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Trainwreck Weed Cannabis Strain | Northern Wreck Strain



Granted, the name of this sativa-heavy marijuana strain sounds like a very unfortunate mass transit accident, but there are some very good reasons behind calling this particular weed strain ‘Trainwreck’! The 90 % Sativa (Thai and Mexican) and 10 % Indica (Afghan) kush-y hybrid has an impressively high level of THC, 18-25%, and yet significantly less CBD, ‎0.02 – 0.1%. Thus, Trainwreck Strain couples an intense, uplifting mental effect with some relaxing body mellowness. Northern Wreck Strain cannabis is a powerful-as-a-speeding-locomotive way to treat a wide range of conditions such as PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), general stress, pain, depression, insomnia or to just catch a nice cerebral buzz that doesn’t leave you feeling all ‘caffeinated’ and jittery!  Trainwreck Strain is perfectly ideal for daytime use and remaining active while buzzed!

Trainwreck plant close up, image source is the Forum at Grass

(Trainwreck plant close up, image source: Forum - Grass


Trainwreck Strain has become widely popular as a hybrid marijuana strain because of its ability to give you wide-awake focus with a bodily chill on the side. Its heady potency without ‘couch-locking’ sleepiness has unsurprisingly bolstered its good reputation!  This sativa-heavy hybrid weed came to fame way back in the 1970s in northern California, supposedly grown originally near the site of an actual ‘train wreck’ that forced the growers to relocate their then-illegal crop because of crash investigators swarming the area. This all happened within what is now known as the ‘Emerald Triangle’, one of the largest cannabis-producing regions not only in northern California but in the United States!

When smoked or vaped, the Trainwreck Strain hybrid strain has a pleasant piney, earthy aroma with a bit of a lemony taste. Light it up, close your eyes, take a hit and you will swear that you are deep in a piney forest, communing with nature! It is some pretty dank weed, so you need to be mindful of your surroundings because the pungent bouquet is quite noticeable – if you live in an apartment, the bathroom or oven fans can help dissipate the ambiance!  Trainwreck Strain plants grow pretty tall with thin leaves and resin-packed buds. Trainwreck buds have light green color with silvery trichomes or hairs.

For comparison, Blue Dream, Strawberry Cough, Purple Train Wreck (an offspring of Northern Wreck Strain and Mendicino Purps), and Sour Diesel are similar marijuana strains; Gorilla Glue #4  would be the exact opposite kind of weed strain, much more sedating.

Trainwreck nugs, image source is Medical Jane


Thai (Sativa), Mexican (Sativa) and Afghani (Indica)


Train Wreck Weed plants grow tall and bushy with thin leaves and silvery-green resin-packed buds or nugs.


Northern Wreck Strain Cannabis tends to have a strong aroma that combines lemon and pine fragrances.  

The taste of the Trainwreck hybrid strain is very piney with a hint of a lemon after-taste.


Trainwreck is a 90 % sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain. It is a mix of three other marijuana strains: Thai (Sativa), Mexican (Sativa) and Afghani (Indica). It is noted for its citrusy taste, its evergreen smell, and for giving the user the boost of a sativa with then relaxing body high of an indica. Trainwreck Strain is versatile enough to handle medical conditions a varied as chronic pain, insomnia or loss of appetite; and mental issues such as stress, depression, or even ADHD.


 Trainwreck Cannabis General Effects Trainwreck Cannabis Medicinal Effects Trainwreck Cannabis Side Effects
Euphoric 100% Stress Relief 100% Dry Mouth 100%
Happy 100% Lessens Depression 80% Dry Eyes 70%
Mellow 70% Pain Reduction 80% Paranoid 50%
Sensory Boost 60% Relieves Nausea 60% Anxious 30%
Energetic 50% Improves Appetite 60% Dizzy 30%


a bunch of trainwreck cannabis plants, image source is the Forum at Grass City

 (Trainwreck plants, image source: Forum - Grass


Trainwreck can be grown inside or outdoors. Initially, Trainwreck was available only from cloned ganja plants; currently, however, there are now Trainwreck Strain marijuana plants being grown directly from seeds. It's budding, or ‘flowering’, time is 8 to 12 weeks, so if you planted in the spring or early summer outside, you’d be harvesting in autumn.  Trainwreck Strain grows best at 18 to 29 degrees Celsius (65 and 85 degrees F) - that’s why it did so well in California. Frost and freeze are concerned for outdoor ganja growers and you want to be able to harvest well before nights get too chilly! Growing outdoors maybe a little more time and labor-intensive, but it can yield as much as 25 oz. per plant!

Indoor plants tend to yield up to 18 oz. per square meter. Space concerns are something that indoor growers should seriously contemplate – typically, the more room the marijuana plant has, the bigger it will grow, and Trainwreck cannabis plants can get big and bushy! Trainwreck Strain plants have prospered indoors whether grown hydroponically or in soil. 

trainwreck marijunan plant with leaves and buds, image source is ES Seedfinder EU

(Trainwreck plants, image source: ES Seedfinder


While using a straight sativa can sometimes be a little overwhelming for some weed smokers, the slight infusion of indica in Train Wreck Weed levels you out nicely and you actually can achieve an energetic chill! For folks under a lot of stress or with significant pain issues, Trainwreck Strain may be ideal if they need a little something medicinal for daytime use! The piney smell and lemony taste make this classic marijuana strain pleasant to enjoy,  but be forewarned that its dankness is very strong! If you are a grower, then these plants flourish indoors or outdoors - as long as the temps remain warm, and there are adequate nutrients, water, and light! Trainwreck Strain treats a number of physical and mental conditions from stress and anxiety to chronic pain and muscle cramps! The head-high from this hybrid strain of cannabis gives you a surge of energy and adrenaline mellowed by a full body buzz that is quite soothing! 


close up of trainwreck weed buds or nugs, image source is Best Vaporizers Space

(Trainwreck buds, image source: Best Vaporizers


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