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La Confidential Weed Strain

la confidential marijuana kush

LA Confidential Weed Strain is a very popular strain. A boutique strain that was created in LA, LA Confidential is a well-balanced indica. It has both calming and euphoric effects on the body and mind. This is arguably the most popular weed strain as of 2018.

This strain goes by many names: Cali Confidential, LA Affie strain, LA weed, LA Con strain, LA Confidential Kush, Confidential 420, and OG LA Affie strain, or LA Confidential wiki.

la confidential marijuana nugg

Meet LA Confidential! Photo: @of_the_coast

LA Confidential marijuana Strain: Indica or Sativa? 

LA Confidential Weed Strain is an almost full indica, but it does have slight cerebral effects, making difficult to say whether it’s a pure Indica or not. It is highly-prised because of its couch-lock effects, which are coupled with a slight cerebral buzz that stops this strain from knocking you out completely. The effects sometimes can be psychedelic, depending on the user and the phenotype. As such, the main advantage of this strain is that you can feel the warm hug of an indica coupled with a reasonably strong cerebral buzz.

LA Confidential Strain genetics

LA Confidential Weed Strain is a cross between OG LA Affie and Afghani. Both of these strains are overwhelmingly indica strains, but OG LA Affie definitely has strong cerebral effects alongside its indica effects. LA Confidential was bred by DNA Genetics, and OG LA Affie was also bred by this seed company. LA Confidential is a cross between:

  • OG LA Affie
  • Afghani

Afghani is an indica landrace strain known for its sedative qualities. It’s a very popular landrace strain for breeders. Landrace strains are the original strains that grew naturally in certain places before us homosapiens started to experiment with genetics, creating our own new strains.

LA Confidential marijuana THC percentage

The average indica strain has around 12.5% THC content. LA Confidential has an average of 19% THC, but it can often test at over 25%. If you do get the phenotype that is around 25% then hold onto your hats, because it’s going to be a wild ride.


LA Confidential Strain price

DNA Genetics sell their seeds from their official website, though you'll find other companies that also sell the seeds. This means that the price of this strain isn’t all that high. Furthermore, other much danker strains have recently started to dominate the market both in Amsterdam and in North America. This means that the price is actually much lower than you might expect. In a coffee shop in Amsterdam, the price is around $10 a gram, and the price is about the same in a North American dispensary.

LA Confidential Strain taste

LA Confidential Weed Strain is a tasty strain. It gets the Kush flavors from OG LA Affie while retaining a lot of the natural flavors of its Afghani landrace parent. This La Confidential Weed strain should be enjoyed through a flower vaporizer for maximum taste. You should also grind your bud up before vaping it, as this unlocks the flavors and the THC, bringing them out from the middle of the bud. The flavors inside this strain are:

  • Earthy
  • Sweet
  • Pine


LA Confidential Strain oil, wax, shatter, edibles etc.

You can make any strain you like into concentrates. As you can see from the picture below, people use LA Confidential Weed Strain to make concentrates. That is because of its high THC content as well as its great taste. Making Butane Hash Oil is considered to be extremely dangerous, so if you are attempting it yourself please be careful! 

You can also use any strain you like to make edibles. The best way to make edibles is to actually use your already vaped bud (AVB). You can simply mix it with either a fat or an oil and you’re good to go. This is extremely potent, so please don’t underestimate the potency of this combination. If you decide to not use AVB you will have to decarboxylate your weed first. This allows the full potency to be unlocked, and, although it seems weird to stick your bud in the oven, it’s completely and utterly necessary.

la confidential concentrate marijuanaLA Confidential in concentrate form. What would you do with it? Photo: @synergycandyco


la confidential strain nuggPile o’ LA Confidential nuggs, photo: @acannabispage

LA Confidential General Effects
LA Confidential Medical Effects
LA Confidential Effects Negative
Relaxed 100% Stress Relief 100%
Cottonmouth 100%
Happy 80%
Pain Relief 90%
Dizziness 45%
Sleepy 75%
Insomnia 80%
Paranoia 25%
Euphoric 70% Depression 80% Headaches 20%
Uplifted 40%  Lack of Appetite 75%
Lethargy 15%

Some strains give you headaches after prolonged use. LA Confidential Weed strain is no different. As a heavy indica with a cerebral buzz, you’re likely to develop a headache, especially 
if you smoke it all day. Here are a few tips to prevent headaches from weed:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Have a hot coffee
  • Have a cold shower
  • Take an ibuprofen


If you’re looking for a stress-busting strain, then LA Confidential is definitely your friend. This strain will sap the stress away from you like someone drinking it through a straw. It’s a great strain to take a hit or two from after work, or even for a wake and bake. It could also help some people with depression, but this isn’t an all-encompassing net. It may make anxiety and depression worse for some people, so don’t just assume it will help you because the internet said so.

LA Confidential Strain flowering time

LA Confidential Weed Strain has a flowering time of seven to eight weeks

LA Confidential Strain Growing tips

You should clip the top of this strain a few weeks in, which will force the strain to flower at a much lower height than normal. It’s very resistant to mildew and can be grown almost anywhere thanks to it being a landrace cross.


LA Confidential Strain seeds 

The seeds are available from multiple sources, but the best one would be from the DNA Genetics website.

LA Confidential Strain yield 

This La Confidential Weed Strain can yield between 300 and 500 grams per square meter, which is a pretty decent yield.

la confidential cross strain weed
This is a cross, Kobe 9, that was made with LA Confidential. Photo: @abbagrams269 

What is the LA Confidential strain?

LA Confidential has a good yield, it’s easy to grow, and the seeds are available from the original breeder. This makes it extremely attractive for growers, as it means they know what they're getting and the grow will be manageable. This practically pure indica has a surprisingly strong cerebral buzz, which is difficult to trace into its genetics. LA Confidential is a great stress buster and could have some medical benefits depending on the user.

  • Great nighttime strain, also a daytime candidate
  • Powerful indica with up to 25% THC
  • Can be grown anywhere
  • Decent yield
  • Resistant to mildew
  • Can be topped to flower early
  • Can be finished in 7-8 weeks

Thoughts? Comments? Leave them for us below! 

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