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Power Plant Weed Strain Review

Power Plant Weed Strain Review

The power plant was created by Dutch Passion Seed Company and was created from landrace sativa strains. A lot of these strains, including Power Plant, are now incredibly popular strains for parenting new strains.
Power Plant Weed Strain inherits its quick growing time and its very large buds from its landrace parents. These popcorn buds make it an incredibly popular strain, as well as its sativa-cerebral, clear-headed high.

Whoa, she’s looking fine! Photo: @universal_relief

Whoa, she’s looking fine! Photo: @universal_relief

Power Plant sativa

Originally created from the landrace strains of South Africa, Power Plant Weed Strain inherits a lot of the best qualities from landraces. However, it’s also special because it has a much higher THC percentage than you might expect from a sativa landrace cross. This gives a very welcome, sativa-dominant buzzing effect that tokers of all experience levels can enjoy.

Dutch Passion Power Plant

There’s no secret to Power Plant. It was created by a Dutch seedbank, and was first bred by Dutch Passion Seeds in 1997. This heavy-yielding sativa was particularly popular for a while as it is a stable strain with a high THC percentage for when it was created. This combination made it especially popular amongst the coffeeshops of the Netherlands.

Power Plant genetics 

This strain comes from two or more landrace strains being crossed together. You might be wondering what a landrace strain is? They are the original strains that started everything. Sativa strains have different characteristics and properties depending on which part of the world they originated in. For example, hot countries normally have sativas and indicas normally grow indica plants. Hence, Power Plants’ genetics simply ‘come from landraces.’

Power Plant THC percentage

Power Plant Weed Strain is aptly named. To have as much as 20% THC in the 1990s would have packed a wallop for a lot of people who were used to much weaker strains. The average THC percentage for a sativa is around 13.5% and Power Plant has anywhere from around 15-20% THC potency.


Power Plant price 

The power plant is both available in seed form and easy to grow. This fantastic combination means that it’s not expensive at all. In fact, in a lot of Dutch coffeeshops, it’s actually one of the cheapest strains. Many shops will have their own house strain of Power Plant, which will run you at about $8 per gram.

Power Plant taste

The taste of the Power Plant is:

  • Earthy
  • Woody
  • Herbal
  • Floral
  • Citrus

It’s very common for landrace crosses to be a little bit fruity and Power Plant is no different. Once you’ve ground it up in your favorite little grinder, you’ll truly appreciate the smell of the strain. After this, wack it in your flower vape so you can get the full taste of the strain. 
Once you’ve actually vaped your bud you can use it again to make edibles. Keep reading to learn more!

Power Plant oil, wax, shatter, edibles

You can make any strain into oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc. This is because you only have to decarboxylate your weed first, and then it’s possible to make it into anything. Edibles are probably the easiest, safest, and healthiest of making weed into something else. However, if you want to make an oil specifically for medicinal use this is also possible. 
Using an already vaped bud (AVB) is also possible. That is because there is no combustion, so there is still quite a lot of (now decarboxylated) THC left inside the bud. Simply mix this with oil or butter, and then either cook it or eat as is. This is a perfect way for a cheap and potent high.

Pure Vida strain

These strains are often confused, but they really shouldn’t be as they don’t have much in common. Other than similar terpene profiles and that they both come from landraces, these two don't actually have much in common. However, folks switch them up from time to time. Even the best tokers make mistakes! 

She’s a pretty power plant, isn’t she?
She’s a pretty power plant, isn’t she? Photo: @007beanzz



Crazy hair day for Power Plant,
Crazy hair day for Power Plant, photo: @fueledbykush_fl
Power Plant General Effects
Power Plant Medical Effects
Power Plant Side Effects
Happy 100% Stress Relief 100% Cottonmouth 100%
Euphoria 95% Depression 95% Dry Eyes 45%
Uplifted 95% Lack of Appetite 60% Paranoia 30%
Relaxation 80% Inflammation 55% Headache 10%
Talkative 70%  Pain Relief 40%
Dizzy 10%

Power Plant is a pure sativa. These are particularly popular amongst people with depression, as sometimes the euphoric boost of cerebral energy can be exactly the tonic needed to curb depression. Obviously, this isn’t true for everyone, but it can be an effective medicine for sure.
It's possible to get a headache if you smoke this strain all day. A good aid for this is drinking plenty of water. It may sound obvious, but when you’re stoned you can sometimes forget the basic things! This strain is not a good power nap strain.

Power Plant flowering time

Power Plant is a fast grower; you can expect it to flower within 8 weeks.

Power Plant Growing tips

  • Indoor: can be grown indoor easily, reacts well to SCROG. May grow too big, so be careful of space.
  • Outdoor: Grows well in both a Californian and a Mediterranean climate. Disease and mould resistant

Power Plant seeds 

The seeds are available online from the original breeder, which is Dutch Passion Seeds, Co.

Power Plant yield 

How does 500-600g per meter square sound? Power Plant Weed Strain’ huge buds means this strain is an exceptionally heavy yielder.

Gro Power Plus 

Gro Power Plus is a great way to get your soil ready for growing marijuana. It’s available online, and neutralises soil for indoor or outdoor grows. Gro Power Plus does the following:

  • Increases the rate and depth of water penetration.
  • Aerates the soil.
  • Reduces evaporation.
  • Deepens root system.
  • Makes plant food in soil more available.
  • Frees trace minerals.
  • Soil does not become waterlogged.

If you’re worried about the quality of your soil before you start, you should definitely consider getting some Gro Power Pro.

Power Plant powering through the growth spurt
Power Plant powering through the growth spurt, photo: @universal_relief

This strain is known for its high yields and its citrus taste. It’s popular amongst growers, recreational users, and medicinal users alike. It’s a pure sativa, originally crossed from the landraces of South Africa.

  • South African landrace cross
  • Pure sativa
  • Curb depression
  • Stress buster
  • Medicinal
  • Recreational
  • Heavy yielder
  • Easy to grow
  • Perfect all-round strain for beginners to intermediates.


Have you powered up with Power Plant? Let us know what you thought in the comments below! 

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