hybrid weedJilly Bean nug looking top-notch! Photo: @pnw_420710
 jilly bean shatter thcSlab of Jilly Bean shatter, photo: @doccroc420

Jilly Bean General Effects
Jilly Bean Medical Effects
Jilly Bean Effects
Happy 100% Depression 100%
Cottonmouth 100%
Uplifted 95% Stress Relief 85%
Anxiety 55%
Euphoric 95% Pain Relief 50% Paranoia 25%
Relaxed 80% Fatigue 45% Headaches 15%
Energetic 75%  Lack of Appetite 40%
Overwhelmed 10%


This strain can be a bit strong on the brain, so be careful when you light up. If you don’t want to feel too high, simply have a cold shower and a coffee, and you should feel a lot better afterward. 


Generally though, if you’re looking for a strain with some balanced effects, then Jilly Bean is your friend. The balancing act between Sativa and Indica can often make a good depression medicine, as you feel both incredibly relaxed and euphoric at the same time.

Jilly Bean flowering time

Jilly Bean takes eight or nine weeks to grow, which is average to high.

Jilly Bean Growing tips 

This strain does well both indoors and outdoors and reacts well to Sea of Green and Screen of Green growing techniques. You will need to trim this bush at the top, known as “topping” at least once, and then it should bloom into a nice short bush.

Jilly Bean seeds

The seeds for this strain are practically impossible to find unless you trust the companies that sell them online. Most of these seeds aren’t real Jilly Bean seeds, and it’s very hard to make sure you have the correct ones. The only real way to do this would be to find the strain and to take a clipping from it.


Jilly Bean strain yield 

The yield of this strain is up to 300 grams per square metre, which is a pretty damn good yield!

jilly bean grow strain

Growing Jilly Bean should yield you a large return! Photo: @necannabiscompany

What is the Jilly Bean marijuana strain?

This strain was bred to have an amazing taste and the end results won’t let you down. Jilly Bean tastes fantastic and should be truly appreciated inside your trusty flower vape. It’s a pretty potent strain, and although the plant itself is an indica in the way it grows, it’s far more of a sativa-dominant hybrid in its effects.  This strain could blow you off your feet, so be careful:

  • Curb depression with Jilly Bean
  • Amazing taste
  • Should be smoked inside a flower vape
  • Sativa-dominant effects, indica plant in the way it grows
  • Good yield
  • Average to high grow time
  • Seeds are very difficult to find


Tried Jilly Bean before? Still have questions we didn't answer? Drop us a note in the comments below!