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Lemon OG Cannabis Review - Everything You Need to Know & More!

Lemon OG Cannabis

Lemon OG is a hybrid which sways slightly to its indica side, with the ratio usually being 60/40, but perhaps the best way to describe it is to look past the numbers and say the strain has borrowed the best from both worlds.

The Lemon OG strain is the kind of weed you’d smoke at a concert you’ve specifically been waiting for. It hits strong – with THC levels between 17% and 24%, and it hits fast, but it won’t knock you out, unless you ask for it. On the contrary, many Lemon OG fans even report wanting to do different activities, including getting out of the house, all while relishing the strain’s lovely effects - a relaxed state of mind, filled with euphoria, creativity, deep, divergent thoughts, and all-around good vibes. It feels like floating on an aromatic lemony cloud of happiness.

Despite its low CBD content – just 0,13 %, Lemon OG also has some palpable medical benefits, making it an even more universally coveted strain.


Lemon OG, close up of a bud, image from Evergreen Medicinal
(Lemon OG, close up of a bud, image from Evergreen Medicinal)


Background and History

Lemon OG, also known as Presidential Kush and Lemon OG Kush, (some also refer to it as OG Lemon Kush or OG Lemon) was created by DNA Genetics, a popular seed company founded in 2004.  In fact, popular might be somewhat of an understatement as the two Californian breeders who moved to Amsterdam in 2003 to make history have won over 50 international awards as a team. And Lemon OG Kush is considered their masterpiece.

Lineage: Las Vegas native Lemon Skunk with OG #18

Physical Characteristics

This lemon cannabis strain has particularly sticky buds and leaves, covered with white and orange trichomes, making the plant appear paler green or even yellow. The buds are interlaced with thin reddish pistils, but not as tightly and noticeably as the buds of Strawberry Cough.

Tasting notes

One of Lemon OG’s most distinctive traits is its aroma, instantly enveloping you in a lemony tanginess. While the strain’s original versions were considered much skunkier on the part of its kush relatives, the Lemon OG strain we know and love today is a lemon delight. It’s currently the lemoniest this sort has ever been, and lemoniest of all lemon weed strains altogether. This is likely due to a higher concentration of the famous terpene limonene.

Lemon OG’s aroma and taste are simply invigorating - citrusy, tangy, with subtle sweet and sour lingering undertones that most people can’t seem to get enough of. The fruity strain is also known to cause coughs, but the good kind of coughs, ones that come with a lemony aftertaste, and make your body tingle.


Lemon OG oil is available for vaping.

If you’re feeling creative and know how to make cannabutter, this tasty weed is by far the best lemon cookies strain anyone could ever ask for.



lemony and tangy

lemony and tangy


sweet and sour undertones and a lingering aftertaste


Lemon OG, Close up of a bud, Image Credits: NW Connoisseurs

(Lemon OG, close up of a bud, image credits NW Connoisseurs)

      (Lemon OG, close up of a bud, image credits Seedsman)

(Lemon OG, close up of a bud, image credits Seedsman)

Recreational Effects 

Mild Sleepiness and Strong Relaxation

Lemon OG is a very balanced strain, and this is almost always a good thing. Being slightly on the indica side, one of its primary effects are sleepiness and relaxation. What’s notable though is that it’s a very pleasant, heavy-bodied, yet mellow kind of sleepiness, one that’s basically a step after relaxation rather than grogginess. Unless you go overboard, you will stay very present in the moment instead of turning into a couch-bound vegetable. Even though Lemon OG’s high doesn’t last very long, a hit every now and then can maintain this chilled-out state for as long as you want, or until you seamlessly drift away into a peaceful sleep.

Euphoria and Mental Buzz

What makes Lemon OG truly unique though is that this mild drowsiness is pervaded by palpable euphoria, making for complete inner peace and joy. The fine blend between relaxation, strong mental buzz, and all-around feel-good vibes conjures up one of our favorite characters - the fun, racy, and unfalteringly chilled-out Rastafari who just seems like the embodiment of happiness.



Lemon OG is also known as creativity juice. Being that the creativity unfurls within the backdrop of relaxation, this lemony strain is particularly suitable for creative professionals whose ideas can’t seem to crystalize in stressful environments. That’s another eloquent example of Lemon OG’s balanced uniqueness – it gets you sleepy and somewhat hazy, yet focused, sharp, and mentally elevated.

Medical Effects

Despite its low content of CBD – only 0.13%, Lemon OG has significantly improved not one or two patients’ overall wellbeing. Despite the strain’s properties not being the most curative on their own, they can definitely serve as a powerful ally.


If you wonder what kind of weed makes you sleepy, most, generally speaking, it’s the indica kind. Those with trouble sleeping often fall in love with Lemon OG’s sedative properties. Even though it doesn’t knock you out, it certainly helps you fall asleep faster, not to mention that the whole process becomes far more enjoyable.


Even though pain relief isn’t among its primary properties, Lemon OG can improve pain management, helping those with backaches, migraines, and muscle spasms feel better.

Appetite and Mood Booster and Stress and Nausea Reliever

While it can’t do anything for people suffering from seizures or those in need of strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, stress and lack of appetite are well within Lemon OG’s reach. You will definitely get some munchies.

By lifting the mood and cravings up while bringing stress down, this strain can mediate the devastating effects of chemotherapy which eats away at the appetite for both food and life altogether. And it doesn’t end there - Lemon OG settles nausea down, which is another of chemotherapy’s prominent side-effects.

Furthermore, being a very pro-mood and anti-stress strain, Lemon OG is perfect for those battling with depression, PTSD, OCD, and bipolar disorder.

Recreational Effects

Medical Effects

Relaxing - 100%

Anxiety and Stress - 100%

Euphoria - 80%

Depression - 80%

Creativity - 60%

Loss of Appetite - 60%

Focus - 60%

Nausea - 60%

Cotton Mouth - 40%

Insomnia - 40%


Possible side-effects

As with pretty much, all strains containing high levels of THC, going overboard with Lemon OG can backfire in terms of stress and anxiety. However, going overboard isn’t advisable with virtually any type of weed, or anything for that matter.


Growing Tips

Most cultivation experts advise to top it off, it’s as if Lemon OG’s growing process reflects its nature as a strain – it’s very easy to grow and low-maintenance. In fact, as a result, it’s considered a good strain for novices to get experience with cultivating. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, but the best-case scenario for maximum yields takes place outdoors in a hot and dry climate. And maximum yields are quite generous - around 35 ounces per plant.

Lemon OG flowering time: 8-10 weeks, usually 9 to 10.


(Lemon OG, image from GrowDiaries)

(Lemon OG, image from GrowDiaries)


Lemon OG is coveted for a variety of reasons by a variety of people. It’s a very balanced, yet memorable strain, inducing strong euphoria, creativity, and mental buzz, coupled with even stronger relaxation and peacefulness. What’s even more notable is that these sedative effects don’t necessarily have to come at the expense of energy, and some even find themselves wanting to go out and explore.

Lemon OG is perfect for immersing yourself deeper into your favorite form of art, be it TV series, music, or anything else that already places you in a higher state of consciousness. And to top all that off, Lemon OG Kush can really help you deal with stress, depression, nausea, and more.


Megan Medeiros Written by Megan Medeiros (BA)

Megan Medeiros has a bachelor’s degree in English and is currently working on a master’s in English at James Madison University. She's the owner and operator of Medeiros Writing, and has been working as a cannabis writer for the past three years, mostly following the legal climate of marijuana, especially in areas like California, Colorado, Oregon, Canada, and other legal areas.

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